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Vol. 1 0:00:41 Pilots in the Making
Rafe and Danny are two young boys playing in airplanes and pretending to be pilots. They accidentally turn on one of the planes, which gets ready to takeoff, but they manage to shut it off before any harm is done.
Vol. 1 0:03:15 Punishment
Danny's father grabs him roughly and screams at him for playing with the plane. He tells him Rafe is stupid and that he shouldn't hang around him. As Danny's father is pulling Danny away, Rafe hits him with a board. Danny tells Rafe he is his best friend.
Vol. 1 0:05:00 All Grown Up
The setting is now Long Island in January of 1941, and Danny and Rafe are pilots training in the U.S. Army. They fly at each other in a game of "chicken" and nearly miss hitting each other. Watching pilots are amazed by their flying skills.
Vol. 1 0:06:28 Doolittle’s Offer
Rafe is scolded by Lt. Doolittle for his and Danny's games, but he also tells him he was impressed by his skills. Doolittle tells Danny he's been accepted into the British "Eagle Squadron" and will leave for England the next day.
Vol. 1 0:08:30 Preparing for a Night Out
The boys get ready for a night out with the Army Nurses. Danny is upset with Rafe for agreeing to go to England because that's where the fighting is worst. The nurses are on the train on their way to the city, and Evelyn recounts her tale of meeting Rafe.
Vol. 1 0:10:50 Medical Exam
The story flashes back to four weeks prior when the pilots were undergoing their medical examinations. Rafe prepares to take his eye examination, but he struggles because he does not read well. Rafe convinces the examining nurse, Evelyn, to pass him even though he cannot read the letters.
Vol. 1 0:14:15 Medical Mix-Up
Rafe seeks Evelyn out to thank her and ask her out. When she mistakes his chart for someone else's, he receives extra doses of the shots and passes out.
Vol. 1 0:16:49 The First Date
Rafe waits outside for Evelyn to finish her shift. When he passed out earlier, he injured his nose and is now wearing bandages. He brings champagne and asks her out. When they sit on the steps to have champagne, Rafe hits himself in the nose with the cork. His nose begins to bleed, but when Evelyn takes care of him, the two share their first kiss.
Vol. 1 0:19:07 Mingling of the Sexes
The film now returns to the nurses on the train, and they meet the pilots for a night out. Rafe gives Evelyn a bird folded from paper and shows that he has one for himself as well. The nurses and pilots pair up and go out dancing. Rafe tells Evelyn that Danny is unsure of himself because his father was hard on him, but he says he's a great pilot and his best friend.
Vol. 1 0:23:13 Last Night Together
Evelyn tells Rafe that she would rather be alone together, and the two go off to New York Harbor. They sneak into a closed-off area and take a speedboat to the side of a large ship. They share a romantic moment of the side of the ship, but when Rafe bumps the lever, they nearly plummet into the water.
Vol. 1 0:25:39 Rafe’s Looming Departure
Rafe tells Evelyn that he is leaving for England the next day. He also tells her that he loves her and for her not to come to the train station because he can't bear to say goodbye twice. Evelyn gives him her scarf to take with him.
Vol. 1 0:29:19 The Train Station
Danny takes Rafe to the train station to leave for England. Rafe says he is looking for Evelyn because if she comes even though he told her not to, then he will know she loves him. Rafe also says that if anything happens to him, then he wants Danny to be the one to tell Evelyn. Evelyn runs in just as the train is leaving, but Rafe sees her from the window and knows that she loves him.
Vol. 1 0:31:03 Rafe’s Arrival in England
Scenes of the war and destruction in England are shown. Rafe arrives on site and says he's ready to fly, but reality hits when he hears how many men have been dying. He's shown to his plane, which is still covered in blood from the pilot who died in it before him.
Vol. 1 0:32:39 The White House Preparing for War
President Roosevelt expresses to his advisors that their allies need American aid in the war.
Vol. 1 0:33:33 Scenes from Japan
A Japanese official states that "War is inevitable." He also says that only a "massive, sudden strike" will succeed. He says they will destroy the American Pacific Fleet by striking Pear Harbor.
