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0:00:02 Mariane’s Introduction
Mariane's voice gives a description of her and Daniel's jobs as journalists in 2002, while clips of real footage of Pakistan are shown.
0:03:18 Pearl Arrives Home after a Long Day
Pearl comes home and asks Asra about Richard Reid (shoe-bomber). He then goes into Mariane's bedroom to catch up. Daniel decides their newborn boy's name will be Adam. He then leaves for his interview.
0:05:03 Pearl in the Cab
Pearl small-talks with his driver about family.
0:05:18 Pearl Meets Kaleem Yusuf
Pearl asks for advice from Yusuf regarding his meeting later that night with Sheikh Gilani.
0:07:07 Pearl Contacts Masuud (The Fixer)
Pearl touches base with Masuud. Masuud confirms that Pearl's meeting with Gilani be in public.
0:08:00 Pearl and Mariane’s Last Discussion
Pearl touches base with his wife while she food shops. Pearl anticipates being home in time for dinner by 9:00PM.
0:09:25 Mariane’s First Phone Call
Mariane tries to check up on Pearl, but he cannot be reached.
0:10:30 Mariane’s Dinner Party
Mariane and her guests eat dinner. Pearl has still not come home yet, and Mariane tries his cell again with no success. The guests leave, and then Mariane checks Pearl's pc to see where he has gone -- she learns of his meeting with Gilani.
0:13:18 Mariane Googles Sheikh Gilani
Mariane tries to find out who Gilani is and reads his information from the internet with Asra. They both learn of Gilani's suspected connection with Richard Reid and terrorist organizations.
0:14:00 Mariane’s Flashback
After realizing who Gilani is, Mariane has a flashback to an interview she and Daniel did with one of Sheikh Gilani's followers. Mariane now realizes that Daniel may be in danger.
0:14:43 Mariane Calls the US Consulate
Mariane reports Daniel as missing. Although the consulate is closed at the moment, she is given Randall Bennett's name and directions to contact him in the morning.
0:15:34 Mariane Calls the Pearls
Mariane calls Daniel's parents to inform them that he hasn't returned from his interview with Gilani.
0:16:49 Mariane Contacts Randall Bennett
Mariane gets through to Randall Bennett's office and Bennett informs Mariane that he had in fact met Daniel the previous day before his meeting with Gilani.
0:17:28 Mariane Contacts Masuud
Mariane informs Masuud that Daniel has not come home, and she questions him as to where he can be found.
0:18:15 Daniel Meets Bashir
Daniel meets with Bashir at a restaurant. Bashir is the man that Daniel must talk with first if he wants to get to Gilani.
0:19:45 Pakistani Authorities Arrive
Pakistani authorities arrive at Asra's home where Mariane and Daniel have been staying. They are searching for any clues as to where Daniel might be.
0:21:45 Preliminary Questioning
Pakistani Counter-Terrorist begin to question people who saw Daniel last, and they start with the taxi cab driver.
0:24:33 Masuud (the fixer) Gives In
Masuud gives Mariane and Asra the number and name of the man, Pachacha. They question him about Arif (a Jihadi), and he hangs up.
0:24:40 US Government Introductions
Randall Bennett and other officials including FBI Agent Maureen Platt are introduced. Agent Platt then copies the hard drive of Daniel's laptop.
0:31:56 Steve Levine Arrives
Steve Levine arrives at Asra's home. Levine was a colleague of Daniel's and worked as a Central Asia correspondent (Islamabad) for the Wall Street Journal.
0:34:23 Mariane and the Captain Speak
Mariane calls the Captain of the counter-terrorist unit into a private room to talk. She informs the Captain that Daniel was Jewish, and he asks if anyone knows this information. They then agree not to tell anyone else if they don't already know.
0:35:20 Morning Newspaper
The morning newspaper of January 27, 2002, has Daniel's face on the cover with a story accusing him of being a Mossad Agent and having relations with India's intelligence agency.
0:36:35 Captor’s Email
Asra receives an email from Daniel's captors – The National Movement for the Restoration of Pakistan Sovereignty – saying that they have captured Daniel Pearl, a CIA officer posing as a journalist. Daniel was being held as collateral for the Pakistani prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
0:38:31 The Pearls Call
Daniel's parents and sister call Mariane after photos are released on the internet from the email sent out. They are encouraged because they prove that Daniel is still alive at this point in time.
0:39:42 Mariane Meets John Bauman
John Bauman, US Consul General, meets Mariane in order to have the Pakistani Interior Minister engage a national force to search for Daniel.
0:41:29 Mariane Meets Kaleem Yusuf
Kaleem Yusuf and Mariane meet while going over records of all the calls that Daniel made from January 19, 2002. Yusuf plans to cross reference telephone numbers in order to find the kidnappers.
