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The heroic saga of Custer's Last Stand!

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This feature film classic, directed by Raoul Walsh, stars extraordinary swashbuckling screen idol Errol Flynn as the eccentric yet heroic General George Armstrong Custer. In this, the film version of Custer's famous last stand at Little Big Horn (June 25, 1876), old Hollywood will dazzle you with its exciting portrayal of the fight for the growing American west. Starring as the brash general's intimate love interest, Elizabeth Bacon, is the ravishing Olivia de Havilland. Also starring is Anthony Quinn as the willful and cunning Crazy Horse, leader of the Indian tribe that eventually defeats Custer and his men. The film follows Custer from his young and wild days at West Point, to his amazing rise through the ranks and the eventual Indian wars, culminating in the battle that has kept his name alive and secured his persona in history. Hear the rafters of heaven shatter -- CHARGE!