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This scene log was done before the DVD was published, so times are keyed to the two-cassette VHS version.
Vol. 1 0:00:00 Pictures of the conquest
Vol. 1 0:02:30 Text on Columbus
"500 years ago, Spain was a nation gripped by fear and superstitions, ruled by the crown and a ruthless inquisition that persecuted men for daring to dream.  One man challenged this power, driven by his sense of destiny, he crossed the sea of darkness, in search of honor, gold, and the greater glory of god."
Vol. 1 0:03:05 Columbus and Fernando Sitting Together
Fernando's voice-over quotes his father, "Nothing that results from human progress is achieved with unanimous consent.  And those who are enlightened before the others are condemned to pursue that light in spite of others."  Columbus and a young Fernando sit on rock looking out to the sea.  Columbus explains to Fernando that the world is round like the orange he is holding.
Vol. 1 0:04:58 Columbus and Fernando Visit Diego
Columbus and Fernando enter the monastery.  Diego is reserved when Fernando greets his brother.  Columbus tells Diego to kiss his brother.  Diego kisses his brother.
Vol. 1 0:05:58 Columbus Speaks to Marchena
Marchena explains that Columbus must go to the University of Salamanca in a week to propose his venture to the New World before the King and Queen.  Columbus ponders if Marco Polo really did find an earthly paradise off the coast of China.  Marchena replies, "I believe in paradise and hell.  And I do believe that both can be earthly"  (06:54).  Marchena practices questioning Columbus as if he was addressing the members of the University of Salamanca.  Columbus fails Marchena's test by quoting a Jewish scholar, whom the Spanish Inquisition considers a heretic.  Marchena states, "They are burning people for less"  (08:15). Columbus claims that he will not give up his quest even if he fails before the University's council.
Vol. 1 0:09:08 Burning a Heretic at Night
While walking through the streets, Columbus and his son Fernando pass by a burning of a female heretic.  Columbus soon loses his son in the crowd.  The crowd is excited by the burning.  Fernando looks at the procedure in amazement.  The heretic confesses and repents.  Columbus searches for his son while glancing at the burning in disgust.  Columbus finds his son and carries him away  (11:35).
Vol. 1 0:11:53 Columbus Meets Beatrix
Columbus explains to Beatrix that there are some burnings in the square.  He mentions that he has an appointment to go to Salamanca.  She ignores him and goes into the next room.  He follows.  Columbus explains that if his trip is accepted he might be gone for years.  She speaks about how much she misses him already.  They kiss.
Vol. 1 0:13:05 University of Salamanca
Columbus is questioned by the council.  The members of the tribunal quote Aristotle and Ptolomey to prove that the ocean is uncrossable.  Columbus quotes other scholars to prove the contrary.  The council mocks Columbus by claiming that he wants to prove these "great men" as "totally mistaken."  Sanchez, representative of the State's interest, asks Columbus what Spain would gain by his voyage.  Columbus answers, "Trade."  Arojaz, representative of religion, asks Columbus, "Is that all that interests you: gold?"  Columbus adds that he will make the people he "discovers" in the New World the subjects of God, making Spain into an Empire.  Arojaz further asks that if God wanted to make Spain an empire would He have really waited for Columbus to do so?  Columbus states, "He chose a carpenter's son to reveal himself to the world" (15:52).  Arojaz replies, "So you consider yourself the Chosen One?"  Columbus pauses and changes topic, "Asia can be found to the west.  And I will prove it."
Vol. 1 0:16:13 Sanchez Speaks to Arojaz
Arojaz is eating.  Sanchez arrives and tells Arojaz that the State is interested in Columbus's proposition.  Arojaz replies, "I've always found such independent minds dangerous."  Sanchez disregards Arojaz's objection and claims that he will use his influence to assist Columbus--with or without Arojaz's help.
Vol. 1 0:17:59 Marchena Reads the University's Rejection Letter to Columbus
Columbus is angry that the council did not listen to him.  Marchena urges Columbus to be patient.  Columbus argues that he has already been patient for seven years.  Marchena begins to state, "If God intends you to go . . .," but Columbus interrupts, "Damn, God.  Damn all of you."  Columbus takes his vengeance out by throwing books around the monastery.  The monks try to restrain him.  Finally, after making the sign of the cross, a monk punches Columbus out.
