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The Writing’s on the Wall Regarding Abortion in The Cider House Rules
By Carolyn Stine

When I first saw The Cider House Rules in 1999 when it came out in movie theatres, I was eleven years old and thus did not completely understand or pick up on the thematic content of the abortion issue in the film. I focused instead on how touching Homer’s quest for self-recognition and meaning was, how he had to go out into the world and have his eyes opened to new experiences in order to realize where he truly belonged. However, upon making the decision to do my Reel American History project on The Cider House Rules, I was forced to look at the film in a completely different context and examine the nuances of the narrative in a much more targeted manner. I came to find, after looking at the movie through the...
Gianna Jessen: The Other Side
By Greg King

Gianna Jessen was born April 6, 1977. Actually, "born" is not precisely the correct term. Gianna was to be the victim of a saline abortion, a form of abortion where a toxic saline solution is injected into the uterus and the fetus is allowed to die before being expelled. Gianna's mother attempted to receive an abortion, but her water broke before Gianna was killed. Gianna was born alive, and due to the attending nurse's swift actions, was taken to the local hospital and saved. She lives today, albeit with what she calls the "gift" of cerebral palsy. She is a singer and a motivational speaker who spoke out against President Obama during his campaign for his voting actions in Illinois -- in which he repeatedly voted against bills that...