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Custer's Last Fight (1925)
A re-release of the 1912 silent film version, this historical classic provides the first surviving depiction of the Custer legacy ever captured on screen. With an introduction by the Custer Battlefield Preservation Committee, these five reels of sacred footage capture a glimpse of American public sentiment regarding General George Armstrong Custer, Native Americans, and the battle at Little Bighorn. Of this fatal fight on June 25, 1876, "none were wounded, were missing—all were dead." Made for over $30,000 in 1912, Custer's Last Fight is the most expensive movie made in that era. This film marks the foundation for film portrayal of the Custer myth.
Little Big Man (1970)
A gripping story of Jack Crabb's (Dustin Hoffman) journey through life. This everyman character has his share of bumps and bruises on his way to becoming a scout of General George Armstrong Custer. Crabb, raised by Indians after an accident with his family, learns to see life through their eyes. After being saved by United States soldiers in an Indian attack, adopted by a Christian family, and becoming a gunslinger, young Jack Crabb meets up with the likes of Wild Bill Hickock, whom he befriends. Crabb is witness to the consequences of Custer's actions. He meets Custer as a white man and as an Indian. This drama shows the perspective of each side, as Crabb is present during Custer's scouting expeditions, the massacre at Washita, and during the Battle at Little Bighorn, acting as a guide to Custer. This powerful film uncovers the madness of George Armstrong Custer in a brilliant scene as he unravels in his final moments at his infamous Last Stand.

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