Vol. 1 0:19:17 Fernando and Diego See Columbus on the Church Floor
Fernando wants to speak to his father, but Diego explains that Columbus cannot speak since he is doing penance.  Fernando still goes to his father and lies down with him.  Diego remains where he is.
Vol. 1 0:20:11 Pinzon Meets Columbus
Pinzon sneaks up to Columbus and notices that Columbus wears no shoes.  Pinzon introduces himself to Columbus, but Columbus does not answer.  Pinzon wonders why Columbus cannot talk but soon realizes that Columbus is observing penance.  Pinzon tells Columbus that he wants to help him.  Pinzon has friends who are bankers, and Queen Isabel owes a banker, Santagnel, money.  Columbus suddenly speaks, "Where can I meet this man."  Pinzon points Columbus to Santagnel.
Vol. 1 0:22:09 Columbus, Pinzon, and Santagnel Discuss Their Plans
Columbus asks Santagnel why he wants to help.  Santagnel replies, "Faith, hope, charity.  But greater than all these [pause] is banking."  Columbus smiles.  Santagnel and Columbus toast while Pinzon watches.
Vol. 1 0:22:37 Columbus, Pinzon, and Santagnel Ride to Granada
They travel on horses through a peasant town.
Vol. 1 0:23:00 Fall of Granada: January 2nd, 1492
The streets are crowded.   People are carrying a cross.  A mosque is being destroyed.  Columbus, Pinzon, and Santagnel stop and observe the scene.  Santagnel explains, "Moors built Granada centuries ago, but now we've taken it back.  But it's a tragic victory for us.  We're losing a great culture."  The steeple from a mosque falls on a crowd of people.  Santagnel continues, "Well, I suppose there is a price to paid for every victory.  Isn't there, Senor Columbus."  They ride off.  A group of townspeople raise a cross to carry across the streets.
Vol. 1 0:24:03 They Enter the Palace
Columbus, Pinzon, and Santagnel meet Sanchez.  Sanchez says nothing when he meets Columbus and Pinzon.  Columbus follows Sanchez to Queen Isabel.
Vol. 1 0:25:02 Columbus Meets Queen Isabel
The Queen is busy giving papers to one of her underlings. Columbus kneels behind her while she writes at her desk.  She tells him to rise and lets him know that her council has warned her not to waste her time listening to him.  She questions Columbus if he knows that the ocean is uncrossable.  Columbus replies, "What did they say about Granada before today?"  She turns to him, "That it was impregnable."  She rises and says that she cannot ignore her council.  He suggests that she can do whatever she wants.  She replies, "How little you know."  Columbus asks to speak "frankly" but while doing so accidentally calls the Queen a "woman," which she points to his attention.  He apologizes.  She asks his age: thirty-nine.  He asks her's: forty.  She dismisses him and tells him that he will be informed of her decision at a later date.  Before leaving, Columbus says how he thought that she was younger than him.  She turns.  He is smiling and leaves. Sanchez enters and the Queen worries out loud about the cost of such an expedition (28:02).  Sanchez replies, "No more than the cost of two state banquets."  Sanchez claims that they have everything to gain if Columbus is correct and so little to lose if he is wrong.
Vol. 1 0:28:36 Bobadilla Explains Columbus' Demands to Sanchez
Sanchez is riding a horse around Bobadilla as Bobadilla explains that Columbus demands to be a knight, to be called Don and named Great Admiral of the Sea.  Bobadilla is offended that such glory goes to an immigrant who is sheltered by monks.  Sanchez assures him that Columbus's demands will not be met.
Vol. 1 0:30:22 Sanchez and Columbus Discuss Demands
Queen Isabel spies in on Sanchez and Columbus's conversation.  She admires Columbus's refusal to back down to Sanchez.  Columbus tell Sanchez that he refuses to take the risks in sailing to a New World without reaping just rewards.  Sanchez accuses Columbus of being too ambitious.  Columbus questions when Sanchez is never ambitious.  Sanchez claims that he will find someone else to embark on the expedition if Columbus is unsatisfied.  Columbus claims that he will become a monk if Sanchez can find anyone else to do so.  Queen Isabel laughs.  Columbus leaves.  Queen Isabel tells Sanchez to call Columbus back.
