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Vol. 1 0:00:43 Thursday, December 31, 1922, Rosewood, Florida. A Quiet Morning in Rosewood.
The residents of Rosewood go about their normal morning routines. There are chickens and children in the streets as the camera pans about the small Florida town with a predominantly black population. The sign: "For Sale, 5 Acre, J. Bradley. Auction Jan. 1." (0:01:27) is emphasized.
Vol. 1 0:02:26 Morning at the Carrier Household
Sylvester plays the piano in his home and "good mornings" are exchanged among Aunt Sarah, Sylvester, and Gertie.
Vol. 1 0:02:59 Mrs. Wright sends breakfast to Mr. Wright
Miss Wright calls to Big Baby and asks him to deliver breakfast to Mr. Wright who is working at the store.
Vol. 1 0:03:31 Mr. Wright’s Busy Morning
Mr. Wright is having sex in the back of his store with a woman when Big Baby brings his breakfast to the store. Mr. Wright calls to Big Baby to stay outside while he pulls up his pants and fastens his belt.
Vol. 1 0:04:16 Morning at the Rosewood Train Platform
Arnett is selling eggs at the train platform, while Aunt Sarah is socializing and talking with her friends. The train conductor Mr. Bryce (a white man) buys an egg from Arnett and Miss Sarah. The interactions amongst them are positive. Mr. Bryce calls "All aboard," and the train pulls out of the Rosewood station.
Vol. 1 0:05:11 Father-Son Bonding, Town of Sumner
Duke (father) and Emmet (son) Purdy are hunting wild boar in the Town of Sumner. Duke talks about how he's going to show his son how to become a real man and also emphasizes a sense of white supremacy. Duke pokes fun at the Seminole Indians' notion of only killing what they plan on eating, as well as noting that "Listen here. Don't want you around that colored boy no more."
Vol. 1 0:06:40 Looking for Jesse Hunter
Sheriff Walker drives down the road and asks Duke if he's "seen any niggers out here?" (0:06:44). The Sheriff explains that a colored man named Jesse Hunter has escaped from a chain gang and that they are on the lookout for him. It is suspected that Jesse Hunter might be headed towards Rosewood. The Sheriff looks at Duke and speaks to him seriously, telling him not to shoot Jesse Hunter if he finds him
Vol. 1 0:07:07 Morning at James and Fanny Taylor’s
Aunt Sarah and Arnett walk through town. Arnett stops to chop wood, and Aunt Sarah heads to work at James and Fanny Taylor's house. Fanny tells Aunt Sarah that the floors need to be scrubbed.
Vol. 1 0:08:22 The Lumber Yard
Mr. Taylor pushes a black man out of his way as he walks through the lumber yard.
Vol. 1 0:08:34 A Stranger in the Woods
A stranger (Mann) rides his horse through the woods and stops to read a sign at a fork in the path. The sign has two arrows, one pointing towards Sumner, and the other pointing towards Rosewood. The stranger trots towards Sumner.
Vol. 1 0:08:51 Stranger’s Arrival in Sumner
The stranger rides through the town of Sumner. He rides past the sheriff's office and all through town. The townspeople stop and stare at him. Arnett and Emmet begin to approach him, and the stranger gallops away. Arnett chases after him
Vol. 1 0:09:55 The Stranger Arrives in Rosewood
Scrappie, the school teacher, tells a story to the school children as the stranger rides through Rosewood. Just as in Sumner, the people of Rosewood stop what they are doing to stare at the strange man riding through on his horse. The Stranger arrives at Mr. Carter's, and Arnett introduces himself. The stranger tells Arnett to head back to his work at Miss Fanny Taylor's house.
Vol. 1 0:11:16 The Stranger’s Horse Needs New Shoes
The Stranger and Mr. Carter talk – the stranger's horse needs four new shoes, and Mr. Carter says that he will not be able to get to it until tomorrow due to the New Year's Eve party tonight.
Vol. 1 0:11:39 Real Estate
The stranger walks through Rosewood. He pauses and looks at the "for sale" sign and the five acres of land.
Vol. 1 0:12:03 Mr. Wright’s Store
The stranger walks into Mr. Wright's store. Mr. Wright is doing business with a regular black customer and says that he won't extend credit to strangers. The stranger inquires about the plot of land "across the way," and Mr. Wright says that he will own it tomorrow. Then, the stranger asks if Mr. Wright has any .45 shells to sell. The stranger is holding wads of cash.
