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Book of Hours of Paris use (View Images)

Book of Hours of Paris use, in Latin. 15th century manuscript on vellum, probably written in France. 161 ff. Bound in 18th-century tooled black moroccan. 17 x 12 cm. 4 miniatures and many illuminated initials. Acquired by Lehigh in 1881. The miniature exhibited from this manuscript depicts the annunciation of the coming of Christ to Mary. The scroll in the picture reads Hail, full of grace, the Lord (is with thee), and the picture itself depicts the exact moment in which Christ was conceived.

According to some medieval theories Mary literally conceived through her ear, and she is often represented as half-turned towards the angel. In some miniatures, in fact, the scroll is shown running from the angel's lips to Mary's ear; here the Holy Spirit is represented as coming down from above. The sacredness of the scene is further enhanced by the drawn curtains, connoting either the temple, or, in some cases, a marriage bed. and by the book Mary touches, which connotes the fulfillment of the promise under the Old Law which God made through his prophets.

***Description taken from: Hirsh, John C. Western Manuscripts of the Twelfth through the Sixteenth Centuries in Lehigh University Libraries: A Guide to the Exhibition. Bethlehem, Pa.: Rare Book Room, Linderman Library, Lehigh University, 1970. pp. 27-28, manuscript no. 16.

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