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0:02:07 Opening Credits/Homer the Orphan
The credits run, and St. Cloud's is introduced as a train rolls by slowly. Camera pans upward toward St. Cloud's orphanage. Dr. Larch, the orphanage's proprietor, speaks of his journey to St. Cloud's and why people chose to come there: either to add a child to their lives, or remove one.
0:02:59 Adopting Couple #1
A couple walks toward St. Cloud's and is welcomed by a nurse at the door. Baby Homer is introduced to the couple by Larch, and they take him home.
0:03:27 Homer's First Return
The adopting couple returns to the orphanage with Baby Homer. They claim he is too quiet and give him back to Dr. Larch.
0:04:05 Adopting Couple #2/Homer's Second Return
Another couple attempts to adopt Homer, who is now approaching the toddler stage. Unlike the first couple who adopted him, they have a gift for getting noise out of him because they beat him. Larch is shown making his way through this couple's house and literally taking Homer back from the crib in which he is kept in this abusive home.
0:04:38 Homer's Tutorials
Larch considers Homer's future and begins teaching him medicine. He believes that if Homer is to stay at St. Cloud's, he must be of use and therefore treats Homer as his own son and regards him as his protégé.
0:06:02 “Two New Patients”
St. Cloud's, Maine. March 1943. A phonograph plays music as Larch administers ether to himself. Homer walks in silently to announce the arrival of two new patients, realizes what Larch is doing, and walks back out. He re-enters more slowly, calling for Dr. Larch loudly.
0:07:08 Being of Use
Homer and Larch walk towards the patient's rooms. Larch suggests that Homer would prefer handling the delivery because he is opposed to performing abortions. He does not, however, have a problem with Larch performing abortions. Larch explains that he has only taught Homer what he knows and that, in any life, one must be useful.
0:07:42 Performing the Procedures
They perform their respective duties. Homer delivers a baby boy to a distraught young woman named Carla. Larch walks in and asks Homer to join him in the nursery.
0:08:15 In the Nursery
Homer and Larch name babies together in the ceremonial way that they do so. The nurse informs Larch that an adopting couple is waiting in his office.
0:09:07 “I'm Not a Doctor”
Homer and Buster walk to the incinerator together. Buster claims he has witnessed Larch using ether and wonders why he does this; Homer does not use ether. Consequently, a discussion about whether Homer is a doctor ensues.
0:09:34 Bedtime at St. Cloud’s
A child (Fuzzy) is coughing and occupies himself listening to music with his head in the phonograph. Homer and Larch discuss the nature of Fuzzy's disease in terms of premature birth to alcoholic mothers. They arrange Fuzzy in his breathing machine in preparation for bedtime.
0:10:34 Mary Agnes
Mary Agnes flirtatiously displays her bitten tongue for Homer to "diagnose" and "remedy." She claims it was bitten because someone was kissing her. He is aloof in reaction to her awkward display of affection.
0:11:00 Prayers & Stories
The nurses pray with the children every night before bed. As the nurse prays tonight, the same distraught woman whose baby Homer delivered earlier is shown crying, walking away from the orphanage with her bags packed. Larch reads excerpts from a story to the children before they turn in.
0:12:52 A New Couple Visits the Orphanage
Outside the orphanage, a snowball fight breaks out between the children. Homer is hit by Mary Agnes while the Nurse advises the children to share the snowballs and helps Fuzzy, who is coughing heavily. A couple drives up with the intention of adopting. The children cease playing and try to appear desirable to the couple.
0:14:09 Making a Choice
In the dining hall, the children eat while the nurse walks along and points out each child. The children are eager to be adopted and smile sincerely at the couple. They stop at Hazel, a little blonde girl who is modestly picking at her food and smiling.
0:14:56 Goodbye to Hazel
The children say goodbye to Hazel. Curly is looking out the window at her, upset because he had packed his suitcase in hopes that this couple would want to make him a part of their family. Homer explains that they wanted a girl and that only the best family could have him because he is one of the best. They leave to unpack his suitcase and go to movie night.