Vol. 1 0:13:30 Introductions
Scrappie is scolding two schoolboys, and she is interrupted by the stranger. He asks her if she knows of a place that he could get a good meal, and the two introduce themselves to each other. Her name is Miss Scrappie, and his name is Mr. Mann.
Vol. 1 0:14:20 Sylvester and Mr. Mann Become Friends
Sylvester and Mr. Mann are sitting on the porch outside of the Carrier's house talking. Sylvester asks Mr. Mann what he is selling, as he explains that, "Well, I figure a colored fellow with nowhere particular to be, that man be sellin' something … or he runnin'" (0:14:44). Mr. Mann promises that he is not selling anything. He offers Sylvester a cigar, and the two deem each other "friends."
Vol. 1 0:15:24 Dinner at the Carrier’s
The love story of the film begins in this scene where Gertie tells Scrappie that Mr. Mann is "sweet on her." The family gets ready to have their New Year's Eve dinner, and Aunt Sarah introduces the family to Mr. Mann.
Vol. 1 0:16:26 Sylvester Demands Respect
Before dining, Sylvester tells the story of earlier in the day when he heard that Mr. Andrews (a white man) had been whistling at Scrappie. He recounts how he went over to talk with Mr. Andrews and to demand respect from the white man -- "I'm just sayin' I don't mess with your peoples, I don't want you messin' with mines" (0:17:05). As he tells the story, Aunt Sarah disapprovingly comments that (0:17:16) "Sylvester, you can't talk to white folks like that … and not expect a rope around your neck." Sylvester and Aunt Sarah have a short conversation about whether or not "times are changing," and then the family prays and eats.
Vol. 1 0:18:15 Have you been drifting long, Mr. Mann?
Aunt Sarah, Scrappie, and Mr. Mann stand on the porch after dinner and talk about Rosewood. Aunt Sarah talks about how it's the "best place these old eyes ever seen," and she suggests that Mr. Mann settle down and make something of himself. Aunt Sarah exits, leaving Scrappie and Mr. Mann alone on the porch.
Vol. 1 0:19:52 New Year’s Eve at the Wrights’
Mr. Wright reads a story to his sons before they head to bed, and the viewer gains insight into the troubled dynamics of the family. Mr. Wright's first wife passed away earlier in the year, and he has now remarried. Mrs. Wright is very religious and sends Mr. Wright on his way to have a drink with his friends, while she goes upstairs to read from the Bible. Mr. Wright also discusses his plans to buy Bradley's plot of land at the auction tomorrow.
Vol. 1 0:22:44 New Year’s Eve Celebration
The black families have a New Year's Eve Celebration with music and dancing. Scrappie and Mr. Mann dance together.
Vol. 1 0:24:33 Friday, January 1
Mr. Mann is asleep in the barn, and he has flashback nightmares to his days in WWI. Scrappie brings him coffee, only to find him having a nightmare. Mr. Mann talks about looking to buy the piece of land for sale.
Vol. 1 0:26:02 Good Morning, Mr. Mann
Arnett invites Mr. Mann to his birthday party tomorrow evening.
Vol. 1 0:26:17 Small town, people talk
Mr. Mann visits Mr. Wright's store. The two men share war stories, and we learn that Mr. Wright is a Navy veteran from the Spanish-American War. Mr. Mann served in Europe in World War I in the trenches. Mr. Mann buys his .45s from the store and exits.
Vol. 1 0:28:44 Fanny Taylor’s Assault
Miss Fanny Taylor has sex with her lover – not Mr. Taylor. She accuses him of "double-timing" her, and he beats her up, leaving her crumpled in a corner. Philomena (Fanny's black servant) rushes in to see if she is okay, but Miss Taylor screams at her to get out.
Vol. 1 0:31:09 A Picnic on the Acres
Scrappie and Mr. Mann have a picnic lunch together. They talk about the land that is for sale.
Vol. 1 0:33:31 The Abuser Seeks Help
The man who abused Fanny Taylor seeks the help of Aaron Carrier and Sam Carter, as they are all Masons. Sam is reluctant to help the white man.
Vol. 1 0:35:03 The Auction
Mr. Andrews facilitates the auction selling Bradley's five acres in Rosewood. The bidding escalates, becoming a competition between Mr. Wright and Mr. Mann. The men at the auction are all surprised that Mr. Mann would bid $55 per acre -- they ask, "Where's that nigger going to get that kind of money?" (0:36:09).
