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Research Questions

Using the hooks as a starting point, consider what further information readers need to know about particular names, places, events, people, or dates to understand the letter. What are the areas of investigation here? Try using a journalistic model to brainstorm and build your list of questions about the letter, and about the era in which it was written.

Review your handout of library resources; which ones can you use to approach these questions? Where are you likely to find information? Will you look for primary sources or secondary sources? Each group will be assigned a librarian who will guide you to resources and answer your questions.

Questions for process narrative:

What questions does the letter leave unanswered? Are there gaps in our understanding of it that seem un-bridge-able? Is it difficult to find information? Why? If someone from the future were researching a letter/email/blog from our own time, what resources would you recommend? Would they encounter similar difficulties?

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