0:15:52 Movie Night
King Kong plays, and the children watch as Larch is handed a letter regarding the Board of Trustees' desire to replace him. The film stops suddenly where Homer has spliced it. The nurse informs Larch of a delivery, and Homer insists he would rather fix the film than deliver a child tonight.
0:18:00 Homer’s Story Time
Homer begins putting Fuzzy to bed. Larch takes over, and Homer begins reading to the children while Larch and Fuzzy speak quietly about their parents. In the girls' room, the nurses pray for the recently adopted Hazel with the children.
0:19:55 Larch's Affair
The children are shown running outside to play while Larch takes more ether. Nurse Angela giggles and embraces him at his bedside. He claims he has been dreaming about how beautiful she is, but she claims it's just the ether.
0:21:00 Hard Being an Orphan
A train rolls in while Homer and Buster look on. Mary Agnes is flirting with the passengers. Buster asks Homer if he ever wonders about his parents, and they talk about what Buster would do if he met them.
0:22:30 Doing Nothing
The children are playing outside, where one of the children finds a young woman in a state of semi-consciousness. The nurses, Larch, and Homer talk to her inside, and we find out that she is seeking treatment for an attempted, faulty abortion that has obviously been performed by someone who is untrained. Larch and the nurse put her to sleep while Larch strongly declares to Homer what doing nothing for an unhappily pregnant woman (or in this case, child) gets you.
0:24:32 “She Died of Ignorance”
Homer and Buster dig the child's grave and Buster inquires what she died of. Larch gives a somewhat lengthy dissertation about responsibility and the right to choose whether or not to have children. Homer attempts to defend his position.
0:25:14 High Expectations
Buster drives back to the orphanage with Larch sitting passenger side and Homer in the backseat. Larch looks back at Homer and explains that Homer's high expectations of people are a marvel to him. They implicitly discuss the importance of choice versus the importance of the gift of life. Another car passes along their left side and the woman sitting passenger-side looks over at Homer.
0:26:03 Wally & Candy
Wally and Candy pull up in their fancy convertible, and the children are obviously delighted. They step inside the car and play with its features. Candy makes conversation with Curly while Homer offers the children chocolate. Larch walks up and introduces himself to Candy and Wally. Homer apologizes for the children and tries to gain control over their antics.
0:27:50 In the Office
Wally and Candy sit in the office with Homer as he fills out paperwork and asks them questions. They appear nervous and ask Homer if he is performing the procedure. Homer explains that Larch will be performing it, and Wally and Candy are relieved. A nurse walks in and informs Homer that the woman he delivered last night was experiencing pain. Wally and Candy seem to be astounded that Homer is a doctor.
0:28:59 Homer & Wally Get Acquainted
Homer is walking down the hall and finds Wally trying to open a window, desperate for air. Nurse Edna rushes by with one of the children who has broken into the pantry and eaten all of the pie dough. Homer and Wally converse about the armed service and Homer's heart defect, which is why he cannot serve in the war. Candy is rolled out of the room and Wally, Nurse Angela, and Larch all comfort her because she mutters that she wants to have children one day. Larch advises Wally to get fresh air.
0:30:37 To Go or To Stay
Homer cleans up after the children while they run about in a frenzy because of the pie dough incident. Fuzzy and Homer talk about Halloween and Honolulu, while Homer looks longingly out the window at Wally's car.
0:32:39 Homer Leaves Home
Homer goes outside to speak with Wally, who is waiting outside. He asks Wally for a ride with him and Candy back to Cape Kennett. Wally welcomes Homer along.
0:33:36 Homer Tells Larch
Homer tells Larch he is leaving. Larch doesn't believe this is a wise decision, but Homer justifies it by explaining he will be of use in some other capacity outside of St. Cloud's. Larch offers Homer X-rays of his heart and information about his condition.