Vol. 1 0:36:15 Fanny’s Decision to Accuse
Fanny Taylor tentatively steps out of her house and starts to scream for help. She tells the townspeople that a colored man broke into her house and beat her up.
Vol. 1 0:38:10 Intervention of the Law
Young Emmet runs to the Sheriff to tell him that Fanny Taylor has been attacked by a black man. The Sheriff and his partner get their guns ready and head off. They spread the news that Fanny Taylor has been raped, and they round up all of the white men in town.
Vol. 1 0:39:24 Auction Resumes
The auction resumes, with bids still going back and forth between Mr. Wright and Mr. Mann. Earl (the Sheriff's partner) walks into the auction to tell the men that "A nigger raped Fanny Taylor" (0:40:23). Earl asks Mr. Mann if he is Jesse Hunter, the man who escaped from the chain gang a few days earlier.
Vol. 1 0:41:34 Are You Sure?
The Sheriff comforts Fanny. She tells him that she wasn't raped, just beaten, but the townspeople continue to spread the rumor that Fanny was raped. Sheriff Ellis asks Fanny if she was sure that her attacker was a colored man. She is adamant that he was. Ellis asks Sarah if she saw the man who attacked Fanny. She responds, "No Mr. Ellis, I ain't seen nothing." When, in reality, Aunt Sarah knows that it was Fanny's white lover who beat her.
Vol. 1 0:43:26 Assembly of the Mob
Sheriff Ellis tells the men that the man they are looking for is Jesse Hunter, who has escaped from the chain gang. They get the hounds ready and find their way to Aaron Carrier's, where they question him and tie him down. The white men present Aaron as the man who raped Fanny Taylor, but Mr. Wright stands up for him. Duke Purdy leads the men in joking about lynching the innocent Aaron Carrier, and they discuss other violent acts towards black men. Aaron tries to explain about him and Sam Carter keeping the Mason's oath, but the white men misunderstand and now accuse Sam Carter of raping Fanny Taylor.
Vol. 1 0:48:32 Where’s Sam the Blacksmith?
Mr. Mann goes to visit Sam Carter, the blacksmith, and his horse, Booker T. Sam Carter is nowhere to be found.
Vol. 1 0:49:27 Mr. Wright Brings Aaron to Jail
Mr. Wright brings the beat-up Aaron Carrier to a bed and lies him down in jail. Aaron is having trouble breathing, and his wounds are still bleeding.
Vol. 1 0:50:05 Questioning Sam Carter
The white mob beats up Sam Carter and questions him about Jesse Hunter. Mr. Mann watches from the bushes. Sheriff Ellis tries to fend off the violent white men. Sam swears that he does not know Jesse Hunter. Duke Purdy shoots Sam Carter and the mob lynches him. Sheriff Ellis tries to regain control over the mob, as he tries to uphold the law.
Vol. 1 0:53:30 James and Fanny Talk
James tells Fanny that things are getting ugly between the whites and the blacks, he tells her that they have already lynched Sam Carter. Fanny had not foreseen the consequences of her accusations. The women of the town arrive to comfort Fanny.
Vol. 1 0:55:15 Lynching
Mr. Mann finds Sylvester, and they get a wagon to take down Sam Carter's body out of the tree.
Vol. 1 0:56:23 Sylvester Calls a Meeting
The black community gathers as Sylvester tells them about how the white mob has lynched Sam Carter. The preacher tries to pray, but Sylvester says that he isn't in a praying mood. Mr. Wright arrives at the meeting, as Sylvester talks about standing up for the black community's rights. Mr. Mann decides that he does not want to get involved in "another war" and prepares to leave town.
Vol. 1 0:58:45 Aunt Sarah Knows the Truth
The townspeople watch Mr. Mann shut the door behind him, and Aunt Sarah remarks, "He [Mr. Mann] ain't done nothing." She tells her family and friends that the man who raped and beat Fanny Taylor was a white man, not a black man.
Vol. 1 0:59:21 These People Trust Me
Mr. Wright and Mr. Mann have a conversation in which Mr. Wright accuses Mr. Mann of running at the sight of any trouble or hardship. Mr. Wright says that he's lived in Rosewood for nine years and that the people here trust him, but Mr. Mann retorts: "I been in Rosewood one night … they asking me to stay. Now you pack up your truck … see who tries to stop you from leaving." (1:00:33).
