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Vol. 1 0:00:00 Getting Through the Smoke Screen
Wyatt Earp waits in a dark room, in all black, smoking a cigar, drinking steaming coffee. He looks like the hero of the West: eagle eyes, mean, collected, calm, and cool. He just sits waiting for death to walk through the door, and he is ready. Morgan and Virgil Earp come into the dark saloon and report to Wyatt. Wyatt, calming, stands, and says, "Let's go!"
Vol. 1 0:02:35 Young Wyatt
Wyatt runs away from home. His father of knowledge and discipline catches him. "Why did you wait for me to leave if you thought it was the right thing to do Wyatt?" he teaches. They ride back to their house together. Pa says, "Ya know I got to whoop ya a Bit."
Vol. 1 0:06:50 Shoots the Moon
Wyatt plays the war hero and shots the moon. Brothers James and Virgil return from war. Wyatt humbled by James's injuries. Pa embraces both.
Vol. 1 0:10:00 Dinner Table
Father announces going west, "never been one to stay put." Mother objects, tells others to do what they want. Father reminds for the thousandth time, family are the only ones that count. "Nothing counts so much as Blood, the rest are just strangers."
Vol. 1 0:11:55 Wagon's West
As the camera pans the frontier, the symphony pays its homage to its beauty.
Vol. 1 0:12:30 First Death
Wyatt goes to town to fetch supplies. Saloon doors swing open in his face, two men come out firing, less than ten feet apart, miss many times, one dies, shot in groin, blood everywhere, no honor. Wyatt pukes. Pans on shot horse, we hear the horse put out of misery.
Vol. 1 0:15:17 Lawless Men
Wyatt likes untouched land. Pa teaches Wyatt – law and family: "I'm a man that believes in Law after family, there's nothing else to believe." Shot to kill anyone that doesn't respect Law. Earps always know what to do.
Vol. 1 0:17:11 Wagon Chase
Wyatt loves the thrill of the chase. "Shoot the horse." Dutch responds, that horse never did a thing to me. Dutch brags of killing men. Riding shotgun, Wyatt confesses he never has and hopes he never does. Dutch wishes him luck.
Vol. 1 0:19:53 Railroad Town
Black hand, Asian foot, foreigners settling the frontier, diversity making America. Railroad spike, monotonous work vs. gun slinging. Fireworks, country side. Red insults Dutch—manly greeting.
Vol. 1 0:21:24 The Fight!
Wyatt referees. Keeps it clean. Fights off blood-thirsty crowd. Still innocent and young. Saves Boxer. "God Bless Ya Boy," replies boxer, because his pride would not let him stop
Vol. 1 0:22:44 The K.O.
Wyatt gets knocked down. Gets up. Does not retaliate, does not care about honor, or the manly thing to do.
Vol. 1 0:23:22 The Casino
Wyatt drawn to gambling. Sally tries to seduce Wyatt. Wyatt professes he loves a girl back home after seeing her three times. Wyatt sits at table and wins. Ed Ross calls "Wyatt Earp" -- loud. Casino quiets, looking for the man to walk away from, not wanting to get shot. Wyatt says, "that's my name." Ed responds, "It don't mean shit to me or to anyone else in this world and never will after this night." Wyatt confronts him": "Only thing happened between us is I got popped good and I don't want to…" Ed stops: "Stop Talking"…Wyatt naively pauses--"O.K," he says. Wyatt never draws, rather spikes Ed in the chest with a billiard ball. He yells, "This man wanted to shoot me down for NOTHING. He lost. I'm taking his gun." Wyatt, high on the adrenalin from the show- down, keeps shooting the gun in the air exploding with the independence day fireworks.
Vol. 1 0:29:07 Urilla
Wyatt, still innocent and untainted by the west, returns to woo Urilla.
Vol. 1 0:32:07 Date
Wyatt kisses Urilla after a date, beautiful night.
