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0:48:13 Susan Describes LaBianca Murders
Susan: And then Katie said the woman heard her husband being killed and started to scream, "What are you doing to my husband?" And then Katie said that she proceeded to stab the woman.
Bugliosi: Rosemary LaBianca?
Susan: We found out later that it was Rosemary LaBianca. Then Katie said she went in the living room with a fork in her hand, looked at the man's stomach, put the fork in his stomach, and watched it wobble back and forth. And I think she said she carved the word WAR in his stomach.
Bugliosi: And then did Katie, Tex, and Leslie leave the house?
Susan: No. First, they wrote some stuff in blood. "Death to All Pigs," I think, and "Helter Skelter" and "Arise." And then they took a shower and then they went into the kitchen and made themselves something to eat.
0:55:22 Manson Explains Why He Would Like to Represent Himself
Manson: Lawyers play with people, and I'm a person, and I won't be played with in this matter. Even though they may know all there is to know about the law, they don't understand the free love society of the generation gap. And they don't understand people that are trying to get out from underneath all of this.
1:05:38 Paul Watkins Explains Helter Skelter to Bugliosi
Paul: Yeah, right. The way Charlie had it figured out was that, you know, the Beatles were sending him messages, that this was all coming down now, not next year or sometime in the future, but right now. He'd play that song over and over again, listen to every sound real close. He said it was a message just for the tuned-in people, that the Beatles had favored the revolution.
Bugliosi: But how was this revolution to come about?
Paul: Well, according to Charlie, blackie would rise up and, you know, start committing these super atrocious crimes against whitey and this would start a race war and whitey and blackie would fight each other and the hippie liberals and the uptight conservatives would fight each other and the uncle toms would fight the panthers and it would be Helter Skelter, war of all wars. And when just about everybody was killed off, then the black militants come out of hiding and wipe ‘em all out.
Bugliosi: All except for Charlie and the family.
Paul: Right on.
Bugliosi: They'd be in the bottomless pit in Death Valley.
Paul: And this is the way Charlie said it would go down from then on. Well, now the karma's turned, right? Blackie's on top. Well, now, blackie's got to clean up the mess, just like he's always done. Clean up the mess the white man made, try to build that world back up a little bit. Then he wouldn't know what the hell to do with it, you know, he wouldn't be able to handle it. According to Charlie, the only thing the black man has had to do is what whitey told him to do. I mean, he wouldn't be able to run the world, right, without whitey showing him how.
Bugliosi: And that's where Charlie comes in.
Paul: Yeah, so they come to Charlie, who has 144,000 people, a pure white master race, and they say, "Uh, master, you gotta run it." Shit, Charlie says, "Hell, I'll scratch blackie's fuzzy head and kick him in the butt and go tell him to pick cotton like a good nigger." And the family will emerge from the bottomless pit and Charlie will be king of the world and we'll all live happily ever after. But he got tired of waiting.
Bugliosi: For Helter Skelter?
Paul: Yeah, he comes to me, Charlie, he comes to me and he takes me down by, you know, there, where the old trailer is by Spahn's Ranch? And he's real frustrated, you know, like, really uptight about something. He says, he says again, "The only thing black man to do is what whitey taught him to do." He was always saying that. And he said, "I'm gonna have to show him how to do it."
Bugliosi: I'm gonna have to show him how to do it.
Paul: Yeah, man, I got some weird pictures from that, you know?
1:38:38 Manson Gives Testimony
Manson: I never went to school, so I never learned to read or write too good. And I stayed in jail, and I stayed stupid, and I stayed a child while I watched your world grow up. And then I look at what you do, and I don't understand it. You eat meat, and you kill things that are better than you are. And then you say how bad or even killers your children are. These children that come at you with knives are your children. You taught ‘em, I didn't teach ‘em. I just tried to help ‘em stand up. The people you call my family were people you didn't want. People alongside the road that their parents had kicked out. So I took ‘em to my garbage dump and fed ‘em and I taught ‘em that in love there's no wrong. I can't dislike you, but I can say this to you: it's not going to be long before you all kill yourselves because you're all crazy. And you can project it back on me, but I'm only what lives in each and every one of you. My father's a jailhouse, my father's your system. I'm a reflection of you. I'm what you made me. I've ate out of your garbage cans to stay out of jail. I've worn your secondhand clothes. I've tried my best to get along in your world and now you say you wanna kill me. And I look at you, and I say to myself, "You wanna kill me?" I'm already dead—I have been all my life. I spent 23 years in tombs that you built. Sometimes I wanna give it all back to ya. Sometimes I just wanna jump at ya and let you shoot me. If I could, I'd grab this microphone and beat your brains out with it, because that's what you deserve, that's what you deserve! These children, everything they've done, they've done for love of brother. Is that a conspiracy? Is it a conspiracy that the music is telling the youth to rise up against the establishment because the establishment is rapidly destroying things? Is that a conspiracy? Music speaks to you every day, but you're too deaf, dumb, and blind to listen. It's not my conspiracy, it's not my music. I hear what it relates—it says rise to kill. Why blame it on me? I didn't write the music. How can you blame what you do on your children? And what about your children, huh? What about ‘em? You say they're just a few? Well, there're many, many more. And they're running in the streets, they're all running in the same direction. They're running right at you.