Vol. 1 1:00:57 You Were Just Going to Leave Me?
Scrappie runs out to see Mr. Mann before he leaves. She tells him that she didn't think that he would just leave her. Mr. Mann gives Scrappie a medal from the war, and she gives him her scarf.
Vol. 1 1:03:43 Saturday, Arnett’s Birthday – The Judge Visits
The Judge arrives at the Sheriff's Office to examine the damage that the lynch mob has done –"Multiple gunshot wounds. Missing ear … fingers … various other parts. By Jesus, your boys really got to this one, huh, Ellis?" (1:04:17). The Judge tells Ellis that he needs to be able to handle "his colored," otherwise he will be replaced.
Vol. 1 1:05:25 Day Off at the Lumber Yard
The men get the day off at the lumber yard to continue the search for the man who assaulted Fanny Taylor.
Vol. 1 1:06:14 They Won’t Believe Me
Philomena tells Aunt Sarah that she should tell that the assaulter was a white man. Aunt Sarah talks about her experiences with white men, and she tells Philomena that they will never believe what she has to say – "It don't matter what man was beating on Fanny Taylor. 'Nigger.' It's just another word for guilty." (1:07:11).
Vol. 1 1:07:20 Things Been Looking the Same
Mr. Bryce, the train conductor, delivers a package to Aunt Sarah. He suggests that she get her people on a train and head to Gainesville, that things aren't looking good for the colored people in Rosewood. But Aunt Sarah insists that things have been looking the same way for many years.
Vol. 1 1:08:23 Do You Know Jesse Hunter?
Sheriff Ellis questions Sylvester, asking him if he knows Jesse Hunter. Ellis suggests that Sylvester go visit some of his relatives because things are likely to get ugly. Sylvester states that Rosewood is his home, and that he'd "be damned if I let anybody run me off it" (1:09:12).
Vol. 1 1:09:44 Stocking Up
Sylvester goes to Mr. Wright's store and tries to buy bullets. Mr. Wright refuses to sell them to Sylvester until he settles his account. Mr. Wright reiterates the idea that Sylvester should leave Rosewood for a while, but Sylvester stands his ground.
Vol. 2 0:00:01 Suspecting Sylvester
The white men from the mob take a break from their violence to have some drinks. They suspect that Sylvester might be involved with the hiding of Jesse Hunter. One of the men is enraged that Sylvester owns a piano, and that he – a white man – does not.
Vol. 2 0:01:31 Arnett’s Birthday Party is Interrupted
Arnett and his family have a birthday party with cake and music, but it is interrupted by the arrival of the mob at the Carrier home. The mob calls for Sylvester to come outside. Duke shoots the Carrier's dog because it wouldn't stop barking.
Vol. 2 0:04:11 Aunt Sarah is Shot – the Violence Continues
Aunt Sarah walks out the front door onto her porch to address the angry mob. She tells them that her son, Sylvester, has nothing to do with any of this business and that they do not know Jesse Hunter. She tells the men that the man who beat Fanny Taylor was white. Aunt Sarah is shot in the chest, and she dies. Sylvester kills a white man who approaches him as he holds his dead mother. The mob shoots at the Carrier's house, and Sylvester shoots back from inside.
Vol. 2 0:06:53 Mr. Wright Listens
Mr. Wright stands on his front porch and hears the shooting between the mob and Sylvester.
Vol. 2 0:07:00 Go Get the Judge
The shooting continues between the mob and Sylvester. Sheriff Ellis sends one of his men to go tell the Judge what has happened
Vol. 2 0:07:20 Aunt Sarah Dies
Sylvester holds Aunt Sarah in his arms as she dies.
Vol. 2 0:08:31 Restocking
The mob heads to Mr. Wright's store to stock up on ammunition. Ellis tells Mr. Wright that they have shot Aunt Sarah, and Mr. Wright tells Ellis that he's not upholding the law by letting the mob shoot an old, innocent woman. The men do not know Sylvester is alive or dead at this point.
Vol. 2 0:09:48 Go Hide in the Woods
Sylvester sends the women and children off into the woods to hide from the mob. He tells Big Baby to go with the women and children, but Big Baby insists that he can shoot, too.
