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Presented here are selections of the students' work.

John Adams: Resources | Contexts | Process Narrative

Source Document: [Letter] July 5, [1813], Quincy (Mass.) [to] Mathew Carey, Esquire / John Adams.

Benjamin Franklin: Resources | Research Questions | Contexts

Source Document: [Letter] 1764 June 7, Philadelphia (Pa.) [to] William Strahan / B. Franklin [Benjamin Franklin].

John Jay: Resources | Transcription | Process Narrative

Source Document: [Letter] 1779 May 25, Philadelphia (PA) [to] Governor Henry/ John Jay.

Thomas Jefferson: Resources | Process Narrative

Source Document: [Letter] June 16, Paris [to] Col. Smith / Thomas Jefferson.

George Washington: Resources | Hooks | Contexts | Process Narrative

Source Document: [Letter] 1783 June 18, Newburgh [to] Lieutenant Colonel Smith. / G. Washington [George Washington].

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