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Eight Men Out (1988)
This film is closely related to Field of Dreams because it deals directly with the Black Sox Scandal in 1919. This movie is very specific in the fact that it strictly plays upon the scandal, and it depicts all of the controversial issues that the scandal has raised. By watching both films, one is able to understand both sides of the controversies of the scandal. Eight Men Out focuses on the players, and Field of Dreams focuses on the outsiders, the other people who had heard about the scandal but they were not involved. Eight Men Out shows in detail the mannerisms and behavior of the team's manager, Charles Comiskey, as well as the moneyless stricken players who were on the then-called Chicago White Sox team of 1919. This movie is also very interesting because it is told from the point of view of a player, Buck Weaver (John Cusack), who was on the team but did not participate in the scandal. Both the movies deal with the Chicago Black Sox scandal in 1919, but Eight Men Out portrays the scandal in a lot more detail.
A League of Their Own (1992)
This film depicts a certain time period in American history, the 1940 war time, as does Field of Dreams with the 1980s. Although Field of Dreams deals with a completely different subject, these two movies are closely related because they both focus on the importance of baseball in American history as well as how baseball is America's national pastime. A League of Their Own deals with the All-American Girl's Professional Baseball League in 1943. It shows how, even though the men usually entertained the nation with baseball, women were now taking the place of the men who were over seas fighting in World War II. This film shows how grateful our nation has been to the game of baseball. It also shows how baseball is something that has kept and will continue to keep this nation united.

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