Vol. 1 0:32:18 Columbus and Beatrix
Columbus announces to Beatrix that Spain approved his mission.  Beatrix kneels beside him.  Columbus tells her that he doesn't want her to wait for him to return.  She insists that she will decide for herself if she will wait for him.  They make out.
Vol. 1 0:32:47 Port of Palos: August 3, 1492
Monks walk through the streets at night.  Columbus admits to Marchena that he does not really know the distance across the ocean.  Marchena insists that Columbus tells his men.  Columbus will not tell his men because if they knew the truth, they would not sail with him.  Marchena threatens to tell Columbus's men himself.  Columbus reminds Marchena that he is bound to an oath of silence and demands that Marchena give him absolution now.
Vol. 1 0:34:36 Boarding the Ship
It is dawn.  Columbus says good-bye to Beatrix, Fernando, and Diego.  He gives Diego a necklace.  Beatrix and Columbus make out.
Vol. 1 0:35:52 Ships Sailing
The ships are silhouetted against the sun. Some men are shown working beneath the ship's deck; others are shown raising sails. The bow is breaking through the waves.
Vol. 1 0:37:11 Columbus Navigating at Night
The ship's deck is mostly empty.  Columbus is navigating by the stars.  Some of his men watch him.  He writes the results.
Vol. 1 0:37:50 Columbus in his Quarters with Captain Mendez
Mendez explains that the men are worried that Columbus does not know where they are going.  Columbus and Mendez go above deck.  Columbus explains to Mendez how to use the quadrant.  Mendez realizes that they are sailing on the twenty-eighth parallel.  Mendez asks Columbus how he knows that they'll find land on the twenty-eighth parallel.  Columbus admits that he does not know.  They laugh.
Vol. 1 0:40:16 Ships Sail in Silhouette
Men on the deck at night listen to a man singing from the crow's nest.  They all begin to hum.  Columbus looks to the crow's nest.
Vol. 1 0:41:20 Marking Distance During Daybreak
Columbus lies to his crew about the distance the ships have traveled to allay his men's fears.  Pinzon realizes what Columbus is doing while he stares at Columbus's boat.
Vol. 1 0:42:46 The Sea Smells Like a Whore
The man below deck are complaining how long they've been at sea.  One man claims that he doesn't like the smell of the sea; it smells like a whore.  Another man answers, "That's why sailors take to the sea."  It is announced that Pinzon is about to board ship.
Vol. 1 0:43:18 Pinzon and Columbus Discuss a Potential Mutiny
Pinzon is angry because Columbus lied about the distance they have to travel.  Pinzon indicates that his men are on the verge of a mutiny.  Pinzon wants to take the ships back.  Columbus believes that land is not far away.  Pinzon demands that Columbus try to persuade the men that land is near.
Vol. 1 0:44:19 Columbus Persuades the Sailors
A sailor named Alonso claims that God has cursed the voyage.  Columbus explains to the men that they must overcome their fears and that it is Alonso who puts fear in the men's heads.  Columbus yells that if they have faith in God and themselves, then they will survive.  Furthermore, they will be famous someday.  Columbus promises a jacket and ten thousand marvedis for the man who first spots land.  He wants someone in the crow's nest at all times looking for land.  The sails of the ship suddenly blow full.  Columbus is relieved.  The men get to work.  Pinzon whispers to Columbus, "You lucky bastard."
Vol. 1 0:47:29 Walking the Deck
All the men on the ship remain quiet.  Most of the men are asleep as Columbus walks the deck.  Men beneath deck are still working.  Columbus looks around.
Vol. 1 0:48:23 Night Bugs
Columbus kills a fly.  He looks to the lantern and notices that bugs are flying around it.  He wakes Mendez and shows him that the bugs signify that land is close.
Vol. 1 0:49:05 Columbus Spots Land
The ships are enshrouded by fog.  Columbus sits and stares out into the fog as someone marks the ship's distance traveled.  All men are looking forward.  Columbus stands and walks to the bow.  The lookout from the crow's nest is also watching.  Columbus says to himself, "There."  Land appears.  The lookout yells.  The men celebrate.
Vol. 1 0:51:09 Ships Drop Anchor
The anchor is dropped.  The men celebrate.  Columbus looks relieved.