Vol. 1 0:32:44 The Proposal
Wyatt proposes he work as a constable for the City Police in order to support his soon-to-be wife.
Vol. 1 0:33:56 The House
Wyatt takes Urilla through rain to their soon-to-be house; they are overwhelmed with emotions of love. Wyatt wipes tear from eye…love scene against wall, pan away.
Vol. 1 0:35:59 Raining, transition to sun, Wedding
Vol. 1 0:36:56 Wedding Night
Kiss, lifts Urilla over threshold.
Vol. 1 0:37:28 Gardening
Spring time. Wyatt tells of the west and adventure. Wyatt professes "All I care about is being with you."
Vol. 1 0:38:14 Winter Warmth
Snowing. Urilla seeks warmth with Wyatt.
Vol. 1 0:39:00 Spring Time
Urilla wakes sick and leaves to go throw up…pregnant.
Vol. 1 0:39:20 Tide Turns
Urilla's sick. Wyatt asks, "I thought only supposed to happen in morning." Urilla leaves and falls.
Vol. 1 0:39:50 Typhoid
Doctor undresses Urilla -- sees rash and quarantines house. Doc doesn't let family see Urilla, not fair to town.
Vol. 1 0:41:00 Limp Arms
Wyatt sponges Urilla, cools down fever. Urilla calls out to Wyatt and dies. Wyatt holds her close, pan on limp arm and hand. Wyatt holds her dead in arms. He loved her.
Vol. 1 0:42:27 Funeral
Casket lowers, Wyatt leaves.
Vol. 1 0:42:54 Hell
Wyatt in a drunken rage burns house down and rides off with flames behind him. Wyatt in hell on earth.
Vol. 1 0:44:16 Bum
Arkansas 9 months later. Wyatt gets kicked out of stable lying in hay. Cowboy declares how low Wyatt has sunk: "Stinking bum, I can't tell you from the horse crap." Wyatt begs for money. Gentleman states, "There's no excuse for drunkenness or for the self-pity that so often occasions it." Wyatt whips him good, steals his money, hat, and screams "You don't know what you're talking about" and steals his horse in a drunken haze.
Vol. 1 0:47:20 Wyatt Sells Horse
Sells horse, very distinguishable marks, throws gentleman's hat at man.
Vol. 1 0:47:52 Bloody Bath
Wyatt in bath, whore enters, remarks she can now take him into her bed without him fouling it. Whore, beastly women. Wyatt lower than drunk, and her. Wyatt confirms he's planning on getting himself shot dead pretty soon. Sheriff blunts Wyatt on head with butt of gun. Wyatt sinks in dirty water, bubbling blood.
Vol. 1 0:49:15 Jail
Raining, dungeon, Wyatt stares into nothingness, flashes of his wife fade in through his mind, flashes to house burning. He is in hell. Wyatt's Pa summons Wyatt. "Horse Thief." "We hang Horse Thieves." Pa teaches another moral. "Life's all about Loss." Gets him out of jail. Wyatt is sobered since father straightens him up…make father proud again. Live for Dad. Father bails him out and tells Wyatt to run, or they'll catch you and kill you. Wyatt gets on horse and rides. Night time, no one around. He is a fugitive in Arkansas.
Vol. 1 0:53:15 Buffaloes
Frontier, beautiful wild animals untainted, untouched.
Vol. 1 0:54:15 Skin Camp
Bat and Ed Masterson spot Wyatt bringing in Buffalo skins by himself. Wyatt orders coffee and has to pay good for it—Whiskey is the man's drink. Cowboy orders whiskey all around. Draws on Wyatt who refuses to drink whiskey. Different man than before. He doesn't care about man's life. Draws first, opposed to the railroad camp. Wyatt tells Ed and Bat , "An't too hard killing a bunch of Dumb Animals." Offers them five each. They accept.
