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Vol. 1 0:03:05 Columbus and Fernando Sitting Together
1492: Conquest of Misconception by Jaime Miller, with comments by Caitlin Prozonic, Margaret Watters, Jena Viviano, Thomas Bianchi, and James
Vol. 1 0:56:13 First Sight: The Spanish Meet the Natives
The Images That Haunt Columbus by Christopher Robe', with comments by Lauren Eisner, Timothy Guida, Jonathan Zubkoff, and Jaclyn Ulman
Vol. 1 1:02:30 October 21, 1492
The Real New World by Lauren Eisner, with comments by Catherine Willard, Samuel Olson, Kelley Higgins, and Andrew Tye
Vol. 1 1:32:30 Raising the Bell
Coming to a Theater Near You: A Complex Christopher Columbus by Rachael Hansen and John Marlow, with comments by Rosanny Bello, Daniel Spangler, Zachary Rubin, Nicholas Alakel, and Alexander Vernak
Vol. 2 0:00:00 Paying Tributes
Moxica: Scapegoat for Atrocity by Daniel Spangler, with comments by Adam Kaufman, Alexandra Neumann, and William
Vol. 2 0:06:29 War
Savage Columbus by Karolina Kiwak, with comments by Carina Meleca and Brian Cohen
Vol. 2 0:36:28 Sanchez and Columbus Speak
Dreamer's Disease: Beginning and End of Civilizations by Rosanny Bello, with comments by Courtney Brown, Taylor Kite, Caitlin Prozonic, Adrianna Abreu, Morgan Christopher, and Victor Cumberbatch