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The following founding contributors to this Literature of Justification project were members of the "Early American Literature: America's Many Beginnings" graduate seminar at Lehigh University, Fall 2003.

Robert W. Atkinson, Mehnaz A. Choudhury, Anne M. DeLong, Patricia M. Engle, Kristina R. Fennelly, Edward J. Gallagher, Elsie W. Hamel, Melissa J. Morris, Elizabeth A. Wambold.

These members of the spring 2006 "Literature of Justification" graduate seminar at Lehigh University did second generation work on Mehnaz Choudhury's Jamestown chapter: Christina M. Hoffmann, Kate Lehnes, Karen B. Manahan, Elizabeth Vogtsberger, and Elizabeth Wiggins.

Design work on the original Justification site in 2003 was performed by: Johanna Brams, Kevin DeSorbo, Todd Haselton, Justin Mifkovitch, Manu Saxena, Thomas Schaible, and Andrew Snyder.