Vol. 1 0:51:40 Columbus's Launch Lands
Various launches' flags are waving as men near the land.  Columbus stands proudly.  Columbus jumps off the bow into the water and walks in slow-motion to land. Close-up on Columbus's feet.  He kneels and celebrates.  The men run to land and fall on it.
Vol. 1 0:53:45 Guanahani Islands: October 12, 1492
Columbus signs a book that marks Spain's first site of possession.  Columbus announces that Spain conquers the New World by the grace of God.  Juanito, one of the ship's men, bangs a drum.  Columbus names the island San Salvador  (54:58).  The men move into the woods.
Vol. 1 0:56:13 First Sight: The Spanish Meet the Natives
The Spaniards cut through foliage.  Light shines down from the trees at them.  They look around in amazement.  There is a close-up of a snake in a tree.  A bird flies from a tree's branches.  The men stop.  A group of birds fly away.  The men continue.  Juanito bangs his drum again.  Columbus follows Juanito but soon realizes that Juanito has stopped  (58:28).  Columbus continues and sees the natives.  A Spaniard yells, "Muskets."  Columbus yells, "No."  The natives near the Spaniards.  Columbus nears them and stops.  The natives speak amongst themselves.  One native touches Juanito's cleft lip.  More natives near the Spaniards and touch them
Vol. 1 1:00:40 The Spanish Enter a Native Village
The natives are wary of the Spaniards and surround Columbus.  Columbus meets their leader.  There is silence.  The leader begins laughing.  Everyone laughs.  A native woman cuts Juanito's hair in native custom.  The children look on and laugh.  Juanito's face is then painted similar to the natives' faces.
Vol. 1 1:02:30 October 21, 1492
Columbus writes in his diary that he thinks he has returned to Eden.  He claims that the natives will not be converted to Catholicism by force but by persuasion.  Otherwise, the Spaniards will respect the native's beliefs.  The natives and Spaniards play in the water together.  Other Spaniards and natives hunt together.
Vol. 1 1:03:27 Enter Utapan
Columbus is writing in his diary.  A native, Utapan, notices Columbus's drawing of a native.  Utapan tries to learn Spanish--and eventually becomes Columbus's translator.  Columbus gives Utapan his drawing.  Columbus fondles Utapan's gold necklace and asks, "Where did you find this?"
Vol. 1 1:04:56 Different Activities on the New World
Columbus looks towards land from his boat. The Spaniards hunt on a plain with their muskets. Other Spaniards are searching for gold in a river. Pinzon asks for help to get up. He goes to a tree and urinates on the New World. Other Spaniards pan for gold. One Spaniard thinks that he has found some gold. Columbus looks and says that it is not gold.
Vol. 1 1:06:37 Haiti: December 5, 1492
Columbus's voice-over claims that the Spaniards are mistaken for gods by the natives.  He has not found gold except for a few artifacts.  A group of Spaniards land with Pinzon, but Pinzon can barely walk and nearly drowns.  The natives provide medicine for Pinzon.  As a shaman tries to heal Pinzon (1:08:51), Columbus thanks that natives' leader for his help and tells him that some men are coming to build a fort.  Columbus also mentions that many other Spaniards will come to his land.  The leader wants to know, "Why?"  Columbus explains that the Spaniards want to bring the word of God and medicine.  The leader replies that he already has the word of God and medicine.  The leader clears his hut of everyone but Columbus and a few of the natives.  The leader then explains that he knows that Columbus only wants his women and gold.  The gold is removed from the hut.  Columbus watches.
Vol. 1 1:11:02 Leaving the New World
Columbus claims that he must return to Spain because Pinzon is ill.  Some Spaniards--including Juanito--remain behind at the fort they had built, La Navidad.  Columbus realizes that none of the villages he has seen so far resemble the descriptions of Marco Polo.  The mainland still escapes Columbus, but he knows that it is close.  His ship does not have the spices and gold that he desires.  "The land intoxicates" his "senses and soul," so he must return.
Vol. 1 1:12:18 Spain Celebrates Columbus's Return
Bells are ringing throughout Spain.  A bell's clacker turns into a church's waving incense burner.  Columbus is being honored in the church.  Beatrix smiles at Columbus from the crowd.  Columbus escorts Queen Isabel down the aisle and looks at her.  Marchena watches from the crowd.  Arojaz says to Sanchez, "It won't be easy to get rid of your prophet now."  Sanchez replies, "On the contrary, seems to me that the man is preparing his own cross."  Columbus continues walking and looking about him.  The Queen looks about.  King Ferdinand looks about.  Columbus has the final look.
