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Vol. 1 0:00:32 It All Begins
Cameramen are seen interviewing the local townspeople. The consensus is that the "kids" are being very well behaved, although overwhelming in number. Scans of the untouched Yasgur farm reveal a clean area.
Vol. 1 0:03:44 The Stage
First shots of the stage and the construction workers. Shots of the lighting and sound rigs being erected.
Vol. 1 0:05:43 Interview with Michael Lang
He is questioned as to what the worst part of the whole festival process is, and he states that dealing with all the politics is the only thing that he doesn't really like. Claims to have been organizing this event for 9 months.
Vol. 1 0:06:50 Meditation
A man is shown attempting to get the crowd into a little meditation and yoga. Canned Heat is overdubbed in the background.
Vol. 1 0:08:00 Crowds Coming In
First shots of the crowds pouring into the venue. At 8:48 we see the now famous "Nun giving the Peace Sign."
Vol. 1 0:09:00 Night Falls on the First Day
Shots of the crowds dancing and having a good time in the dusk of the first day. There are several shots of the stage and lighting rigs as the night goes on.
Vol. 1 0:12:35 Dawning of a New Day
As the day begins, there are shots of more cars driving to Woodstock. Interviews with more townspeople again state how polite and cordial the fans are. Likening them to an army.
Vol. 1 0:15:35 Business Increasing
Interviews with local business people. They state how that this is the best business they have had ever. More business than they could handle.
Vol. 1 0:16:00 Jerry Garcia
The Grateful Dead's leader speaks about his impressions of the festival and how terrific it was to see all the cars pouring in to this gathering.
Vol. 1 0:16:51 Second Lang Interview
States how he only expects 200,000 people to show up at the gathering, and how the traffic problems are already getting to disastrous proportions. They talk about the cost of the show, and Lang says it cost around two million dollars. Then cuts to a shot of him working the phones trying to get everything worked out.
Vol. 1 0:19:40 Crowd Control
The officials are attempting to gain some sort of crowd control with the thousands of people pouring into the show at one time. The traffic problem is getting so severe that they have to helicopter performers into the site.
Vol. 1 0:22:00 Daily News Reading
The first time that the daily news and the search calls are read over the speaker system. News pours in how traffic is a problem and of what people think of festival.
Vol. 1 0:23:40 Richie Havens
He performs "Handsome Johnny" at 24:40 and "Freedom" at 30:45.
Vol. 1 0:35:10 Crowd Breaks Through
The crowd finally breaks through the fence, turning Woodstock into a gigantic free show.
Vol. 1 0:38:19 Bad Acid?
An announcement is made that bad acid going around is not poison, just manufactured poorly.
Vol. 1 0:40:20 Canned Heat
They perform "A Change is Gonna Come." Man from crowd gets on stage and has a conversation with the lead singer while they are playing, and is allowed to continue.
Vol. 1 0:49:45 Joan Baez
She performs "Joe Hill" at 50:00 and "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" at 52:55.
Vol. 1 0:55:19 The Who
They perform "We're Not Gonna Take It" at 55:33 and "Summertime Blues" at 1:01:15.
Vol. 1 1:06:54 Interview with Fans
Talking about why they have come to Woodstock. They discuss their being members of a communal living environment where men and women often practice the much hyped "free-love." The young man talks of not really liking the music much but just wanting to be at the spectacle, since he knows something momentous is about to occur.
Vol. 1 1:10:34 "Mass change brings mass insanity"
Young Man interviewed
Vol. 1 1:12:26 Guru Speaks
Indian guru speaks to crowd telling them how America is growing through this event in ways that cannot be imagined. He states how America has been growing towards their assistance of other countries, but they have not been looking towards improving their own country.
Vol. 1 1:13:30 Sha-Na-Na
They perform "At the Hop."
Vol. 1 1:15:33 Mass Yoga Exercise
Man organizes the crowd to perform yoga after Sha-Na-Na's set. Here we see a large communal gathering of people exercising their freedom of expression through exercise and the like.
Vol. 1 1:18:35 Joe Cocker and the Grease Band
They perform "With a Little Help From My Friends."
Vol. 1 1:26:57 The Sky Opens Up
Torrential downpours hit the festival. People scurrying to cover up the equipment; rain turns the entire field into a muddy mess. Shots of people running for cover as well as the crew members frantically covering up the stage and the sound equipment so nothing gets ruined.
Vol. 1 1:32:07 People Enjoying the Rain
Interviews with people enjoying the showers. People questioning the rain as some sort of fascist prank. The rain causes much strife within the community.
Vol. 1 1:37:50 Second Largest City
Claims that Woodstock is now the second largest city in New York filter in. There are so many people at the festival at this moment that it has been officially called the second largest city in New York, behind New York City itself.
