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0:19:06 Cabeza de Vaca, Dorantes, Castillo, and Estebanico in Captivity
The Spaniard and the Dwarf by Lauren Eisner, with comments by Alexandra Neumann and Eddie Strumfels
0:29:26 Cabeza de Vaca's Attempted Escape and Breakdown
Poetry in Motion by Jason Sebok, with comment by Krystal Kaai
0:35:39 Cabeza de Vaca in a Supernatural Trance Heals the Injured Native's Eye
The Mystical Transformation and the Shamanic Initiation of Cabeza de Vaca by Paul Galante, with comments by Lauren Eisner, Timothy Guida, and Eric Edgerton
0:52:51 Cabeza de Vaca Wanders the Land Alone
Between Two Cultures by Elena Zubenko
0:58:16 Cabeza de Vaca Captured by Hostile Tribe
Man-eating Blue Women by Daniel Spangler, with comment by Adam Kaufman and Morgan Christopher
1:06:16 Surgery is Performed on Cascabel by Cabeza de Vaca
The Mingling of Two Cultures, The Rebirth of Two Men by Rosanny Bello, with comment by Kim Weber
1:14:08 Cabeza de Vaca Raises a Woman From the Dead
Really for the Reel? by Megan Snyder, with comments by Jaclyn Ulman and Kelsey Cannon
1:39:26 Nighttime in the Spanish Camp
What Could Have Been and What Was by Timothy Guida, with comments by Andrea Espinoza and Zachary Rubin
1:42:37 Cabeza de Vaca Discovers Cascabel's Death
Happy Ever-After by Jaime Miller, with comments by Catherine Willard and William
1:45:56 Enslaved Natives Carry a Giant Cross
Marching Into the Future by Sara Asheroff and Michael Joseph, with comments by Jaime Miller, Jason Sebok, Megan Snyder, Courtney Brown, and Carina Meleca