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Anon. Life of St. Nicholas. (View Images)

Anon. Life of St. Nicholas, in Latin. 12th-century manuscript fragment on vellum, probably written in Italy. Part of one f. 18 x 12 cm. Acquired by Lehigh in 1931.

The fragment was originally bound into the binding of another volume. From the reference in this badly rubbed fragment to Nicholas "pastor" it seems probable that the fragment refers to Nicholas of Myra, and further down on the folio we read "(a)gios agios agios Nicolae cur nos oues pascu.. ." The fragment is probably from a Vita of St. Nicholas, perhaps one used to supply lections for the Historia.

***Description taken from: Hirsh, John C. Western Manuscripts of the Twelfth through the Sixteenth Centuries in Lehigh University Libraries: A Guide to the Exhibition. Bethlehem, Pa.: Rare Book Room, Linderman Library, Lehigh University, 1970. p.7, manuscript no. 2.

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