0:34:30 Homer's Plans (or Lack Thereof)
The nurses ask Larch about Homer's plans, and Larch laments over the fact that he is leaving. Nurse Angela claims this is to have been expected because he is a young man.
0:35:02 Goodbye Homer
The children and nurses see Homer off. Mary Agnes leans against porch rail while one child kicks Wally's car bumper with his head down. Nurse Edna rallies the frowning children to the porch. Some frown, some wish him well and say goodbye. Buster is shown hiding from Homer, peeling bark from a stick behind a tree. Candy and Wally meet Homer outside at the car. Nurse Edna explains that Larch isn't coming out to say goodbye. Homer asks her to say goodbye to Buster for him. The camera cuts to an overhead shot of the car driving out towards Cape Kennett.
0:38:34 Goodbye Homer, Part II
Nurse Angela prays with the children, who say goodnight to Homer. They wish him well. Mary Agnes is shown in the bathroom, staring at herself in the mirror and eventually slapping herself in the face. Larch is shown taking more ether.
0:39:31 Apples & the Ocean
Wally's car is shown driving by on the road. Wally, Homer, and Candy talk about Wally's family apple orchard, and Candy talks about her father's lobster business. Homer has never seen a lobster or the ocean.
0:41:00 At the Ocean
Homer wakes up to the ocean and talks briefly with Candy about her physical condition. Wally throws him a football, and they talk about flying overseas. Wally offers Homer a job at his family's apple orchard.
0:43:00 A New Home
Wally says good-bye to Candy, who meets her father to go home. Candy says goodbye to Homer. Wally takes Homer back to his home and introduces him to his mother.
0:44:42 Meeting Mr. Rose
Wally takes Homer out to the cider house to meet Mr. Rose and explains that Mr. Rose and his crew are migrants who travel up and down the east coast with the seasons working as farmhands.
0:46:11 First Night at the Orchard
Homer unpacks his belongings and acquaints himself with his new environment. Rose sees Homer's books and asks him to read to her, as she is illiterate. Peaches asks Homer to read a list of rules that have been posted in the Cider House year after year. Mr. Rose stops him from reading them because he claims they didn't write them so there's no need to read them.
0:47:57 Goodnight
The workers all sleep as Homer lies awake. The camera cuts to St. Cloud's, where Larch bids goodnight to the orphans in his ceremonial fashion.
0:48:29 Learning the Ropes
Wally drives through the orchard quickly in a tractor with Homer sitting passenger-side. He explains that at a certain speed it feels like flying, and Homer is obviously enjoying the demonstration. They arrive at the Cider House; Candy is back and greets them.
0:49:57 Wally Leaves
Homer loads apples onto delivery truck; Wally calls Homer over and explains he is leaving. He makes sure Homer is settled and thanks him for sticking around while he goes back to war. Mr. Rose calls Homer back over, and he says goodbye to Wally.
0:51:25 How to Pick Apples
Wide camera shot of the orchard. Camera pans inward, and Mr. Rose is shown instructing Homer how to pick apples.
0:52:48 Homer Has Credentials?
Back at the orphanage, Nurse Angela reads Larch a letter from the Board of Directors. They discuss the motives of the Board. Larch composes credentials for Homer on the spot, explaining that he will present Homer as a candidate for Larch's position to the Board. The nurses and Larch banter over legal issues involving abortion and forged credentials.
0:55:13 Dinner Date with Candy
Mrs. Worthington asks Mr. Rose how things are going. Mr. Rose comments that they might have one bad apple on staff, but it's nothing they can't handle. Mrs. Worthington and Candy mention that they have clothes for Rose to try on. Mrs. Worthington asks Mr. Rose how Homer is doing. Candy invites Homer to dinner, and he accepts the invitation.
0:56:57 Lobster Feast
Homer bikes to Candy's place, and they catch lobster with her father and eat them for dinner. Candy takes Homer to the drive-in movie theater. They smoke cigarettes together and talk about movies.
