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0:06:52 Principles and Politics
Augie: Things are different, Jack. To these guys you're trouble, okay? You know every statute on the law books by heart. But you've got principles. And you got politics. And that ain't how they want to do things right now. This is a different union and they're scared of you.
0:09:08 Chinese Houseboy
Hiroshi Kawamura: This is Harry. He's an actor in American movies -- thinks he's Sessue Hayakawa -- but all he plays is Chinese houseboys, can you imagine? We've come all this way to be Chinamen?
0:17:36 Fred Gable and Jinji Rogers
Hiroshi Kawamura: I bring in these Japanese films to play at my theater and they do okay. Good films. Big Japanese stars. But young people today, all they're interested in is tap dancing, Fred Gable and Jinji Rogers.
0:22:10 Good Union Hours
Charlie Kawamura: We have five shows a day, six if the film is short, and it pays twenty dollars a week.
Jack McGurn: Seven days a week?
Charlie: Oh yes.
Jack: Good union hours.
Charlie: It's a Japanese custom. People expect it.
0:25:37 Nice American Girl
Charlie Kawamura: No, no, no. Listen. She's Japanese, Jack. We'll find you a nice American girl.
0:28:57 Against the Law
Lily Kawamura: He only rents the movie theater. He's not allowed to own it. He's Japanese. It's against the law.
Jack McGurn: What, he never became a citizen or uh . . . ?
Lily: That's against the law, too, for Japanese.
Jack: Well, I didn't know that.
Lily: Not many people do.
0:33:41 Startin’ Over
Jack McGurn: We lost sight of what we were fighting for. It got too rough. I'm not proud of it, but it's in the past. Startin' over. From nothin' to nothin'.
0:38:35 Nice American Girl, Reprise
Charlie Kawamura: I told you Jack! It's best you get yourself a nice American girl.
0:40:10 Never Japanese
Jack McGurn: What I can never be, not ever, is Japanese.
0:54:00 Demonstrating Peaceably
Jack McGurn: They are workers from this company, and they have legitimate grievances! They were demonstrating peaceably! And you have no right to do this! These men were fighting for all of you, are you going to allow these people to get away with this? Would you get this man an ambulance?
0:55:50 No spitting
Lily Kawamura: You can't spit against heaven, Jack.
Jack McGurn: Oh, don't give me that Japanese shit!
0:58:38 This is America
Detective: Well, all that striking stuff's over now, mister. When the Japs step on the beach, you think they're gonna take any notice of your banners? They'll stick a goddamn bayonet in your belly, grievance or no grievance. This is America, pal, so remember, you're an American. We're at war now.
1:08:08 Perfect
Jack McGurn: And I see the way you look at Mini and in your eyes is something so perfect no one can touch it. No one can cheat you or steal it away from you because it's something no one else can have.
1:13:18 Friendly Enemy Alien
Charlie Kawamura: Friendly enemy alien? What about the Germans and Italians? Is Joe DiMaggio an enemy alien, for Christ sake?
Harry Kawamura: Shikata ga nai! (It cannot be helped)
Charlie: Shikata ga nai, shit! It's wrong, Harry! It's terribly wrong!
1:13:51 We Weren’t Americans Any More
Lily Kawamura: For us, the war was so far away. We were in Los Angeles, and we were Americans. Well, we thought we were Americans. But people looked at our faces and we weren't Americans any more, we were the enemy.
1:18:08 How Will They Know?
Mrs. Kawamura: The things I hate to burn most are your school reports; how will they know how well you did?
1:21:55 Drawn Blinds
Dulcie Kawamura: Why are the blinds down?
Harry Kawamura: So we won't know where we're going.
1:26:52 Never Been to Japan
Frankie Kawamura: Do you think they'll send us back to Japan? . . . I've never been to Japan.
1:37:33 A Hard Problem
Truck Driver: Real good people, somma them Japs. Had a couple of ‘em workin' for me. Real hard workers. Trouble is you don't know which ones to trust, and which ones will shoot you in the back. Hard problem; beats me.
1:47:39 Locked Up For No Crime
Lily Kawamura: Don't talk about the law. What law protects innocent Americans from being locked up for no crime?
1:47:59 Camp?
Lily Kawamura: Camp? You call this a camp? This is a God-damned outdoor jail!
1:48:10 Answer Yes or No
Harry Kawamura: Number twenty eight: will you swear unqualified allegiance to the United States of America, and faithfully defend the United States from any or all attack by foreign or domestic forces, and foreswear any form of allegiance or obedience to the Japanese Emperor, or any other foreign governmental power or organization? Answer yes or no.
1:48:33 No Country
Mrs. Kawamura: But how can we do that? We cannot be US citizens; it's against the law. If we say yes, we won't have any country.
1:48:55 Barbed Wire
Charlie Kawamura: We stopped being Americans the moment they put up the barbed wire.
1:55:02 Oxymoron
Army Captain: It's like burning down Chicago to get rid of the gangsters.
1:55:09 The Best Place
Army Captain: But there are also a lot of apple pie Americans out there who wouldn't hate a soul before all of this, who've got kids being slaughtered by the Japanese Army. Every day they hear about another Japanese unit going Banzai and bayonetting women and kids. Maybe locking your people away is the best place for them.
1:58:47 Better to Die
Mrs. Kawamura: Sometimes it's better to die than to give up on life.
2:06:05 The End
Lily Kawamura: It had to be the end; no one could endure more.