Vol. 1 0:57:27 Buffalo Carcass'
Wyatt on horse pulling rope that pulls skin off off dead animal. Ed and Bat grunt work, hands on…bloody, stench, Ed pukes.
Vol. 1 0:58:06 Only Family
Wyatt mocks that Ed and Bat only have one brother. Wyatt quotes father, "Nothing counts so much as Blood, all the rest are just strangers."
Vol. 1 0:59:34 Dumb Animals; Corrupted Land
This scene counters Costner's nature loving "Dances with Wolves" Tatonka. Corruption of the land, men sitting on a rock shooting at animals that don't move at the sound of a gun. Buffalo moans and drops.
Vol. 1 1:00:26 Skin Town
Wyatt calls it quits.
Vol. 1 1:01:00 Wichita, Kansas
Wyatt dealing cards. Confronts James and wife's relationship. She's a whore. Nice arrangement. Wyatt wants to own his own bar.
Vol. 1 1:03:00 Rowdy Dubs
Takes scared sheriff's gun, spins it, runs into street. Wyatt jumps into bar barefooted. Shoots Rowdy Dubs in leg and knocks him out. New deputy $100 dollars a month. Sky view…a calling from God—what he is supposed to do.
Vol. 1 1:05:21 The Beast
Wyatt and Sheriff wrestle beasts. No rules, biting. Laughs.
Vol. 1 1:06:05 Morgan Arrives
I want to show you something.
Vol. 1 1:07:07 Lou
Lou mistakes Wyatt for James. Wyatt stares and sees what he used to have—love.
Vol. 1 1:07:52 Wyatt Brings in Two
Larry Diegler confronts Wyatt in alley.
Vol. 1 1:08:58 New Job
Camera pans over cattle; Diegler offers Wyatt a job, $75 a month plus $2.50 an arrest. Wyatt asks if he needs more than one lawman.
Vol. 1 1:09:36 I'm Wyatt Earp
Camera pans over cattle. Dodge City sign, no firearms allowed. Cowboys shooting in air. Wyatt walks into street and "BOOM" with a shot-gun. "I'M WYATT EARP." The cowboys reply "Who?" Wyatt repeats, "Wyatt Earp." "Who the fuck is Wyatt Earp." Cowboys laugh. Wyatt and brothers become law. Cowboys yield, "Only guns we need are the ones between our legs."
Vol. 1 1:12:59 Reputation
Ed and Bat having breakfast. Wyatt cleared $1000 last month. Ed informs Wyatt he has a reputation. Wyatt replies, "It's a tricky thing that reputation business, Bat."
Vol. 1 1:14:08 Ed Too Soft
Wyatt buffaloes cowboys before Ed has a chance to speak. Disarming men, Wyatt finds one cowboy with gun in hand.
Vol. 1 1:15:20 Harsh Land
Wyatt confronts Ed, "It's a harsh land Ed, it doesn't suffer fools." Ed not deliberate, but affable.
Vol. 1 1:16:33 Mattie
Wyatt pays Mattie, Mattie wants to be more, a wife.
Vol. 1 1:17:55 Bat and Ed
Mayor sends for Wyatt, cattle get panned entering again, new season, no Wyatt.
Vol. 1 1:18:49 Bounty Hunting
Fort Griffin Texas, Shanssey's Saloon. Wyatt looking for Dave Routaba. Shanssey directs Wyatt to Doc Holiday. "The Killer" Wyatt responds
Vol. 1 1:21:02 Wyatt, Call Me Doc
Wyatt's first encounter with Doc. Doc, a former Dentist from Georgia, now a sporting man. Shake hands. Close up on hands.
Vol. 1 1:24:42 Give it to Me!
Ed confiscates gun.
Vol. 1 1:25:58 On Fire!
Affable Ed gets shot. Graphic, on fire. Dies in brother's hands.
Vol. 1 1:27:21 The Telegram
Wyatt rides in with Dave Roudaba. Dodge City requests his return.
