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Bleach, Tony

Eastman, Nathaniel

Gamallo, Marcela B.

Tompkins, Stephen

Weidman, Rob


Abreu, Adrianna ('13): Sergeant York

Berg, Erika ('01): Helter Skelter

Bianchi, Thomas ('13): We Were Soldiers

Boyle, Denny ('04): Glory

Brack, Eddie ('13): Red Tails

Burchard, Amy ('03): Silkwood

Burke, Kathryn ('09): Pearl Harbor

Cadue, Alyssa ('09): Born on the Fourth of July

Capecci, Jeannine ('02): The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case

Chadwick, Hilary ('09): Hotel Rwanda

Choudhury, Mehnaz Ara ('04): Nixon

Clewley, Jr., James A. ('99): Woodstock

Cucci, Patrick ('09): A Mighty Heart

Culhane, John ('03): MalcolmX

DeLuca, Stephanie ('11): Argo

Dymond, Erica ('09): Summer of Sam

Feeney, Brendan ('09): JFK

Galante, Paul ('12): Cabeza de Vaca

Gibbs, Dan ('99): Wyatt Earp

Hamel, Elsie ('07): Plymouth Adventure

Hatch [Kramer], Victoria D. ('03): And the Band Played On

Jagota, Vrinda: W.

Kao, Tina ('00): The Crucible

Kilker, Bob ('10): Black Robe

Korzeniewski, Lauren ('09): Abe Lincoln in Illinois

Kuhn [Corrigan], Wendy ('00): The Killing Fields

Laver, Nate ('00): Romero

Leuzzi, Melissa ('09): Charlie Wilson’s War

Magee, Sean: La Ultima Cena (The Last Supper)

Mazzucco, Thomas F. ('09): Bonnie and Clyde

McElroy, Stephanie ('03): The People vs. Larry Flynt

McKerns, Doug ('00): They Died with Their Boots On

Merlo, Kristen ('09): Rosewood

Murray, Keat ('08): Daniel Boone

Negrea, Irina ('05): Yo, La Peor De Todas (I, The Worst of All)

Ness-Cochinwala, Taara ('12): Apollo 13

Pope, H. Lavar ('05): Ali

Radetich, Aishleen ('09): United 93

Rapp, Christine ('09): Heaven’s Gate

Robe, Christopher ('04): 1492: Conquest of Paradise

Roche, Jessica ('01): Last of the Mohicans, The Rose

Rodriguez, Anne ('09): Good Night, Good Luck

Roncoroni, Faith ('10): Incident at Oglala

Scurci, Todd ('04): Glory

Sparks, Matt ('00): With Daniel Boone Through the Wilderness

Sroka [Lebersfeld], Illana ('03): Field of Dreams

Stine, Carolyn ('09): Cider House Rules

Su, Terry ('00): Missing

Totams, Lindsay ('03): The Insider

Weisman, Peter Aaron ('99): The Molly Maguires

Zuk, LaVerne ('13): Come See the Paradise

Zulli, Eileen Smith ('02): The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case