0:42:32 Public Response
John Bussey advises that Mariane speak out as to who Daniel really is (not a CIA / Mossad Agent). Bussey guarantees that CIA will publicly issue a statement that he was not a member of the agency.
0:45:43 Another Email
Asra receives a phone call from John Bussey, and he tells her of another email. Both Mariane and Asra check the email which states that Daniel's abductors have confirmed he is not CIA but believe he is with Mossad, so he will be executed if demands are not met.
0:48:20 Public Address
Mariane publicly addresses the abductors via live television interview. This interview takes place 24 hours before Daniel's execution deadline. Mariane ends the interview by saying "I Love You."
0:52:07 Text Message
Mariane lies down in bed and text messages Daniel's cell phone the message "I Love You."
0:54:59 Daniel’s Body is Found
Bussey receives a call from Captain that Daniel's body is at a morgue. Both Bussey and Levine go to the morgue to make sure it actually is Daniel.
0:56:00 Viewing the Body
Randall Bennett is the first to see the bloodied corpse, and he asks the mortician to open its mouth. Bennett confirms that it is not in fact Daniel's body because the one in front of him has braces on its teeth. This dead body was that of an Iranian student's.
0:57:46 Sheikh Gilani’s Interview
Captain interviews Gilani regarding any knowledge of Daniel Pearl. Gilani denies knowing him, then points Captain towards Bashir. Gilani was only used in this entire plot as bait.
1:04:42 Tracking a Phone Number
Bennett and Captain track a phone number down in connection with a lead. With the help of CID authorities they raid a building to apprehend their lead (a known jihadi). After interrogation, the lead gives an address where the authorities can track down Omar Sheikh. Captain calls Omar Sheikh threatening him that his cohorts (Farhad, Adil, and Suleiman) have been taken into custody and to turn himself in. Omar hangs up on Captain.
1:09:28 Revelation
Captain is able to tie some clues together. He realizes that Bashir is Omar Saeed Sheikh, a known British-born and British-educated Jihadist (Al Qaeda) responsible for kidnapping four tourists in India and serving time in prison for that crime.
1:12:39 Happy Flashbacks
While alone in her room, Mariane has several flashbacks. One includes a day when she and Daniel are on a boat in Bombay together. She remembers how much she loved Daniel.
1:13:27 Another Email
Steve Levine reads an email received from Daniel's abductors again stating that his body has been dumped in the graveyards of Karachi because their demands were not met. The graveyards are scoured but no body is found.
1:16:34 Omar Sheikh’s Interrogation
Captain calls Mariane to inform her that Omar has been apprehended. He conducts an interrogation to learn of Daniel's whereabouts. 01:19:12 Omar tells the court that as far as he knows, Daniel has been dead since February 5.
1:22:49 A Dream
Mariane has a dream about when she and Daniel were lying in bed together while Daniel strokes her pregnant stomach in awe. Mariane is awoken to her cell phone ringing, and Daniel's cell is the incoming call. Asra speaks because Mariane cannot understand Urdu. The caller abruptly hangs up on Asra without saying anything pertinent.
1:25:34 The Drop-off
Steve Levine, John Bussey, Captain, and Randall Bennett with others all go to a hotel. They have received confirmation of a tape regarding Daniel. The tape is dropped off inside a video camera, wrapped in a brown bag. The tape recorded Daniel's beheading.
1:28:00 The Terrible News
Bussey and the others arrive back at Asra's home to see Mariane. Bussey tells Mariane that the tape confirmed Daniel's death. Mariane in shock, goes into the house, locks herself in a room and screams.
1:30 Danny didn't make it
Bussey and the others arrive back at Asra's home to see Mariane. Bussey tells Mariane that the tape confirmed Daniel's death. Mariane in shock, goes into the house, locks herself in a room and screams.
1:32:00 Mariane’s Brother Arrives
Mariane's brother arrives on the holiday when every Muslim family sacrifices an animal to God in remembrance to Ibrahim's willingness to sacrifice his own son.
1:32:42 The Last Interview
Mariane sits in for one last television interview before leaving Pakistan. Mariane recognizes that ten other people were also murdered as well as her husband Daniel.
1:35:51 Dinner
Mariane sits down with everyone who has helped to search for Daniel. She takes a moment to thank everyone and gives encouragement for the future.
1:38:05 Reflection
While leaving Asra's home, Mariane reflects back to the day she married Daniel.
1:39:47 In Paris
Mariane speaks in front of the camera in her home in Paris. She tells of how she learned of what happened to Daniel's body. Mariane also explains how Daniel had apparently tried escaping several times. Finally, most likely on February 1, Mariane suspects that the video was turned on, and Daniel was beheaded.
1:41:35 Adam’s Birth
Mariane gives birth to Daniel's son, Adam Pearl.
1:42:43 Walking Away
Mariane and her son (age 4) walk down a Parisian street and off to continue living their lives without Daniel.