Vol. 1 1:28:15 It All Ends Now
Dodge City sign goes up with bullet holes all through it. Brothers walk in rowdy saloon; Wyatt follows. "Boom," shoots his gun, "My name is Wyatt Earp, It all ends now." Quiet!
Vol. 1 1:29:10 Doc Enters With Big Nose Kate
Dodge City civilized surroundings. Doc killed a man in Fort Worth from his belly to his dick.
Vol. 1 1:31:08 The Play
Wyatt sees Josie for the first time. First talks of Tombstone. Cowboys rides through shooting guns, Wyatt kills a man. Everyone flinches but Doc when guns fire.
Vol. 1 1:33:40 Woman Meeting
Women tell Wyatt to stop talking of Tombstone; they all listen to him. Wyatt responds, "You brought me here to tell me that without my brothers," and exits.
Vol. 1 1:35:13 Kate and Doc
Wyatt breaks up Doc and Kate trying to kill each other. Kate—breathing this diseased air.
Vol. 1 1:36:29 Not Easy Being My Friend
Wyatt dunks Doc's head in trough. Wyatt confronts Doc, "Not everybody that knows ya, hates Ya." Doc yells to nosey citizens, "All of you can kiss my Rebel Dick." Doc vows to be there for Wyatt when he needs it.
Vol. 1 1:37:30 Going to Tombstone
As Wyatt and Bat pay respects to Ed Masterson, Wyatt confronts Doc and Bat. He's giving up being a law man, moving to Tombstone and becoming an entrepreneur.
Vol. 1 1:39:00 End of Part I
Vol. 2 0:00:00 The Brothers
Pan on Tombstone, no guns. A year later. The brothers are once again lawmen and bartenders, dealing cards at the Orient. Wives confront Wyatt, "We are your wives, don't we count more than the damn brothers." Wyatt replies, "No Bessie you don't. Wives come and go, that's the plain truth of it, they die." Women leave for men to talk business.
Vol. 2 0:03:54 Bedroom: Mattie Dried Up Inside
Wyatt apologizes for hurting her. Mattie pleads to have kids before it is too late. Not part of the bargain.
Vol. 2 0:06:00 Cochis County Courthouse
Frank Stillwell and Pete Spence on trial. Marshalls vs. Cowboys. Curly Bill, contempt of Court. Second time we see majority, those that don't like the way Wyatt enforces the law.
Vol. 2 0:07:12 Clanton Mclaurrys Pay Bail
Johnny Behan confronts Fred White and Earps. Behan is the county Sheriff. We see him talking to Ike. Corrupt.
Vol. 2 0:08:35 Bar Scene
Johnny offers Wyatt a drink of whisky and warns that Earps are headed for war. Behan indicts Wyatt, "Your best friend Doc is a killer." Wyatt shouts in protests to the accusations of Doc being a killer and being in on the stage coach robberies.
Vol. 2 0:11:12 Love Enters Town
Josie enters on a stagecoach. She is Behan's fiancé. Wyatt and Josie stare at each other across the dusty street. Love at first sight. Virgil laughs.
Vol. 2 0:12:58 Encounter
Wyatt encounters Josie in street. They each say they saw each in Dodge City. Josie replies, "I saw you and then you killed a man."
Vol. 2 0:14:13 Naked Picture
Johnny boasts of taking a picture of Josie naked and shows Wyatt Earp.
Vol. 2 0:15:16 Ambush
Curly Bill and the Clantons set a trap for Wyatt. Fred shows up, and Curly Bill kills him. Wyatt clubs Curly Bill.
Vol. 2 0:17:23 $15,000 Bail
Judge condemns William Broches to a jury of his peers. The duality of the act: drunken fun, mistake in handing over firearm or a heinous crime premeditated. Regardless, robbed Tombstone of Fred White.
Vol. 2 0:18:12 In Bar
Horse shit, Johnny Behan. Wyatt takes Josie out of Bar.