Vol. 1 1:14:53 Pinzon's Death
Last rites are read over Pinzon's corpse.
Vol. 1 1:15:11 Columbus has Dinner with Queen Isabel
Columbus insists that Moxica, a Spanish Warrior, try the tobacco that Columbus has brought back from the New World.  Moxica coughs.  Everyone laughs.  Moxica considers the use of tobacco to be a stupid habit and cannot see it becoming popular enough for the Church to condemn it as a sin.  Columbus replies that the natives have no concept of sin.  The Queen asks Columbus if the Indians have any sinful thoughts.  Columbus claims that the natives go about naked as God made them.  The Queen asks, "Which God?"  The table gets silent.  Columbus replies, "Nature is their god."  Sanchez asks about the gold he brought back.  Columbus claps his hands and brings out the booty, natives, and birds.  Sanchez comments, "That's not the purest metal I've ever seen."  The Queen contradicts, "We are more than gratified, Don Cristobal."
Vol. 1 1:18:03 Sanchez and Columbus Fence in the Courtyard
Sanchez scores a point on Columbus.  They begin again.  They lock and growl at each other.  Columbus throws Sanchez against the wall.  Sanchez returns to fight.  They are stopped.  The spectators clap.  Sanchez and Columbus toast and drink.  Sanchez expresses his interest in Columbus's second voyage: seventeen ships and fifteen hundred men.  Bobadilla enters.  Sanchez introduces Bobadilla to Columbus as a valuable asset.  Bobadilla wants to help Columbus govern the New World.  Columbus claims that there is no room for another governor, but there is room for a notary.  Bobadilla apologizes for thinking that Columbus might need him and leaves.  Sanchez explains to Columbus that he has a special talent for making enemies.
Vol. 1 1:21:10 Columbus Persuades his Brothers to Govern
Bartolome feels that Columbus is pressuring him to help.  Giacomo recently left the seminary and feels he has no experience to govern anything.  Columbus lays a guilt trip on them by claiming that they would be deserting their brother if they didn't help.  Columbus shows them all the people who want to work for him by taking his brothers through a crowd that surrounds Columbus's quarters.  Columbus says, "See, now you tell me, who can I trust?"  A man calls out all the help Columbus has taken on: thirty blacksmiths, twenty carpenters, twenty miners, and a hundred farmers.
Vol. 1 1:23:56 The Massacre at Navidad
Empty boats are bobbing on the water.  Columbus lines up his men and fires some shots to announce that he has arrived.  No one responds.  Columbus and his men advance and come upon the destroyed village and bodies.  Columbus finds Juanito's skull  (1:26:08).  Moxica demands that three natives be killed for every dead Spaniard.  Columbus states, "There will be no revenge."  Moxica claims that Columbus cannot understand what it is like to have one's own countrymen killed.  Columbus thinks it not wise to start a war since they are outnumbered by the natives ten-to-one.  He believes that the Spaniards must keep their sights on colonizing, not war.
Vol. 1 1:28:03 The Spaniards Encounter the Natives of the Island
The natives are amazed by Moxica's horse and surround him.  Columbus enters and fires warning shots to scare the natives.  He asks the natives' leader what happened to his men.  The leader says that warriors came from the sea and killed them.  Moxica claims that the "monkey"--the leader--is lying and that the natives should be killed.  Columbus refuses to retaliate and asks for peace.
Vol. 1 1:32:30 Raising the Bell
Columbus's first attempt to have his men raise a bell for the church is a failure.  Columbus requests the use of Moxica's horse.  Moxica refuses to let his horse contribute and is about to leave, but Columbus grabs his horse and demands the use of his horse.  Moxica reluctantly complies.  The second attempt to raise the bell is successful.  The bell begins ringing  (1:37:14). Columbus writes to both his sons, "We are building the first city of the New World," which is based on Leonardo DaVinci's architecture.
Vol. 1 1:39:15 Debauchery
Moxica and one of his men are drinking.  A naked, native woman serves them.  Moxica "gives" the woman to the man for his sexual pleasure.  Moxica and the other man salute the New World and "the governor of the mosquitoes."
