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The Invasion of Johnson County: War on Powder Creek (1976)
A free-spirited Bostonian recently arrived in the West teams up with a crusty Wyoming cowboy to stop a land baron's attempts to drive out a group of small ranchers and take over their property.
Johnson County War (2002)
A movie based around Nate Champion's last stand at the K.C. Ranch, except that his role was played by a fictitious character named Cain Hammett. Although a lot of the information is relatively valid, the characters are not real.
Shane (1953)
This classic western is based on Jack Schaefer's book with the same title. The set-up of the story line is loosely based on the events surrounding the Johnson County War, although the plot and characters are completely fictitious.
The Virginian (1914, 1923, 1929, 1946, 2000)
A movie based on Owen Wister's novel of the same name has been remade a number of times. The Virginian is loosely based on the Johnson County War, though it focuses more heavily on the lynchings leading up to the final battle.
The Virginian, also known as The Men from Shiloh (TV series 1962-1971)
At ninety minutes an episode, the show lasted for nine seasons (249 episodes) on NBC. The plot is based around the Shiloh Ranch in Wyoming in the 1800s and deals with a number of subjects from social injustice to racial prejudice.

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