0:58:44 A Useful Gift
Larch samples apples that Homer has sent to the orphanage as a gift. Larch expresses that he still believes Homer belongs back at the orphanage practicing medicine and decides to send him "a gift he can use."
0:59:28 The Nicest & Most Beautiful Girl
Candy and Homer go see Wuthering Heights in the movie theater. Homer is enthralled by the war footage on screen. They walk out of the theater together, discussing the movie in comparison to King Kong.
1:00:38 Don't Get in Trouble
Homer and Rose are picking apples when Rose asks Homer about his relationship with Candy. They discuss the nature of the relationship and Rose, along with the other workers, jokingly advise Homer not to get in any trouble.
1:01:38 A First-Rate Candidate
Larch introduces Homer Wells as a candidate to the orphanage Board. They eagerly want to meet with him, but Larch downplays his usefulness in St. Cloud's.
1:03:24 Being Foolish
Larch and Nurse Angela are dancing behind a curtain. Nurse Edna joins them; brief comments are made about how the Board always disagrees with Larch's point of view.
1:03:54 “What Business You In?”
Candy and Homer are talking together outside when Mr. Rose beckons him to get going with the crew. Mr. Rose is explaining cider pressing to him. Jack, a crew member, throws a cigarette into the vat of cider he is mixing. Mr. Rose confronts him about this, and Jack resists taking responsibility for the situation. A knife-fight ensues between Jack and Mr. Rose while the rest of the crew looks on.
1:06:33 Repairing the Damage
Rose sews stitches in her father's hand, as he was cut with his own knife while fighting with Jack.
1:07:00 What a Drive-In is Really For
Candy teaches Homer how to drive at the drive-in theater lot. Candy talks about how people go to drive-in movies for privacy and don't really pay attention to the movie. Homer says he would pay attention to the movie, explaining that movie night was his favorite night at the orphanage. Candy shows him how couples cuddle at the drive-in, and then they do so themselves
1:10:15 Goodbye Fuzzy
Larch and Fuzzy are watching King Kong together. The movie stops at Homer's splice, and Larch goes to fix it. Larch notices that Fuzzy has stopped breathing and when he goes to check on him, realizes that Fuzzy has just passed away.
1:10:15 Fuzzy was Adopted
Larch packs dirt around a grave marker for Fuzzy and tells Buster that if the little children ask about him, he should say that Fuzzy was adopted. Buster asks if they should tell Homer about Fuzzy's death, and Larch rejects that idea, saying that Homer has not been in contact with them.
1:11:05 “Goodnight Fuzzy”
Buster tells the children that he thinks a nanny or nurse adopted Fuzzy. He says that his new family would be able to take care of him with a better breathing machine. Larch listens at the door, crying quietly.
1:11:34 A Package From the Past
Mrs. Worthington brings mail to the dining workers. Homer receives a package from Larch. That night, while everyone else is sleeping, Homer opens the package. As suspected, it is Larch's medical bag.
1:12:26 A Kiss as Sweet as Candy
Homer and Candy walk and play along the beach. Candy picks up a piece of glass and explains how it gets smooth from the sand washing up against it. They run up a hill, and Homer embraces Candy from behind as they stop running. She turns around, they kiss, and eventually have sex. Candy walks up the hill afterwards, reminding herself of Wally and questioning whether this was the right thing to do.
1:15:01 The Aftermath
Candy and Homer talk briefly about what should be done as the apple-picking season ends. He declares that he will stay or leave as she wishes. She says they should simply "wait and see."
1:15:50 Homer Stays Behind
Mr. Rose and his crew prepare to leave. Mrs. Worthington thanks them, and they all bid goodbye.
1:16:38 Homer Stays Behind, Part II
Candy finds Homer in the Cider House and asks why he didn't tell her he was staying. He says he was simply "waiting and seeing," as she had advised earlier.
1:17:25 Letters
Homer and Larch exchange letters that are read as voice-overs while their respective daily activities are shown. Homer claims he wants to stay in Cape Kennett.