Vol. 2 0:00:00 Paying Tributes
The natives are forced to bring gold to the Spaniards.  One native does not have any gold to offer.  The native attempts to leave but is brought back.  Moxica questions him and believes that he is lying since his heart rate is high.  Moxica makes the native place his hand on the table.  Moxica makes the translator tell all the natives that he knows they are hiding gold and "this is how we treat thieves."  Another Spanish officer questions Moxica's method.  Moxica cuts the native's hand off.
Vol. 2 0:02:27 Moxica's Trial
Columbus explains that all the tribes have joined together to fight the Spaniards because of Moxica's brutality.  Moxica claims that Columbus's ways do not work.  Columbus sentences Moxica to be held under arrest.  Moxica believes that Columbus has misled the Spaniards for four years by promising gold and an earthly paradise.
Vol. 2 0:04:22 Another Ravaged Spanish City
A Spaniard rallies men to go to a site where Spaniards have been killed and placed on scaffolds.  Columbus observes the scene.  Bartolome believes that Moxica's methods are the best.  Columbus tells Utapan that he must find the guilty men.  Utapan replies, "You did the same to your god."
Vol. 2 0:06:29 War
The Spaniards and natives begin fighting in another village. Columbus fights some of the natives by sword.  A native with a head-piece roars and attacks Columbus.  Columbus's life runs through his mind: Fernando, Beatrix, Diego. But Columbus ends up running the native through with his sword.  More natives attack from behind straw walls.  Columbus stabs a native.  Blood covers his face.  He yells for all to stop.
Vol. 2 0:09:48 Moxica's Escape
Moxica is washing his fingernails.  Some men kill the guards around Moxica's quarters and help him escape.
Vol. 2 0:11:02 Moxica's Rebellion
Moxica sets Columbus's headquarters on fire.  Columbus arrives on the scene to see his headquarters fully on fire.  A day passes: Columbus's group meets Moxica's group on a river.  They begin to fight.  Columbus gives chase to Moxica, but Columbus soon loses him  (14:51).  A native points out to Columbus where Moxica is located.  Columbus and Moxica meet.  The native aims his arrow at Moxica, so Moxica disarms himself.  Moxica explains that no matter what Columbus does he is nothing in the eyes of Spain and his "bastards" (e.g. sons) will inherit nothing.  Moxica jumps off the cliff before him and dies.  Columbus watches and yells, "Bastard."
Vol. 2 0:17:54 Mutiny's Leaders are Executed
The three men who freed Moxica are choked to death.  Columbus watches the proceedings.
Vol. 2 0:18:49 Brother Buyl Leaves the New World
Columbus watches his ships being loaded with goods and then continues walking.  Brother Buyl stops Columbus and tells him that he wishes to leave this godless place and return to Spain.  Buyl doesn't understand how Columbus can treat savages and Christians the same.  Furthermore, he wonders if anyone besides Columbus really desires a New World.  Columbus tells Buyl to look around and see for himself.  Buyl still wants to leave.  Columbus responds, "Your departure will not help me to make this place more godly."  Buyl remains silent.
Vol. 2 0:20:48 Columbus Speaks with his Brothers
Columbus begins questioning the result of the New World.  His brother Bartolome believes that no one expected their adventure to be easy.  Columbus realizes that Marchena was correct, "Paradise and hell both can be earthly."
Vol. 2 0:21:52 Hurricane
Utapan cuts his hair and repaints his face, assimilating back to the tribe.  The Spaniards run for cover.  As Utapan runs to the woods, Columbus yells to him, "Speak to me."  Utapan replies, "You never learned how to speak my language."  Columbus is surprised by his response.  Utapan smiles and runs.  The hurricane gets worse.  Columbus runs inside.  His house is being torn apart.  Columbus grabs hold of a door frame.  A wooden cross outside his house is hit by lightning and set on fire.
Vol. 2 0:25:30 Aftermath
Columbus's house is full of water.  He looks outside: the town is destroyed except for the church.  Various scenes of destruction are shown while a voice-over of Sanchez (still in Spain) claims that Columbus is a failure of a leader.
