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LC p. 000 (plate 02)
Full Text: Bulletin C 39, Plate 2 TOPOGRAPHIC MAP OF LEHIGH COUNTY PENNSYLVANIA Showing mines and quarries By B.L. Miller, D.M. Fraser, B. Willard, R.L. Miller, C.H. Behre, Jr. and E.T. Wherry 1942 Approximate mean Declination 1937 Contour interval 20 feet Datum is mean sea level Base from U.S. Geological survey topographic maps of Allentown, Allentown West, Boyertown, Hamburg, Mauch Chunk and Quakertown Quadrangles. Surveyed in cooperation with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Kittatinny (Blue) Mountains Economic Features Iron mines 1-261 limonite 262-282 magnetite and hematite Limestone and Cement Rock Quarries Cement Limestone SLATE QUARRIES Other Mines and Quarries Gneiss Sandstone Mica Brick Glacial sand Graphite Zinc Clay Slate Quarries Lynnport Group 1.aniels 4.albach 5.oberts 6.orth Kistler 7.outh Kistler 8.enry 9.orth Hermany 10.20South Hermany 12.20South Shenton 13.henton 14.20Hess (Ontelaunee) 15.20 Laurel Hill 16.20 Bauer 17.untz 19. Mosserville 20.ieger and Kraus Slatington Group 21.ld Diamond 22.ew Diamond 26.est Highland 27.20Peach Bottom 28.20Highland 29.20Saegersville and Hope 30.20Fenstermacher and Roth 31.20East Saegersville 32.hiladelphia 34. Bittner 36.ack 39.olumbia 41.20Bloos 42.ocke and Royal Blue 43.20Manhattan & Schuylkill 44.20Kern 46.20Standard 48.yers 49.20Blue Mountain 50.20 Bucktown (Dilliard) 52.20Roberts and Peters 53.20 Keim 54.20 Empire 55.20 Custer 57.20 Ellis Owens 58.wen Williams 59.20 Parry 60.20 Emerald 62. Old Franklin 63.20Big Franklin 64.20 Provident and Hazel Dell 65.20 Peters 66.20 Fairview, East Carbon, Old Columbia, and nearby quarries 67.20 Williamstown 68.20 Hughes 70. East Berlin and nearby quarries 72. Penn Lynn 73.lumont 74.20New York Tunnel 75.20 Keim 76.20 Roth 77.20 Blue Valley 79.20Eureka and Mountain 80.ittston 81.20 Blue Diamond 82.20 Thomas and Roberts 83.20 Stelz 87. Cambridge Shafts (Bachman Bros.) and Fairview Slate Co.'s Shaft 88.lue Ridge 89.20 Old Cambridge and Pennsylvania-Star 91. Welshtown Tunnel and East End 92.20 Fullmer and Keystone 94. .Lehigh Gap and Bill Hughes 95.ucerne 96.20Riverside Treichlers Group 99.ockdale 100.20 Frantz 101.20 North Cementon 102.20 South Cementon 103.20 Reservoir 104.20 Roth Walberts Group 105.nyderville Lowhill Group 106.est Claussville 107.20 East Claussville 108.20 Bachman 109.20 Flint Hill
Collection: Pennsylvania Geological Survey
Series: Fourth Series, Bulletin C 48
Book: Northampton County of Pennsylvania Geology & Geography
Imprint: Harrisburg, Pa.: Dept. of Internal Affairs, Topographic and Geologic Survey, 1939.
Section: Map of Lehigh County showing location of mines and quarries, In pocket
Author: Benjamin L. Miller
Project Source: Lehigh University Digital Library Projects

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