1:18:06 “It Hurts”
Homer looks in at Candy who is lying face down, nude on the bed. He explains he has seen many women over the years delivering children, and felt nothing, but that to look at her is entirely different -- that to look at Candy, "it hurts."
1:18:55 Hiding Their Love
Homer and Candy are shown driving to an unknown destination. Camera cuts to Mrs. Worthington knocking on the door, delivering mail to the Cider House while Homer is frantically buttoning his pants. Candy peeks around the corner, wrapped in a sheet. Larch's letter is read in a voice-over, stating that it is apparent that Homer wants to stay because he has fallen in love.
1:19:33 Playing God
Homer, Candy, and Candy's family enjoy time together. Back at the orphanage, the children are having a food fight in the dining hall while Larch and the nurses read Homer's latest letter. Homer suggests that Larch wants to play God.
1:20:04 “I Know What Your Job Is”
Homer and Candy catch lobster and watch movies together. Larch's reply is read in another voice-over, justifying his desire to play God.
1:20:41 Preparation for the Orchardmen
Larch's letter continues to be read as Homer is shown setting up the Cider House for the apple-picking crew's return. He posts the "rules" of the Cider House back on the wall. Larch and Homer banter in the form of excerpted parts of their letters about Homer's fate as either an orchardman or a doctor.
1:21:34 The Orchardmen Return
Homer and Candy are flirting in the Cider House and have a pillow fight but are interrupted by Mr. Rose's return. The crew members all arrive and share greetings. Rose seems distraught and Homer notices this as Mr. Rose notices (again) that something is going on between Homer and Candy.
1:23:25 A Blooming Rose
The crew picks apples, and Homer notices that Rose is unwell. They all sit to dine and mention how she's been sick every morning and won't eat. Homer walks in on her as she is sick in the sink. He asks how many months pregnant she is, and they exchange words over whether or not Homer should assist her.
1:27:18 What To Do
Homer and Candy discuss what to do about Rose's pregnancy. Candy decides to talk to Rose about it.
1:27:45 The Father
Candy talks to Rose, who is setting the table for the crew's next meal. Candy reveals that she got pregnant a year ago and took care of it safely. Candy embraces Rose, who begins to cry. Mr. Rose walks out and sees them; at this moment, Candy realizes Mr. Rose is the father of the baby.
1:29:39 Candy Tells Homer
Candy, shocked, runs to tell Homer what she has just learned. She says that Rose needs to be kept away from Mr. Rose.
1:30:24 Homer Confronts Mr. Rose
Homer asks Mr. Rose if it is true that he is engaging in an incestual relationship with his daughter. Mr. Rose threatens Homer with not knowing what his business is. Homer exclaims that Rose is pregnant and walks away, shocking Mr. Rose.
1:32:27 Unspoken Truths
Mealtime for the crew. Mr. Rose walks to the dining table; all seem to know about the controversy. That night, Homer lies awake.
1:33:07 Injured in the Line of Duty
Homer picks apples as usual. Candy screams and camera cuts to Mrs. Worthington's home. Wally has been paralyzed from the waist down and can't walk. Mrs. Worthington cries as Candy leaves. Wally is coming home in the next month. Homer looks on.
1:34:37 Homer & Candy
Homer and Candy try to talk about what to do now that Wally is coming back, injured. Candy doesn't want to do anything about it at that moment. Homer enters a lengthy dissertation about what doing nothing and "waiting and seeing" accomplish. Candy has a small outburst about the uncertainty of Wally's future in this situation. Homer realizes what he needs to do.
1:36:52 The Doctor Business
Homer walks towards the Cider House. He overhears Mr. Rose and Rose Rose struggling because Rose Rose wants to leave and Mr. Rose won't let her. Homer interrupts, and Mr. Rose tries to keep him away, exclaiming that Homer doesn't know his business. Homer proclaims that he is in "the doctor business" and can help Rose Rose.
