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Vol. 1 0:01:00 Opening praise
And the kids were wonderful . . . Nobody can complain about the kids. This thing was too big (heh, heh, heh), it was too big for the world. Nobody has ever seen a thing like this. -- local resident
Vol. 1 0:06:21 Organizer Speaks
"Worst part? The biggest hassle is dealing with the politics." – Michael Lang
Vol. 1 0:13:41 Initial Reaction
"It was just like an army invading a town." – unknown vacationer to Woodstock region
Vol. 1 0:14:25 Initial Reaction II
"The last time we seen anything like this was at the Rose Bowl." – unknown townsman
Vol. 1 0:16:55 How many people?
"200,000." – Michael Lang (there ended up being closer to 500,000)
Vol. 1 0:17:30 Role of music
"Music . . . music has always been a major form of communication and now the lyric and the type of music is a little bit more involved in society than it was." -- an organizer
Vol. 1 0:35:10 Family values
It really is to the point where it's just family now. -- participant
Vol. 1 0:36:15 Freebie
"It's a free concert from now on. What that means is we're putting the music up here for free." – P.A. announcer
Vol. 1 0:38:19 Bad Acid
"People have been saying that some of the acid is poison. It's not poison, it's just bad acid; it's manufactured poorly." – medic announcer
Vol. 1 1:06:30 Free love
Well, that's a basic thing, there's a lot of girls here, and they're probably a lot freer than, you know, than other places, and I'm sure there's going to be a lot of balling. -- young man traveling to the festival
Vol. 1 1:10.32 Changes
"Mass change only brings mass insanity." – young unidentified interviewee
Vol. 1 1:12:00 Comment on society
People are very lost, I think. -- participant
Vol. 1 1:12:50 Guru Speaks
"America is becoming a whole. America is helping everybody in the material field, but the time has come for America to help with spirituality also." – Indian guru addressing the crowd
Vol. 1 1:16:00 Anti-drug and natural high
All you gotta score is some clean air. -- yoga leader
Vol. 1 1:33:07 Answer for the rain
"How come the fascist pigs been seedin' the clouds?" – young interviewee's reaction to the rain
Vol. 1 1:37:50 Big City
"Somebody was saying that this is the second largest city in NewYork." – spectator on the size of the festival
Vol. 1 1:39:50 Commercial aspect
Financially, this is a disaster. -- an organizer
Vol. 2 0:06:40 Kids phoning home
"Ha ha, fooled you. I'm alive." – female spectator's message to her non-believing parents
Vol. 2 0:08:15 Army lends a hand
"The United States Army is lending us some medical teams. And giving us a hand. They're with us man, not against us." – P.A. announcer on the arrival of Army helicopters
Vol. 2 0:18:45 Speaking his mind
"This is a mind fucker of all times, man." – John Sebastian on the Woodstock experience
Vol. 2 0:27:50 Bitter Townsfolk
"You want me to explain it in plain words? It's a shitty mess." – unidentified farmer on Woodstock
Vol. 2 0:34:40 Police support
"They can't be questioned as good American citizens." – police officer on the kids at Woodstock
Vol. 2 1:01:54 Mess call
"What we have in mind is breakfast in bed for 400,000." – Wavy Gravy addressing crowd on final morning
Vol. 2 1:02:32 A little piece of heaven
"There's always a little bit of heaven in a disaster area." – Wavy Gravy on Woodstock situation
Vol. 2 1:08:46 Max speaks
"I'm a farmer." – Max Yasgur addresses Woodstock crowd
Vol. 2 1:09:01 Proving themselves
"I think you people have proven something to the world." – Max Yasgur addressing Woodstock crowd