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0:02:35 Custer's Arrival at West Point
Custer arrives at West Point on horseback, accompanied by servants and his hunting dogs. He is mistaken for a superior officer and the general guard is called to sound his coming.
0:04:17 Custer Moves In
Sharp moves Custer into Major Taipe's quarters. Sharp is playing a prank on the aloof Custer. Because Custer is trustworthy and Sharp is devious, the prank is successful. Custer begins to move his things into the room, while throwing Major Taipe's belongings into the hallway.
0:06:30 Custer's First Mistake
Major Taipe arrives outside his quarters to notice his belongings strewn in the hallway. He enters the room to find everything rearranged and Custer asleep on his bed. Major Taipe is furious and reprimands Custer for his disobedience. He orders Custer to line up outside with the other plebes.
0:08:45 Custer's First Fight
Lined up outside, Sharp makes a sarcastic comment aimed at Custer. Custer breaks the line and strikes Sharp to the ground. He is hauled off to Colonel Sheridan's office for punishment. He is not punished because he hasn't enrolled yet.
0:11:00 Custer is Worse Than U.S. Grant
Custer is shown to get many delinquencies and demerits.
0:12:50 Secession of the South
The southern recruits separate from the northern cadets of West Point and go with their commanding officer into the confederate army.
0:16:20 Discussion of Custer's Worth
The officers of West Point consider Custer for early advancement to the rank of officer. Colonel Sheridan is behind this decision.
0:17:40 Ms. Bacon Arrives
Custer meets Elizabeth Bacon while on punishment duty. He is not allowed to speak to anyone and must walk a certain path. This makes for a comical moment when Ms. Bacon tries to talk with him. She becomes offended.
0:19:30 Love at First Sight
Custer is requested to Colonel Sheridan's office. He immediately runs after Ms. Bacon and explains himself. She accepts his apology and a walking date with him tonight.
0:21:42 Custer Promoted
Colonel Sheridan promotes Custer to the rank of officer. He is to leave within the hour on the first train to his assignment. He misses the date with Ms. Bacon.
0:23:44 Elizabeth's Proclamation
Elizabeth impatiently awaits Custers arrival. She sits on the porch alone. Her father becomes angered at Custer's lack of manners. Elizabeth proclaims that she will marry Custer.
0:25:50 Sneaky Custer
Custer creates a diversion to sneak into the General's office to receive speedy orders. He learns that Major Taipe is now his General and will never give him order to fight.
0:27:30 Duty Calls
Custer dines with the head of the union forces. They share a fondness for onions. They become very friendly. The General recommends to Taipe that Custer report to the Second Cavalry immediately. Custer steals Taipe's horse so he can arrive for duty as soon as possible.
0:30:57 Rival Among the Ranks
Sharp is a superior officer in the Second Cavalry. They meet and exchange unpleasantness.
0:33:10 First Battle
Custer disobeys Sharp's orders, knocks him off his horse, and leads his men toward the bridge. They stand their ground and secure the bridge, winning the battle. Custer is wounded.
0:34:50 Custer in the Hospital
Custer is inside the hospital being taken care of by a group of giddy nurses. Colonel Taipe arrives and presents Custer with a medal. Custer, against the pleas of the nurses, leaves in his hospital gown.
0:37:20 Visiting Ms. Bacon
Back in Michigan, Custer visits Ms. Bacon. He stops at a tavern first and enjoys a song with a few rowdy participants. Mr. Bacon arrives to collect rent and reprimands Custer and his new friends. Custer tells Mr. Bacon off, not knowing who he is.
0:41:20 Reading of Tea Leaves
Ms. Bacon reads tea leaves with her servant. Her future is told, and the arrival of Custer is predicted. The two ladies become frightened.
0:45:56 Custer and Mr. Bacon Again
Custer and Elizabeth greet each other. Ms. Bacon is very formal. Mr. Bacon arrives and recognizes Custer. He kicks Custer out of his house.
0:48:45 Custer Proposes
Custer comes back at night to see Elizabeth. The servant helps sneak Custer away from Elizabeth's father. Elizabeth and Custer kiss. Custer says he will marry Elizabeth when he becomes a General.
0:52:50 General Accident
Clerk accidentally assigns Custer to the Rank of Brigadier General.
0:54:40 General Joke
All of Custer's men know that he has been promoted. Custer is aloof and is angered by the apparent joke aimed toward him. He finds the truth and is surprised.
0:56:30 Majestic Arrival
Custer arrives in a newly designed uniform and takes command of his troops.
0:59:02 7th Calvary Attack
Custer disobeys orders and attacks the Confederate army with the 7th Michigan Cavalry. They are defeated.
1:01:00 Civil War is Won
Again Custer attacks the Confederates. This time with the 5th and 6th Michigan. He is defeated. Finally, Custer charges with the 1st Michigan Cavalry and defeats Jeb Stuart. A memo is sent to Union headquarters. Custer has won the Civil War.
