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Jamestown - Essays

Essay 1 by Edward J. Gallagher
The Virginia Company's True Declaration of the estate of the Colonie in Virginia
Essay 2 by Christina M. Hoffmann
Saul's Prohibition Staide: Daniel Price's Rhetoric of Reproof
Essay 3 by Kate Lehnes
Renewing the Spirit of Colonization: William Symonds' Virginia: A Sermon Preached at White-Chapel, in the Presence of Many, Honourable and Worshipfull, the Adventurers and Planters for Virginia
Essay 4 by Karen B. Manahan
Robert Gray's A Good Speed to Virginia
Essay 5 by Elizabeth Vogtsberger
Taking Root in the New World: Robert Johnson's Nova Britannia and the Rhetoric of Planting
Essay 6 by Elizabeth Wiggins
"They inuite vs, and vse vs well": William Crashaw's Arguments for Conversion and Colonization in Virginia in A Sermon Preached in London