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Director:Clarence Brown, Maurice Tourneur
Screenwriter:Robert Anthony Dillon
Story:James Fenimore Cooper
Producer:Jamie White, Dr. Jan Christopher Horak, Maurice Tourneur
Cinematography:Philip R. Dubois, Charles Van Enger
Music:Original Score: R.J. Miller
Cast:Theodore Lorch (Chingachgook)
 Harry Lorraine (Hawkeye)
 Nelson McDowell (David Gamut)
 Alan Roscoe (Uncas)
 Henry Woodward (Major Heyward)
 Barbara Bedford (Cora Munro)
 Wallace Beery (Magua)
 George Hackathorne (Captain Randolph)
 Lillian Hall (Alice Munro)
 Silent, Black & White, 72 minutes.