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Efforts have been made to ensure the contents of this site are viewable in a wide range of browsers. However some aspects of the design will not be displayed in older, less standards compliant browsers (e.g., Netscape 4.x).


Some minor features require JavaScript, such as auto-jumping to a selection from drop-down menus. Browsers that are not JavaScript-enabled will still display the the entire contents of the site, but the interface may be slightly less robust.


The "My Favorites" feature requires that cookies are enabled. This feature allows you to save pages to your "My Favorites" section. Once there, you can compare two of the saved pages or produce a web page of your favorites that can be published or e-mailed to someone.


The zoomable maps require either the MrSid® ExpressView browser plug-in or the latest version of the of the Macromedia Flash™ player. PDF documents require the Acrobat® Reader® software. The free RealOne™ player is required to view the Robert Spillman interview.

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