Vol. 1 0:34:32 First Glimpse of Pearl Harbor
Evelyn and the other nurses arrive in Pearl Harbor and remark how many eligible men there are. Danny and his fellow pilots arrive on site in Pearl Harbor as well.
Vol. 1 0:36:28 Love Letters
Rafe is shown flying, and in a letter he tells Evelyn how dangerous and sad things are in England. Evelyn expresses how much she misses him in her letter back. Scenes of Evelyn on the peaceful beach are contrasted with scenes of Rafe fighting. Rafe is commended by a British general for what a great pilot he is.
Vol. 1 0:38:18 No Threat to Pearl Harbor
The government feels there is no threat to Pearl Harbor because it would be nearly impossible to attack. The battleship general remarks that "a smart general hits you where you think you're safe." The Japanese are then shown plotting their attack on Pearl Harbor.
Vol. 1 0:40:35 A Fight for His Life
A siren announces the call to fight in England. Rafe gets in his plane despite being told an oil leak has not been fixed. Fighting in the skies begins, and Rafe shoots down several enemy planes. His plane is hit, and when his oil tank begins to leak, his plane catches fire and plummets into the ocean.
Vol. 1 0:43:43 Peace Time in Pearl Harbor
One of the nurses, Betty, and an awkward pilot, Red, flirt in front of their friends. Two men engage in a boxing match on a ship while all the men cheer on. A young cook, Dorie Miller, wins the match. The cook admits to Evelyn that he fights to prove himself because he wishes he has a bigger role in the Navy.
Vol. 1 0:47:19 Bad News
Danny goes to Evelyn to tell her about Rafe's death. Even before Danny speaks, Evelyn realizes what has happened. That night, Danny tells Evelyn how much Rafe meant to him. Evelyn tells him that Rafe volunteered to go, even though Rafe had told Danny he was assigned to protect him. Danny, Evelyn, and friends make a toast to Rafe.
Vol. 1 0:50:06 Plotting
The Japanese are shown preparing for attack. They plan to send out fake messages to confuse the United States. At the Navy Intelligence Office, the Captain realizes the Japanese may be trying to trick them.
Vol. 1 0:51:37 Mourning
Evelyn mourns Rafe's loss and receives letters he sent before he died.
Vol. 1 0:52:08 Moving On
The plot moves ahead three months, and Evelyn and Danny run into each other outside of the movies. They admit to avoiding each other because it would remind them of Rafe. They go to a diner and talk about Rafe. Red proposes to Betty. Danny goes to Evelyn's house to bring her the handkerchief she left behind and asks her out. Evelyn's friends tell her she needs to move on from Rafe.
Vol. 1 0:58:43 Naval Intelligence
The U.S. government is suspicious of Japan's navy's location.
Vol. 1 0:59:17 “Pearl Harbor at Sunset”
Evelyn visits Danny while he's training. Danny takes Evelyn in a plane to see Pearl Harbor at sunset. They make love in the parachute hangar. The next day, Evelyn is not sure if she wants anything with Danny, but she changes her mind when they speak.
Vol. 1 1:06:05 A Spy in Pearl Harbor
The Japanese send a spy to take pictures of Pearl Harbor.
Vol. 1 1:06:52 Love on the Beach
Danny and Evelyn share a romantic day on the beach.
Vol. 1 1:07:48 A Spine-Tingling Feeling
The Naval Intelligence Office tries to figure out Japan's plans. Captain Thurman suggests that they are planning to attack Pearl Harbor. His theory is not taken seriously because he does not have hard evidence. Japan makes more preparations for their attack.
Vol. 1 1:10:51 A Call from Tokyo
It is now December 5, 1941. The Naval Intelligence Office intercepts a call from Toyko to a local dentist. They ask him about the weather and the location of soldiers. Naval officers in Pearl Harbor are concerned.
Vol. 1 1:12:12 Rafe Returns
Rafe comes back to Pearl Harbor and reveals that he is still alive. His plane had crashed into the ocean, but he managed to escape and was rescued. Evelyn is overwhelmed with emotion.
