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For: [Scrapbook] [1865-1885] of Abraham Lincoln memorabilia, portraits, reactions to the assassination / [John R. Bartlett].

Transcription of Mary Lincoln letter to Bartlett, 97 recto A & B

                 Chicago- Nov 27th- 65
        Hon John R. Bartlett[1]:
	             Your letter, requesting
the resolutions and letters of condolence
you sent us, has been received[2].  These
tributes of respect and affection
to the memory of my beloved
husband, have come to us, from
every quarter of the civilized
World, and so far as the resolu-
tions are concerned, they are
at your service.  As to take
letters, very many of them,
from the most distinguished
persons of our own country
and of Europe, I regret that
it is impossible for me to
comply, with that portion, of
your request.  To many persons,

who have sent us these letters
of condolence, it would be con-
sidered offensive - otherwise I
should like to oblige you.
The papers we should send you,
are so numerous, that it would
be impossible to copy them
ourselves.  You will be pleased to
write and advise, what is best
to be done, with them.  Awaiting
your reply, I remain
                   Very respectfully
                               Mary Lincoln

[1]John R. Bartlett was an antiquarian and bibliographer. He became a member of the Franklin Society in 1831, which was founded to study the natural sciences. In 1836 Bartlett moved to New York, and in 1850 he retired from business. He was appointed by President Taylor United States commissioner to run the boundary line between the United States and Mexico. While doing this he explored many different places and published many of his findings. He then was elected secretary of state in 1855. For the last 30 years of his life, Bartlett was closely associated with John Carter Brown and from 1865-1882 he published the John Carter Brown Catalogue that is still on of the most indispensable works for early American discovery and history.
"John Russell Bartlett." Dictionary of American Biography Base Set. American Council of Learned Societies, 1928-1936. Reproduced in Biography Resource Center. Farmington Hills, Mich: Thomson Gale. 2006. http://galenet.galegroup.com/servlet/BioRC.

[2]John R. Bartlett had written Mary Lincoln a letter on November 14th, 1865. In his letter, he requested the letters of condolence that she and her family had received after Lincoln's assassination. He desperately wanted to put together a tribute and he wanted to have accurate letters to do so.
Bartlett, John R. "Scrapbook [1865-1885] of Abraham Lincoln memorabilia, portraits, reactions to the assassination." 96 recto A-C. http://digital.lib.lehigh.edu/cdm4/remain_viewer.php?ptr=2614&DMTHUMB=1&CISOPTR=2531.

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