Vol. 1 1:38:31 Helicopters
Shuttling in dry clothing and flowers to the crowd to keep them at the festival. The concert goers are getting the assistance they so desperately need, and with the clothing they will be able to survive the rest of the days' events.
Vol. 1 1:42:20 Country Joe and the Fish
They perform "Rock and Soul Music."
Vol. 1 1:43:42 Arlo Guthrie arrives at Woodstock
He arrives, and shots of crowd smoking pot from homemade bowls and roach clips. This is the one scene where they really show the drug scene at Woodstock. By showing the different homemade devices, it shows to what lengths the crowd will go in order to get the high they so desire.
Vol. 1 1:47:21 Crosby, Stills and Nash
They perform "Long Time Gone" at 47:25, "Wooden Ships" at 50:13, "Judy Blue Eyes" and "Cost of Freedom" medley at 52:47.
Vol. 1 1:56:38 Ten Years After
They perform "I'm Going Home."
Vol. 2 0:00:07 Jefferson Airplane
They perform "Won't You Try" at 1:23. There is a break in their performance where they show fans calling home to talk to their parents. Army is bringing is medical teams to help the people. People are getting very upset by the conditions in which they are presently staying. Then JA comes back and performs "Uncle Sam's Blues " at 13:33. A significant use of split screen technology within this performance.
Vol. 2 0:06:25 Telephoning Home
Concert goers are packed at public telephones calling parents, family, and friends. Some of the people are shocking their parents by actually being alive. The community is gathering together and helping one another through the trials of the rainfall.
Vol. 2 0:08:08 Army Assistance
The United States Army has sent helicopters an doctors to help the festival's participants. Within this scene it is revealed that two people have died thus far at the festival. Split screen is used to show the helicopters coming towards the festival, as well as some of the crowds being cared for within tents and other makeshift hospital areas.
Vol. 2 0:09:34 Not Getting Home
Young girl is attempting to help her fellow man by informing him of his inability to get out of the "city" of Woodstock. Several shots of the crowd helping each other out and pulling together to make it through this disaster area. Young woman talking about how the people who have been entering her tent have been seriously drugged up, and how wild they are.
Vol. 2 0:18:25 John Sebastian
He performs "Younger Generations" at 20:15. Shots of the very young children in the crowd while the song plays in the background.
Vol. 2 0:24:05 Country Joe McDonald
Performs "I Feel Like I'm Fixin' to Die Rag." He receives the support of the entire crowd in singing the last verse over and over again. This truly shows the sense of community within the crowd as Country Joe galvanizes them into singing the biting verse after him.
Vol. 2 0:27:30 Interviews with Townsfolk
This bunch of interviews is less positive as people are bashing the festival, calling it a "shitty mess." They are upset about their fields being ruined and the traffic problems disallowing their crops to make it to market.
Vol. 2 0:29:25 Food Comes
Food Supplies are coming in from the Army and the town to help feed the crowd. There is now enough food to last for almost a week, truly saving Woodstock from being a complete disaster area.
Vol. 2 0:31:40 Swimming in the Lake
Interviews with people swimming naked in the lake talking about their experiences at Woodstock and about their lives in general. The sense of community is huge as we see several groups acting out different things while swimming with one another nude in the nearby lake.
Vol. 2 0:35:10 Santana
They perform "Soul Sacrifice."
Vol. 2 0:44:40 Sly and the Family Stone
They perform "I Want to Take You Higher."
Vol. 2 0:55:00 Janis Joplin
She performs "Work, Me Lord."
Vol. 2 1:01:54 "What we have in mind is breakfast in bed for 400,000" – Wavy Gravy
Volunteers serve food to all the people who want it.
Vol. 2 1:03:20 Mess Call
The trumpet plays, and the people line in 16 lines to get their food. The scene then pans into a shot of the crowds lining up, and you can truly see the sense of community that these people possess as they all enjoy a meal with one another.
Vol. 2 1:05:13 Toilet Cleaner
Interview with the portable toilet cleaner. Making the experience a little better for the people. He has one son at Woodstock and one in Vietnam in the DMZ.
Vol. 2 1:08:14 Max Yasgur
The owner of the farm is introduced and addresses the enormous crowd on his farmland. At1:10:10 Yasgur is seen giving the peace sign with his hands in a still screen.
Vol. 2 1:10:30 Jimi Hendrix
He performs "Voodoo Child" at 1:10:30, "The Star Spangled Banner" at 1:15:09, and "Purple Haze" at 1:18:58.
Vol. 2 1:24:45 Aftermath
There are numerous shots of the grounds after Woodstock is over. At 1:30:14 there is a shot of the entire crowd during the Hendrix performance, then switching back to the aftermath shots.
Vol. 2 1:30:57 Closing of the Film
Documentary ends with Crosby, Stills and Nash performing, Woodstock in the background.