Vol. 2 0:19:18 Say Wyatt
Josie confronts Wyatt with the Tommy O'Rourke story. Tommy behind the duce. Wyatt replies, "People make up a lot of things, stories better. In the beautiful country, river, LOVE=Wyatt's name.
Vol. 2 0:21:27 Tensions Building
Virgil throws Curly Bill out of jail. Ike threatens. Wyatt calls him a coward. Doc and Morgan, "Kill'em all. Ike Mclaurry threatens, "We an't through."
Vol. 2 0:23:30 In Bed with Josie
Making love, first time he shares what happened to him with Urilla. Josie, "I want to be lying next to you when I'm 80." Wyatt retorts, "I never thought of living that long."
Vol. 2 0:26:32 Suicide
Mattie tries to commit suicide. Mattie tells Wyatt to go back to Jew whore.
Vol. 2 0:27:58 Falling Off Wagon
Wyatt asks for whiskey bottle. Doc drinks all of his shots. Doc enlightens, "Just luck that has kept us alive. Doesn't matter much. Death an't half bad." Doc, "For some people this world an't ever gona be right." Wyatt drinks.
Vol. 2 0:30:49 Ike Rides In
Ike threatens tomorrow, friends are coming to fight the Earps.
Vol. 2 0:31:50 Wyatt's Friend Doc
Morgan and Wyatt enter Bar; Ike's drunk. Doc enters with guns and challenges Ike to draw if he's going to insult his friends. Wyatt watches proud, contented to be friends with Doc. Doc coughs.
Vol. 2 0:33:20 Ike Night Time
Vol. 2 0:33:50 Josie Warns Wyatt
Josie warns Ike has been threatening all day to shoot the first deputy he sees. Wyatt, "Only Ike." Wyatt says Tombstone's home, brothers, everything is here. Wyatt enters room and Mattie threatens to kill herself.
Vol. 2 0:36:09 Virgil exits house and Abbie says his name
Vol. 2 0:36:40 Coffee
Wyatt walks around corner, black coat, hat and meets Virgil and Morgan, dressed somewhat identical. Virgil and Morgan give news on O.K. Corral and Ike. Virgil inquires what Wyatt wants to do; Wyatt replies, "have coffee."
Vol. 2 0:38:07 Opening Scene
Coffee steaming, cigar burning. "Is there going to be a fight Wyatt?" Wyatt replies, "I think there must be." Dark silhouette of a man: Hero Wyatt Earp checking his gun. Morgan and Virgil enter; "Let's go." All in black, mustaches, the Earps and Doc in gray suit vs. cowboy clan. Virgil hands Doc his shotgun. Virgil takes cane. Walk the streets, music, walk, music, walk, walk, music, turn corner. Johnny says he disarmed them. Morgan, "You son's of bitches, looking for a fight, now you got it." Ten feet away, Virgil wants their guns. Shooting. Ike whines. Virgil, Morgan, and Doc are wounded, all but Ike are dead.
Vol. 2 0:44:21 Fair Fight
Crowd gathers around dead bodies. Behan tries to arrest Wyatt. Wyatt replies, "I'm not going to be arrested today, Johnny." Josie hugs Wyatt. Feud behind scene. Murder/Fair Fight.
Vol. 2 0:45:45 Morgan Wounded
Wyatt enters, "anyone whose not family get out." Women blame Wyatt.
Vol. 2 0:47:00 One Big Happy Family
Night time and waiting in house.
Vol. 2 0:47:51 Murder in Tombstone
Camera blurs into funeral. Parade in street, "Murder" "Justice." Cowboys, Bill, stare down Wyatt and Earps as they pass.
Vol. 2 0:48:44 John Behan has a warrant for Earps and Holiday for murder
Vol. 2 0:49:44 Hotel
Wyatt and family evacuate to hotel. Josie is in hotel with Wyatt. Mattie attacks Wyatt; Josie attacks Wyatt. Wyatt orders woman, "Enough."