Vol. 1 1:15:45 2 Men, 1 Woman
Rafe sees Danny and realizes that he and Evelyn are together. He is furious and leaves.
Vol. 1 1:16:31 Fight Between Friends
The Japanese believe the Americans do not even suspect their coming attack. Rafe reunites with the other pilots at the bar. Danny enters, and Rafe makes a mocking toast to him as a "loyal friend." Danny and Rafe get into a heated argument. Rafe punches Danny, and a fight ensues. When the police arrive, the two escape in a car together.
Vol. 1 1:20:35 December 7th, 1941
The Japanese prepare to attack this day. Rafe and Danny end up alone on the beach, and Danny tries to explain what happened, but Rafe does not offer his forgiveness. The Japanese take flight to begin their air attack.
Vol. 1 1:23:38 First Signs of Attack
American military operators begin to sense something happening. An enemy submarine is found attempting to enter the harbor.
Vol. 1 1:25:23 Planes in Sight
The first Japanese planes fly over Pearl Harbor in the early morning. Danny and Rafe, in the car on the beach where they fell asleep, wake up to the sounds of planes overhead.
Vol. 1 1:28:03 The Attack Begins
The Japanese planes begin to fire. Giant explosions are seen on the ships in the harbor. The Americans realize the gravity of the situation and try to defend themselves. Danny and Rafe rush back to their planes. Evelyn and the other nurses rush to the hospital.
Vol. 1 1:31:49 Morning Wake-Up
The pilots wake up to find Pearl Harbor is being attacked and rush to prepare themselves. Many American ships are hit and erupt with explosions. The young cook that won the boxing match comforts the captain of his ship as he dies in his arms. The men are shot at as they try to get to their planes.
Vol. 1 1:35:55 Struggle for Survival
Danny and Rafe rush to get to planes to fight back. The young cook who wanted so badly to fight now fires a machine gun as men die all around him. The nurses struggle to take care of patients as the hospital is attacked.
Vol. 1 1:39:24 Sinking Ships
Men struggle to stay alive as the battleships begin to sink. Danny and Rafe drive to a runway nearby that has not been hit yet. The sea is full of stranded men.
Vol. 1 1:43:44 News Reaches Washington, D.C.
News of the attack is given to the President.
Vol. 1 1:44:30 The Hospital
The hospital is full of wounded men, and everyone is frantic.
Vol. 1 1:46:34 Taking to the Skies
Danny, Rafe and other pilots get into the few remaining planes. The hangar begins getting shot at. The first plane to takeoff is shot down before it even leaves the ground.
Vol. 1 1:51:40 Flying
Danny and Rafe take off in separate planes. They work together to fight against the Japanese planes. Danny and Rafe agree to "play chicken" to confuse the Japanese, who then crash into each other.
Vol. 1 1:56:46 Fighting Back
Danny and Rafe head to Battleship Row to help fight the Japanese there. The men in the water cheer as they see the Japanese finally being fought against. Danny and Rafe each take down several Japanese planes.
Vol. 1 1:59:03 The Attack Ends
The Japanese military officials declare their attack a "tremendous success" but decide to withdraw their third wave of attacks because they no longer have the element of surprise. Danny and Rafe both safely land.
Vol. 1 1:59:26 Death and Despair
The hospital struggles to take care of the enormous number of wounded men. A doctor tells Evelyn she must sort out the wounded and only bring in those they can save. She does this by marking them with lipstick. Evelyn and Sandra, another nurse, discover their friend Betty is dead.
Vol. 1 2:03:29 “Only an Hour Late”
A naval officer presents the Admiral with a warning from Washington that a Japanese attack is imminent. He sarcastically says, "They're only an hour late." Boats comb through the water searching for survivors.
Vol. 1 2:04:29 Helping Out
Rafe and Danny enter the hospital and give blood to help the wounded. A man is given his dying rites by a priest. Danny and Rafe help rescue those trapped in the harbor.