Vol. 2 0:26:57 Sanchez Speaks to Queen Isabel
Sanchez explains the travesty of the New World and how Columbus forced nobility to hard labor.  Brother Buyl attests that all Sanchez says is true.  Sanchez states, "He promised a paradise.  He failed."  Sanchez believes that Columbus must be replaced.  The Queen asks who.
Vol. 2 0:28:20 Bobadilla Replaces Columbus
Bobadilla enters his ship.  The scene cuts to Bobadilla entering Columbus's quarters.  Bobadilla explains to Columbus that he is the new vice-roy of the Indies.  Columbus thinks that he is now free to explore for the mainland.  Bobadilla states that Amerigo Vespucci discovered it weeks ago.  Columbus asks how far away it is located.  Bobadilla replies, "No more than a week."  Columbus, instead of being disappointed, is pleased that he was proven correct: there is a mainland.  Bobadilla adds, "I am afraid this is not the worst news."
Vol. 2 0:30:47 Columbus in the Prison of Castile: January 1501
Columbus sits in his cell smoking a cigar and eating.  His sons Fernando and Diego visit him.  Columbus notices how they have both become men.  Diego says that he will get his father out of prison.  Diego and Fernando want to go with their father on his next trip.  Columbus hugs Diego.
Vol. 2 0:32:47 Columbus Meets with Queen Isabel
Columbus enters the Queen's chambers.  She stands and awaits him.  He kneels before her.  She notices his gray hair and tells him to rise.  The Queen wants Columbus to persuade her why he should go back to the New World.  Columbus replies, "All my life I have dreamed of reaching the continent.  I thought my dreams: grandiose.  But reality was beyond my expectations.  Far beyond.  And now I want to explore that land [pause] before I die."  She grants him permission but says that he cannot go with his brothers nor visit any of the colonies.  She states, "The New World is a disaster."  Columbus answers, "And the Old one, an achievement?"  He leaves  (2:17:05).  Sanchez enters.  The Queen admits that she puts up with Columbus's rudeness since he is not afraid of her.
Vol. 2 0:36:28 Sanchez and Columbus Speak
Sanchez and Columbus meet in one of the royal halls.  Sanchez calls Columbus a dreamer.  Columbus states that all of Spain has been created by dreamers and Sanchez will have to live with knowing that "I did it. And you didn't."  Columbus backs out of focus and leaves.  Sanchez remains silent.
Vol. 2 0:38:08 Columbus Meets Beatrix Again
Columbus enters his old residency in Spain.  Beatrix is still roaming the halls.  He tells Beatrix that she is so beautiful.  Beatrix says that she denied herself being with other men for nine years.  His house is empty of belongings.  Beatrix says, "They took everything."  Columbus corrects her, "Not everything."  She falls into his arms.
Vol. 2 0:39:52 Arojaz Honors Vespucci
Arojaz claims that the church always supported the expedition to the New World.  Sanchez listens with little delight to Arojaz's speech.  Columbus, also, listens.  Arojaz states that Vespucci discovered the New World.  Sanchez looks surprised.  Columbus shows no emotion--as if he is not surprised.
Vol. 2 0:41:40 Sanchez Speaks with Arojaz
Sanchez stands outside and notices Columbus standing in the distance.  Arojaz come outside and sees Columbus.  Arojaz states to Sanchez, "What a waste of a life."  Sanchez answers, "A waste?  Well, if your name and mine is ever remembered, Arojaz, it will only be because of his."  Sanchez leaves.  Arojaz remains silent.
Vol. 2 0:42:40 Columbus Sits with Fernando
Columbus sits and looks out to the ocean.  Fernando reads letters to Columbus: Diego wants to get involved in the pearl trade in Santa Domingo; Mendez wants to visit Columbus.  Fernando wants his father to tell him all that he remembers about his adventures.  Columbus does not know where to start and looks to the ocean.  He pauses for a long time.  Finally, Columbus says, "I remember," but pauses again.  There is a shot of land appearing suddenly out of the fog.  Fernando has written, "I remember," on a piece of parchment.  His pen hovers above the words and drips a few blots of ink.  The scene fades out.
Vol. 2 0:44:34 Final Text
Words scroll across the screen that state Columbus's last trip was in 1502; Fernando's biography of Columbus restored Columbus's name in history; as of 1992 a descendant of Columbus is Admiral in the Royal Spanish Navy; and quotes Columbus, "Life has more imagination than we carry in our dreams . . . ."