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One woman dared to keep hope alive.

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A Mighty Heart tells the story of Daniel Pearl (Dan Gutterman), a Jewish-American journalist for the Wall Street Journal, whose capture and eventual beheading by Arab extremists in Pakistan in 2002, distributed by the internet throughout the world, made him a symbol of the need to vigorously pursue our War on Terror. Written from the perspective of Pearl’s pregnant wife, Mariane (Angelina Jolie), the film includes brief flashbacks of their thriving marriage and, most importantly, details of the day of his abduction and the following days leading up to his eventual execution. Pearl was abducted in the Pakistani city of Karachi after scheduling to meet with Sheikh Gilani regarding his connection with Richard Reid the Shoe-Bomber. Despite warnings of caution from colleagues, Pearl proceeded with the risky interview that ultimately led to his death. Known for his utmost professionalism and honesty within the journalism community, Pearl was respected by all, which was why such a gruesome plot for his execution was utterly unimaginable. Director Michael Winterbottom commands the attention of his audience, evoking painstaking emotion over the loss of a loved one, while he subconsciously draws our attention towards issues regarding the United States’ foreign policy and Pakistan’s own ability to aid in thwarting domestic terrorism. Ultimately, Daniel Pearl’s execution in 2002 served to represent, to the rest of the world, the need to vigorously pursue the War on Terror.