Vol. 1 2:06:47 Declaration of War
The next day President Roosevelt asks Congress to declare war. Scenes of the aftermath of the attack on Pearl Harbor are shown. The President says over three thousand American lives have been lost.
Vol. 2 0:00:01 “Do Not Tell Me It Can’t Be Done”
President Roosevelt announces America must strike back strongly against Japan right now. He is told it will be nearly impossible.
Vol. 2 0:03:46 The Many Dead
Those in Pearl Harbor mourn the many lives lost.
Vol. 2 0:04:58 The Choice is Made
Rafe and Danny are informed they're being sent to the U.S. mainland to train. Evelyn comes to say goodbye to Rafe. Evelyn tries to explain to Rafe that she truly did love him. Rafe tells her thinking of her kept him alive. Evelyn tells Rafe that she is pregnant. She says she will always love him but that she is going to stay with Danny.
Vol. 2 0:09:21 “I Love You Danny”
Evelyn tells Danny that she will be waiting for him when he comes back.
Vol. 2 0:10:02 Top Secret
Danny and Rafe are told they will be promoted to captain and will be given the Silver Star for their performance in Pearl Harbor. They are asked to go on a top secret mission and agree.
Vol. 2 0:11:37 Danny and Rafe Face the Facts
As Rafe burns Evelyn's letters, he and Danny finally talk on the beach. Rafe tells Danny not to go on the mission because he does not want to see Evelyn hurt again.
Vol. 2 0:13:11 March 3, 1942
The pilots are told there is a strong chance they will die on this mission. They all agree to go anyway.
Vol. 2 0:14:18 Training
The planes are made lighter by taking out parts. The men learn to fly the planes with difficult restrictions.
Vol. 2 0:15:37 The USS Hornet
The men are told they are going to bomb Tokyo.
Vol. 2 0:17:58 Using a Favor
Evelyn asks if she can be in the command post when they receive news of the men on the Doolittle Raid.
Vol. 2 0:19:03 The Heart of a Volunteer
The men prepare their planes for the mission. Doolittle says he knows they will win the war because of the bravery of their men. Doolittle tells the men that he is going with them.
Vol. 2 0:21:52 Day of Attack
Evelyn is given a spot at the command post for the day. The men have to launch early because the Japanese have discovered them. The planes may not have enough fuel to make the longer distance.
Vol. 2 0:24:35 Broomsticks for Tail Guns
Danny and Rafe say goodbye to each other on deck. The planes are launched, but the guns must be removed to make the planes lighter. All the planes successfully launch from the ship.
Vol. 2 0:27:15 Radio Broadcast
President Roosevelt makes a radio broadcast about America's bravery.
Vol. 2 0:27:51 Bomb Raid
The bombs are dropped on Tokyo. The Japanese quickly begin to fire back. Evelyn anxiously awaits hearing news at the command post.
Vol. 2 0:31:28 The President in the Garden
President Roosevelt is told about the problems encountered with the mission.
Vol. 2 0:32:12 Running Out of Gas
The pilots realize their mission was essentially a suicide mission because they will not have enough gas to land. They reach the coast just as their planes give out. Rafe's plane lands, and he manages to survive the tough landing. The Japanese immediately begin shooting.
Vol. 2 0:35:48 Danny Lands
Danny's plane crashes into the ground near Rafe, but first Danny shoots the Japanese firing at Rafe.
Vol. 2 0:36:44 Final Sacrifice
Rafe finds Danny seriously injured, and seconds later the Japanese take the men as prisoners. Danny puts himself in front of the soldiers firing at Rafe. Rafe holds Danny as he dies. Rafe tells Danny that Evelyn is pregnant with Danny's son. Danny tells Rafe that he will be the father, and then he dies.
Vol. 2 0:40:19 Coming Home
The American pilots return home. Rafe carries Danny's casket out of the plane as Evelyn looks on. Evelyn narrates the result of the Doolittle raid and the history of the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Vol. 2 0:42:53 Rafe, Evelyn, and Little Danny
Years later, Rafe and Evelyn watch their little boy play. His name is Danny. Rafe takes him for a ride in his plane.