Vol. 2 0:10:55 The Judge Calls for Backup
The Judge calls the men from other surrounding towns to help put down the revolt.
Vol. 2 0:11:12 Burning the House
The shooting match continues between Sylvester and the mob. The mob believes that they have shot Sylvester, and they burn his house down by throwing torches into the windows.
Vol. 2 0:13:03 The Casket
Sheriff Ellis approaches a box in which the dead Aunt Sarah is lying. Duke asks if he can burn Aunt Sarah's body, but Ellis stops him and calls his men over to look at the body. Ellis says, "I want y'all to carry her down to the nigger graveyard" (0:13:31).
Vol. 2 0:13:58 This Wasn’t Supposed to Happen
James Taylor tells Ellis that he is upset by Aunt Sarah's causality. The camera pans through the burning Carrier house, showing the burning piano, birthday cake, and family photos.
Vol. 2 0:15:10 Aunt Sarah Ain’t Comin’ No More
James Taylor tells Fanny that the mob has killed Aunt Sarah, Sylvester, and Sam Carter. Fanny gets upset, and James exclaims, "Half of Rosewood's dead, and they ain't caught your nigger yet!" (0:16:09).
Vol. 2 0:16:45 Sunday in Rosewood
The camera shows the destruction of Rosewood – the burnt houses and the empty church.
Vol. 2 0:17:25 News Travels Fast
The men and women of Sumner and surrounding towns talk about the problems with the colored people in their town.
Vol. 2 0:17:34 Ironic Cleansing
The white residents of surrounding towns are at a baptism. As they sing hymns, the men are loading their guns and discussing the problems in Sumner and Rosewood.
Vol. 2 0:18:12 Attacking Mr. Mann
Mr. Mann is riding along on his horse, and some white men begin to shoot at him. They believe that he is Jesse Hunter. Mr. Mann turns, holding a gun in each hand, and shoots back at the white men.
Vol. 2 0:19:17 Out of Hand
Sheriff Ellis tries to control the chaos in Sumner as men dressed in Ku Klux Klan robes arrive. The group of men who just have encountered Mr. Mann drive into Sumner, and exaggerate, saying that they were just jumped by fifteen black men in the woods. The mob heads out to the woods to find these men.
Vol. 2 0:20:17 Phone Call
Earl tells Ellis that the Governor is on the phone.
Vol. 2 0:20:26 Into the Woods
The angry mob heads to the woods, and Mr. Mann hides behind some trees as he watches them.
Vol. 2 0:20:50 Lynching is a Spectacle
A mother shows her young son the lynching, and he covers his eyes, trying not to look. She says: "See the nigger? They got him. No. You've got to look and see. You've got to remember this. It's somethin' you've got to remember. Look."
Vol. 2 0:20:57 Lynching, Continued
Mr. Wright stands on the porch and watches as the townspeople of Sumner enjoy the lynching. One of the men cuts the ear off of the man being lynched.
Vol. 2 0:21:15 Mr. Wright’s Store
Mr. Wright's son calls Mr. Wright inside of the store and takes him behind the counter. Bradley has been shot and tells Mr. Wright that he can't run. He begs Mr. Wright to hide him in the store. Mr. Wright makes the decision to hide Bradley in the back storeroom, even though this might put him and his store at risk.
Vol. 2 0:22:54 Standing Up
The mob drives down the road to Alachua County, waving flags and preparing to kill more black men and women. The Alachua sheriff tells the mob to turn around – "You ain't bringing all this into our town" (0:23:19). He says that his colored citizens are "law-abiding folk." The men of Alachua County effectively resist, and the Sumner mob turns around.
Vol. 2 0:23:47 A Kodak Moment?
White families of Sumner take photographs of themselves, smiling, in front of the lynching.
Vol. 2 0:24:15 Runnin’ Like Chickens
Night falls and the mob reassembles again to go get the black men and women who are running to the swamps.
Vol. 2 0:24:49 Hiding in the Swamps
The women and children of Rosewood are hiding in the swamps at nighttime. Some of the children hear the church bells ringing, and they think that it is their fathers calling them to come home. A few of the children run away from Scrappie and the women, towards town. The mob is still destroying the town, and a white man on a horse begins to approach the two black children. He yells "Niggers" and is shot down by Mr. Mann.
Vol. 2 0:26:27 Mr. Mann’s Return
Mr. Mann surveys the destruction and the violence – he looks at the lynched men.
