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NC  p.   000 (plate 01)
Full Text: Bulletin C 48, Plate 1 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Internal Affairs Thomas A. Logue, Secretary TOPOGRAPHIC AND GEOLOGIC SURVEY George H. Ashley, State Geologist GEOLOGIC MAP OF NORTHAMPTON COUNTY PENNSYLVANIA By B.L. Miller, D.M. Fraser, C.H. Behre, Jr., E.T. Wherry, R.L. Miller and P.B. Myers 1939 Base from U.S. Geological Survey topographic maps of Allentown, Delaware Water Gap, Easton, Munch Chunk, West Allentown and Wind Gap Quadrangle's. Surveyed in cooperation with the commonwealth of Pennsylvania Kittatinny (Blue) Mt. Sea Level - Generalized cross section of Northampton County from Kittatinny (Blue) Mt. To Flint Hill. Detailed complicated structure omitted Horizontal scale: 1: 62,500 Vertical scale: 1: 24,000 1966 EDITION This map was originally issued in 1939. This reprinted copy has been redrafted and recolored. The base was compiled from more recent maps than the original edition and some minor adjustments have been made of geologic contacts and symbols to culture and topography. Reprinted 1973 ECONOMIC FEATURES IRON MINES Limonite mine in Cambrian and Ordovician Limestones (""Valley ores"") Nos. 1 to 34; all abandoned Limonite mine in Cambrian quartzites and sandstones (""Mountain ores"") Nos. 36 to 84; all abandoned Magnetite mine in pre-Cambrian gneiss Nos. 85 to 89; all abandoned Numbers correspond to description in text LIMESTONE AND CEMENT ROCK QUARRIES Quarry in operation Abandoned quarry C - Cement F - Flux L - Lime R.M. - Road metal STONE QUARRIES OTHER THAN LIMESTONES Quarry in operation Abandoned quarry No symbol - Slate Ss - Sandstone Gn - Gneiss Sr - Serpentine Idle, 1937, but wholly or partly-equipped SAND, GRAVEL, AND CLAY PITS Pit in operation Abandoned pit Gn - Decomposed gneiss sand Gl - Glacial sand and gravel Al - Alluvial sand and gravel Fe - Sand from mud-dam deposits of abandoned limonite iron miners B - Clay used for bricks C - Clay used for cement EXPLANATION AREAL GEOLOGY Alluvium Kames Wisconsin terminal moraine Illinoian terminal moraine Brunswick shale Shawangunk conglomerate Limestone lenses in Martinsburg shale Upper Martinsburg shale Middle Martinsburg shale Lower Martinsburg shale Upper Jacksonburg limestone Lower Jacksonburg limestone Beekmantown limestone Allentown limestone Tomstown limestone Hardyston quartzite Byram gneiss Pochuck gneiss Moravian Heights formation Franklin formation Pre-Cambrian Cambrian Ordovician Silurian Triassic Quaternary
Collection: Pennsylvania Geological Survey
Series: Fourth Series, Bulletin C 48
Book: Northampton County Pennsylvania Geology & Geography
Imprint: Harrisburg, Pa.: Dept. of Internal Affairs, Topographic and Geologic Survey, 1939.
Section: Geologic map of Northampton County
Author: Benjamin L. Miller
Project Source: Lehigh University Digital Library Projects

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