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For: [Letter] 1949 June 11 [to] Francis E. Walter, Washington, D.C. / C.L. Chennault.

Gary Carlotta

Question: How did Chennault display his anti-communist beliefs in China, specifically the CAT?

Research Notes:

Bauer, Boyd Heber. "General Claire Lee Chennault and China, 1937-1958: A Study of Chennault, His Relationship with China, and Selected Sino-American Relations." American U. : American U, 1973.
Another article that may show the way Chinese-American relations were affected by Chennault's view. May be very useful.
Clemmens, William. "Major General Claire L. Chennault." These are the Generals. New York: A.A. Knopf, 1943. p ?.
Contains a biography of Chennault and the time he spent as a general. Not sure if it would be very useful, except for providing information about what he did during his time in China.
Leary, William M. and Stueck, William. "The Chennault Plan to Save China: U.S. Containment in Asian and the Origins of the CIA's Aerial Empire, 1949-1950." Diplomatic History. ,1984. p349-364.
This article may be very useful. May tell Chennault's plan to save China and the way Chennault's views affected Chinese-American relations by providing an example in the form of the CIA's plans.
Spence, Jonathan D. To change China; Western advisers in China, 1620-1960. Boston: Little, Brown, 1969.
This work contains several sets of notes written by westerners who visited China over several centuries. These notes include those of Chennault, and therefore can provide Chennault's views of China during his time there, the notes may also be the ones he sent to Congressman Walter, letting me view some of the information Walter had when he formed his views of China during this time period.
U.S. Congress. House. Committee on Un-American Activities. International Communism (Communist Encroachment in the Far East). Consultation with Major General Claire Lee Chennault. Washington, GPO, 1958. 17 p. [Book call no.: 335.4 C749ig]
Would be an excellent source, because it would tell exactly what Chennault suggested to Congressman Walter who was on this committee, and I would be able to see if his suggestions were affected.
Leary, William M. Jr. "Aircraft and Anti-Communists: CAT in Action 1949-1952." The China Quarterly, No. 52. (Oct.-Dec., 1972), pp 654-669.
Displays Chennault's opinion of the communization of China through his support of the nationalists by providing them with support through his airline. Also shows non-public government support for the fight against Chinese communists.
Leary, William M. "Perilous Missions: Civil Air Transport and CIA Covert Operations in Asia." Journal of Military History, 68(1) (1984): 300-302.
Book review of an article. Lists early endeavors undertaken by the CAT in helping the nationalist Chinese.

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