Vol. 2 0:51:08 Earp's Trial
Law-defying element in our midst and threats justifies no illegal act by Earps. No offense whatsoever. Ike, Billy, and cowboys stare down Earps as they exit. Thunder is heard.
Vol. 2 0:52:35 Blood Pool
Storming. Morgan shooting pool; Moran and Wyatt grin at each other. Morgan shot in stomach. Virgil limps in rain and gets shot; Morgan asks Wyatt to set his legs straight. Whispers in Wyatt's ears and dies. Lou enters, NO! Blood on pool table.
Vol. 2 0:57:02 Thunder
Thunder is heard. Virgil, bloody arm, "Where's Morgan." Lou crying. Doc confesses Morgan was like a little brother to him and sympathizes with Wyatt's loss. Doc asks, "What do you want to do?" Wyatt, "Kill them all." Zoom out, with Wyatt looking out, thunder is heard, red light behind him, rain, black—the reckoning.
Vol. 2 1:00:00 No More Conscience
Warren comes to pick up Morgan's body and take it back home. Wyatt does not care any more.
Vol. 2 1:02:00 Coffin
Earps carry Morgan's coffin on train. Doc gives news of ambush in Tucson, "Good." Trains departs, lots of smoke.
Vol. 2 1:03:41 The Bell Tolls
Fire-red sunset, sound of bell tolling. Train arrives in Tucson. Steam train ambush. Confusing, waiting, anxious. Train whistles, Wyatt guns down Stillwell. Repetitively shoots him on the ground once dead. Faces innocent Warren who can't believe what he saw. Virgil, "Finish it."
Vol. 2 1:09:10 Outlaws
Doc, Wyatt and Warren are outlaws, for Stillwell's death. Doc says, "Marshall and an Outlaw, best of both worlds, son."
Vol. 2 1:10:23 Josie
Wyatt confronts Josie and sends her home. Josie will be his family. Wyatt admits they stayed too long.
Vol. 2 1:12:10 Not a Jungle!
John- "Not a jungle, we have laws," Wyatt, "yes, we do" Wyatt rides around Behan who tries to arrest him.
Vol. 2 1:13:05 Indian Charlie
Zoom on peaceful stream, nature. Wyatt looking for Pete Spence, Indian Charlie. Chase Indian Charlie Down. Wyatt coldly makes Charlie draw and shots him down. Wyatt stares down the barrel of justice. Shoots again once dead.
Vol. 2 1:15:27 Night Camp
Wyatt and Doc. Doc says, "Can't Kill'em all! Wait come back, pick'em off one at a time." Wyatt says, "Been a good Friend." Doc retorts, "Shut up." Wolves howling, crickets, background sound….faint.
Vol. 2 1:17:42 Ambush
Bright light hills. Wyatt leads horse. Three men with sights on Wyatt: Ringo, Spence, Curly Bill, all miss. Doc shoots Ringo. Slow motion hero. Ten feet away. Bullets zipping by. Spirits howling, resolution over.
Vol. 2 1:20:47 Alaska
Coast of Alaska 17 years later. The Great Goldrush. Pan ocean water, a deep blue. Ship S.S. City Seattle. Wyatt Earp stories heard being told in background. Smoke from ship. Wyatt Earp known by face. Sound of horn. Francis O'Rourke: you saved my uncle in Tombstone. Josie forgets.
Vol. 2 1:23:09 Lynch Mob Flashback
Story told by nephew: Wyatt Earp the Hero. "We'll all go together."
Vol. 2 1:25:17 Alaska Continues
Francis says it's an honor. Wyatt says, "Some people say it didn't happen that way." Josie confirms it does now. Wyatt and Josie overlook crystal clear water and rays of light shining through the clouds. Light of truth seeking through the dark clouds.