1:37:46 The Preparation
Homer pulls the medical bag Larch has sent him out from under the bed. He prepares his tools while Rose, Mr. Rose, and the rest of the crew look on. Mr. Rose dismisses the crew from the cider house as Homer readies himself for the procedure.
1:39:14 The Procedure
Homer performs the abortion for Rose Rose while Mr. Rose administers ether to his daughter. The workers remain outside. Homer recommends that Mr. Rose gets some fresh air. Mr. Rose throws a tantrum outside; he is obviously upset about the situation he has put himself in.
1:40:33 The Cider House Rules
Rose Rose wakes up and Candy hands her a hot water bottle to ease her cramps and dispenses some advice about her physical condition. Homer looks on. Mr. Rose lies quietly in bed, and the workers return to the cider house. Mr. Rose puts Muddy in charge of the crew for the day. Rose Rose asks Homer about the rules that are posted again. Homer reads the rules. The workers comment on their pointlessness. Mr. Rose gives a brief, but poignant, speech about how the rules are unnecessary; we make our own rules up every day. Homer and the crew decide to burn the rules in the stove.
1:45:06 “Nothing is Nothing”
Homer and Candy talk in the car at the drive-in parking lot. They converse about Wally's arrival back home and the dissolution of their relationship.
1:45:57 Putting Things Straight
Muddy comes out of the Cider House and exclaims that Rose Rose has run away in the middle of the night. Homer goes in the Cider House to speak to Mr. Rose; he finds him lying in bed, wounded badly. He explains that when Rose Rose was leaving, Mr. Rose offered her his knife, and she thought he meant to cut her with it. She took the knife, stabbed him with it, and fled. Mr. Rose then took the knife and stabbed himself, claiming he had tried to find the spot that she stabbed. Mr. Rose instructs Homer to tell the police that he was so upset about his daughter running away that he committed suicide. He then proclaims that sometimes you have to break the rules to put things straight.
1:49:39 It's Hard to Say Goodbye
Mr. Rose's body is carried from the Cider House. Homer and Candy exchange some final thoughts about Rose Rose and each other.
1:51:46 Goodnight Dr. Larch
Homer sits at his bedside and reads a letter from Nurse Angela. Her words are read in a voiceover as Larch is shown administering ether to himself and then rolling over and accidentally crushing the glass bottle on the window sill, right next to his face. Buster discovers him and goes for help. Nurse Edna writes to Homer and tells him about Dr. Larch's accidental overdose, and Homer is shown crying. The nurses pray and say goodnight to Dr. Larch with the children.
1:54:15 Packing Up
Homer packs his things on the migrant crew's truck. They are all headed south. Homer sees Candy from a distance with Mrs. Worthington and the disabled Wally, who has just arrived back home. Homer declines the crew's offer to travel to south with them.
1:55:41 The Journey Home
A train makes its way back to St. Cloud's. The camera cuts to Nurse Angela praying with the children at bedtime and also at Larch's funeral. The camera cuts back to Homer, who has fallen asleep on the train.
1:56:16 Homer Returns Home
The train pulls up to the station. Homer steps off the train and walks toward the orphanage. The children are displaying pumpkins on the porch. Buster sees Homer first, and the children all run excitedly toward him. Mary Agnes pinches her cheeks and checks her appearance in the mirror before running downstairs to greet him.
1:58:20 Getting Settled
Homer shares the glass he and Candy found on the beach with Curly. Buster states that he made up a room for Homer. Curly pulls the x-ray of Homer's heart out of his bag. Nurse Angela reveals that the X-ray was really Fuzzy's heart. Nurse Edna explains that Larch kept Homer out of the war by claiming he had a heart condition.
1:59:29 Leading the Way
Homer examines the forged diploma and degrees that Larch crafted for him. The camera cuts to Homer reading the children a bedtime story. He says goodnight to the children as Larch always had -- "Goodnight you princes of Maine, you Kings of New England" -- and closes the door. Fade out to credits while the children giggle and music plays.