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A story of innocence lost and courage found.

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Ever since he was a boy, Ron Kovic bled red, white, and blue. During his childhood in Massapequa, New York, young Kovic lived by deep American values. He demanded perfection from himself, both mentally and physically, and was the pride and joy of his large, Catholic family. Kovic’s life ambitions were matched by those of the Marines, and he seized the opportunity to volunteer at the beginning of the Vietnam War. Though originally enthusiastic about serving his country, Ron Kovic faces the harsh realities of war, particularly when he suffers multiple gunshot wounds that leave him paralyzed from the waist down. Suddenly, the golden boy from Massapequa is transformed into a jaded, angry Vietnam Vet at the peak of 1960’s turbulence. The country is divided, and many people shun veterans for their participation in this highly debated war. The film Born on the Fourth of July depicts Kovic’s frustration as he re-enters American society and overcomes his physical and social barriers.