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0:00:28 Context of Film
A brief historical background is given explaining how this film portrays Daniel Boone.
0:01:30 Historical Background Information
The film begins with a shot of an Indian gazing toward the Yadkin river valley from a scenic overlook.  Several scenic shots roll by.  Colorful descriptive text lets the viewer know that there are a few white settlers and many Indians living in this area.
0:02:15 Indian Portrayals
This scene is a close-up of Indians' feet running across the screen. The music plays what is presumed to be a traditional Indian war beat. This riff is also repeated throughout the film.
0:02:31 Indians Emerge!
A caption reads, "Danger lurked in every shadow -- every trail might lead to ambush."  Four Indians emerge from the woods into a small clearing.  They walk quickly and hunched over as if they are sneaking up on somebody.  The Indian war beat continues.
0:02:58 A Cabin in the Woods
A small log cabin is shown briefly in this scene.  Inside the cabin, Daniel Boone and his friend and scout, Hank Vaughan, sit at a table sorting pelts and chatting.
0:04:00 Impending Attack
The music now shifts to a more sinister "Indian" sound.  (The music continues to try to match the mood in this manner throughout the movie.)  A caption reads, "The Indians were never so cruel as when led by a renegade white."  Simon Gerty, a "renegade" white, sneaks up near the cabin and plots with some Indians.  Signs and gestures are the means of communication between Gerty and the whites.  The Indians point out that there are palefaces (whites) within the cabin.  The sign for paleface is used repeatedly throughout the movie by the Indians.
0:05:17 A Fight with the Indians
Simon Gerty tries to trick Boone and Vaughan.  Boone does not fall for it and takes Gerty prisoner instead.  Boone outwits and outfights the Indians.  He tricks one Indian into accidentally killing another.  The Indians flee into the woods.  Boone shoots a fleeing Indian in the back.
0:11:20 Back Inside the Cabin
Boone recognizes Gerty by means of a cross that was branded on Gerty's chest when he was run out of Philadelphia.  Boone says, "I'll spare you because you're white, Gerty," and then releases him.
0:13:52 A Settlement on the Yadkin
In this scene, three settlers who live on the Yadkin are introduced: Otis Bryan, his daughter Rebe, and his son Jim.  Otis warns his children to watch out for a "hostile tribe…hereabouts."
0:16:16 The Bryan Cabin
Despite their father's warning, Rebe is kidnapped by Gerty and several Indians.  Gerty shoots Jim while trying to save his sister, but the wound turns out not to be serious.  Jim stumbles back to the settlement and tells his father, Boone, and Vaughan that Rebe has been kidnapped.  The four of them leave to find Rebe, Gerty, and the Indians.
0:21:39 Gerty's Camp
The search party finds the kidnapper's camp later that evening.  Gerty tries to molest Rebe, but she kicks him into the fire shortly before Boone comes along and rescues her.  Rebe and Boone fall in love. Meanwhile, Jim, with his wounded shoulder, wrestles and kills an Indian.
0:30:11 Back at the Bryans
In this scene we are introduced to Chief Grey Eagle, an Indian who lives near the settlement and is "at peace with the whites."  Boone visits the Bryans to court Rebe.  Later that evening, he returns only to observe Rebe in the arms of another man.  Boone leaves heartbroken.  Boone and Vaughan leave for Kentucky in the morning, telling only Jim.  Now Rebe is heartbroken.
0:42:18 The Kentucky Wilderness
A few months later, Boone is settled in Kentucky with Vaughan.  Joe Finley and his family are introduced.  The Bryans now move to Kentucky and are staying with the Finleys until they can build their own cabin.
0:46:05 An Indian Camp
Chief Grey Eagle's tribe is traveling through Kentucky in search of big game.  Gerty is traveling with them.  Despite the chief's warning, Gerty has eyes for Grey Eagle's daughter.
0:47:50 Reunited
Boone runs into Rebe near the Finleys.  Everything gets straightened out because the man she kissed before was her brother Will.  There is a big, fun gathering at the Finleys.  In a comic moment, one of the women falls in love with Vaughan.
0:54:35 Intermission (for changing reels)
0:55:02 The Finleys' Cabin, Continued
A tired Vaughan couldn't care less about the woman or Boone and Rebe.  He finally convinces Boone to leave.
0:58:43 Deliverance
Gerty and a native sneak up to a cabin late at night.  Inside, Rebe is saying her prayers before bed.  As Gerty climbs in the window, her fervent prayer ("deliver us from evil") is apparently answered as Gerty slides back out the window, grabs the cross on his chest and stumbles away grimacing.
1:01:03 Accosted in the Woods
Gerty is now chasing Chief Grey Eagle's daughter through the woods with apparent bad intentions.  Her brother tries to save her, but Gerty shoots and kills him.  The chief's daughter jumps off a cliff, taking her chances with the fall rather than submitting to Gerty.  She appears to have died, so Gerty carries her brother back to the Indians' camp and blames both of their deaths on the paleface (i.e. Boone and friends).
1:03:25 A Life for a Life
The angry chief sends his men out for revenge.  He states, "A life for a life."  The Indians dance a war dance and leave.  Gerty tells two Indians, "Bring white girl to me."
1:06:13 Battle at the Finleys'
Indians on horseback unsuccessfully attempt to run over the Finleys' baby at the behest of Gerty.  A battle ensues.
1:09:53 She's Alive
Boone and Vaughan find the chief's daughter alive and stumbling weakly through the woods.  She tells them that Gerty is behind it all.  Will rides up and tells Boone about the attack.  Will and Vaughan take her to Grey Eagle.  Boone goes after Gerty.
1:11:50 Kidnapped Again
Jim and Rebe are walking in the woods, apparently unaware of the situation.  Gerty and many Indians capture the pair.  The Indians retreat upon hearing that they have finally caught a white man to take back and kill.
1:12:45 Rescued Again
Gerty is riding through the woods with Rebe.  Naturally, Boone arrives just in time to capture Gerty and rescue Rebe.
1:15:22 And Again
Vaughan and Will arrive at the Indian camp with the chief's daughter just as Jim is about to be burned at the stake.  Grey Eagle stops the Indians from burning Jim.  Boone arrives with Gerty.  The Indians burn Gerty instead.  Boone and the chief make peace.  The chief looks to the sky and quotes scripture, "As man liveth, so shall he die."
1:19:39 A Happy Ending
Everyone returns back to the Finleys'.  In another comic moment, Vaughan is chased down the road by the smitten woman from before.  Daniel Boone and Rebe kiss passionately.  Fade to black.