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The Scholars Respond to Gordon-Reed
Katie Prosswimmer

Gordon-Reed on Jefferson the Gentleman and the Problem of Miscegenation [AGR 108-11]
Keiko Akamine

Gordon-Reed's Attack on the Character Defense [AGR 111-13]
Adam Baker

Gordon-Reed's take on Presentism [AGR 114-16]
Nelson Calero

Fatherly Love [AGR 127-33]
Kevin Campbell

A More Well-Rounded Hemings [AGR 160-66]
Dan Carr

Adair Meets Gordon-Reed [AGR 185-91]
Dallas Gage

Jefferson the Racist [AGR 133-37]
Jenna Goldenberg

Annette Gordon-Reed: Impersonal Observer or Personal Missionary? [AGR 120-22]
Kristina Gonzalez

Gordon-Reed's Presentism to a Different End [AGR 116-19]
Christopher Hall

Gordon-Reed Tackles the Head and Heart [AGR 122-27]
Greg Jakes

Jefferson: The Father, the Grandfather, and the Master [AGR 127-33]
Brandi Klotz

A Child, Sally Hemings -- An Unsuccessful Gordon-Reed [AGR 160-66]
Kathryn Martin

Gordon-Reed Plays the Public's Heartstrings [AGR 169-72]
Chris McHugh

Lawdy, Massa Joe, you betta git in here 'fo' you ketch yo' death! [AGR 166-69]
Anna Robertson

Jefferson's Meaningful Mulatto Names [AGR 196-201]
Raquel Santos

Gordon-Reed blasts Adair [AGR 185-91]
Watson Sweat

Gordon-Reed Analyzes Adair [AGR 185-91]
Emre Turan

To Free or Not to Free [AGR 206-9]
Sabrina Vasquez

Would He Have Freed Her? [AGR 206-9]
Erin Wildeman

The Battle against Malone: Gordon-Reed Takes Gold [AGR 46-48]
Michelle Juarez

Blinded by Bias [AGR 51-58]
Jennifer Markham

The Compassionate Racist [AGR 137-41]
Emma Rabinowitz

Don’t Shoot the Messenger [AGR 59-66]
Hannah Masse

Gordon-Reed Turns the Tables on Bacon [AGR 27-30]
Adin Greenwald

Hidden Motivation [AGR 38-46]
Raphael Khallouqi

Ulterior Motives Abound [AGR 93-96]
Thomas Potenza

The Freeing of Harriet Hemings [AGR 31-34]
Casey Hollawell

Jefferson’s Grandchildren versus Madison Hemings [AGR 87-93]
Meredith Weiner

Shifting the Ground [AGR 67-75]
Kiersten Moore

Analyzing Access [AGR 96-103]
Jennifer Schlegel

Crushing the Critics [AGR 19-22]
Daniel Enny

Reviving the Past [AGR 8-16]
Brian Day