1:04:00 Wedding of Ms. Bacon and Custer/Business Proposition
A hero's welcome is given to Custer upon his arrival to Monroe, Michigan. He greets Ms. Bacon with a long kiss. She tells her father she is to marry Custer today. They get married with an elaborate ceremony.
1:07:40 Business Proposition
Custer meets with Sharp and Sharp's father. They offer him a business proposition. He is to have a large partnership in a trading company. All they want is Custer's name. Custer refuses.
1:11:36 Custer to War Again
Elizabeth shares Custer's unhappiness with his superior. She makes sure that he is demoted so that he may serve in battle again.
1:16:20 First Meeting with Crazy Horse
Custer, Elizabeth, and California Joe wagon-trail to Ft. Linclon. Crazy horse attacks and is captured.
1:24:00 Ft. Lincoln Disappointment
Custer arrives at Ft. Lincoln to see that Sharp has set up a trading post here. There is also a bar that is filled with drunken soldiers. Custer forces Sharp to close the bar. Crazy Horse escapes with the help of an Indian "friendly."
1:31:00 7th US Calvary Marches On
Custer's regiment is polished and trained. The 7th U. S. Cavalry marches. There are many encounters with the various Indian tribes.
1:33:00 Peace Between Custer and Crazy Horse
Crazy Horse and Custer meet and signify peace. Crazy Horse swears to give up the plains but not the Black Hills. A threat to Custer's life is made if these terms are not met.
1:40:50 7th Calvary Incompetent
The 7th Cavalry shows up drunk and incompetent. Custer enters Sharp's bar and fights everyone and then destroys the bar. He chokes Taipe because he is the one who had the authority to open the bar.
1:42:35 Emotional Custer
By train, Custer is with his wife pondering his dismissal from the army. He apologizes to Elizabeth for taking away her life.
1:44:02 Sharp's Ploy Realized
Reading the headline, "Gold Struck in Black Hills!" Custer figures this as a ploy to break the peace treaty.
1:45:30 Conspiracy Before Senate Committee
Custer appears before the Senate Committee to convict Taipe and others in a conspiracy. He has no evidence. Custer explains that the Indians are gathering at the Black Hills. General Sheridan meets Custer after the meeting adjourns.
1:49:10 Custer Meets with Grant
President Grant declines to visit with Custer. Custer barges into his office and demands his regiment back. Making an appeal to the soldier in Grant, Custer gets his wish.
1:51:00 Custer's Return to Ft. Lincoln
Custer returns to Ft. Lincoln and goes straight to Sharp's bar. Sharp meets Custer, and they both drink. They drink two more times. Both of them drink to Custer's toast of "glory." Both then drink to Sharp's toast of "money." Sharp collapses, California Joe enters, and Custer exits.
1:57:00 Last Moments with Elizabeth
Preparing himself for battle, Custer dresses himself in front of Elizabeth. She reminds him not to forget his watch. The watchband breaks. He has never fought without it. Finding Elizabeth's diary, he reads that she had a premonition of disaster. The trumpet sounds, and Custer kisses his wife passionately as he leaves. Elizabeth collapses.
2:01:40 Ride to Little Big Horn
The 7th Cavalry marches on. Indians on top of the ridge spot Custer and his men. A messenger informs Crazy Horse of Custer's position. Custer halts the march and they ride to Little Big Horn.
2:04:10 Custer Writes a Letter
California Joe reports that Crazy Horse massacred a near-by camp. Joe suggests a retreat. Custer says he will attack. Custer writes a letter. Butler arrives, and Custer pleads with him to leave the fight for fear of his inevitable death. Butler refuses. Both realize they will fight and die.
2:07:18 Unity of Indian Chiefs
Indian chiefs unite, pray, and smoke "a phat bowl of weed" in the peace pipe.
2:07:47 Sharp's Choice
Custer lets Sharp out of his wagon. Sharp was abducted. Custer gives Sharp a choice--to fight with his regiment and die honorably or to run and die like a coward. Sharp stays.
2:09:20 Custer's First Charge
Custer rides while the Sioux wait to ambush. Both the Sioux and Custer charge. The Sioux retreat.
2:11:48 Indian Ambush
Indian reinforcements appear behind Custer's men. They are surrounded and commanded to "fight on foot." The Indians charge, and Custer's men make a valiant stand but are inevitably defeated. Custer is the last standing man, his feet firmly planted next to the raised American flag.
2:15:20 Custer's Last Stand
Custer is shot dead after fighting with his sword because of lack of ammo. The Indians ride off with the American Flag.
2:15:50 Bittersweet Revenge
Sheridan backs Custer's words from the previous hearing. Elizabeth received the letter Custer sent the night before the battle (in anticipation of death) and will be admitted into the hearing as evidence.
2:18:46 The Hero
Fade out shot of Custer on horseback.