Vol. 2 0:26:46 Father-Son Bonding
Duke Purdy teaches his son, Emmet, how to tie a noose. "Now you've got it boy. There's your noose. Now you make one. Just like this one … Oh that's a good one" (0:27:01). Mr. Wright looks on, disapprovingly.
Vol. 2 0:27:23 Reunited
Scrappie hides the children under ferns. Mr. Mann finds Scrappie in the woods, and they embrace. She tells Mr. Mann of all of the deaths. She asks Mr. Mann "What're we gonna do?"
Vol. 2 0:29:01 Appointing Arnett
Mr. Mann calls to Arnett and tells him that he must stop crying, that he is a man. Mr. Mann appoints Arnett as his lieutenant and demands that Arnett be strong. Arnett's job is to move the women and children deeper into the swamp. Arnett and Mr. Mann salute, and Arnett begins directing the women and children.
Vol. 2 0:30:11 Hiding at Mr. Wright’s Home
Mr. and Mrs. Wright are hiding the women and children of Rosewood. Mr. and Mrs. Wright talk about Mr. Wright's dead first-wife, and how Mrs. Wright feels like a guest in her own home.
Vol. 2 0:31:29 Please Help James
Mr. Mann carries James Carrier to Mr. Wright's house. Mr. Wright does not want James in his house, and James does not want to go into Mr. Wright's house. James tells Mr. Wright that he knows that he has been having sex with his daughter. Mr. Mann asks how much money it will take to hide the man, and Mrs. Wright steps in, telling her husband to hide James Carrier.
Vol. 2 0:33:18 The Mob Approaches Mr. Wright
The angry mob goes to Mr. Wright's house, looking for James Carrier. They claim that they just want to ask him a few questions.
Vol. 2 0:34:44 Questioning James Carrier
The mob shows James Aunt Sarah's casket, and they ask for information about Jesse Hunter. James Carrier says that he has never met Jesse Hunter, and Duke Purdy shoots James in the head. The scene turns into John Wright versus the mob, as they question whose side John Wright is on.
Vol. 2 0:38:31 Monday, John Wright Takes a Walk
Mr. Wright walks along the road, past the hiding women and children.
Vol. 2 0:39:16 Time to Go
Mr. Mann wakes up the women and children who have been sleeping in the brush. He and Arnett get them ready to move
Vol. 2 0:39:35 Mr. Mann versus Mr. Wright
Mr. Mann crawls through a window and finds Mr. Wright pointing a gun at him. The men aim at each other, but slowly lower their weapons. Mr. Mann comments that he doesn't have any bullets, and Mr. Wright tosses him a box.
Vol. 2 0:40:30 Logistics
Mr. Wright explains his plan of escape to Mr. Mann and Scrappie. He says that they need to take the women and children near Kelly's Pond, where the train will meet them. In order to do this, Mr. Mann will have to lead all of the children through the town of Sumner -- "through all them crackers." Another important part of the plan is that there can be no men on the train.
Vol. 2 0:41:18 Trust
Mr. Mann is worried that Mr. Wright might be lying, and that he will not follow through on his end of the deal.
Vol. 2 0:41:39 Convincing Mr. Bryce
Mr. Wright talks to Mr. Bryce (the train conductor) about the plan to save the women and children. The Bryce Brothers are worried about putting their train engine at risk. Mr. Wright tells them about how the mob has killed Aunt Sarah, and he puts things into perspective for them: "I ain't asking you to risk your train. I'm asking you to risk your asses!"(0:42:26).
Vol. 2 0:42:54 On the Move
Mr. Mann and Arnett lead the women and children through the swamp, as the white mob is gaining on them.
Vol. 2 0:43:42 Go Faster
Mr. Wright tells the Bryce Brothers to move the train faster, so that they will make their meeting time with Mr. Mann. Mr. Bryce is hesitant to go full speed because the train has been acting funny lately. Eventually, he speeds up the train.
Vol. 2 0:44:22 In the Swamp
Mr. Mann, the women, and children make their way through another swamp by moonlight.
Vol. 2 0:44:38 Too Close for Comfort
The white mob sets up camp, and the women and children stay on the move.
Vol. 2 0:45:42 Burial
Duke Purdy calls Emmet over to look at the pile of dead bodies all thrown in one hole. Emmet does not enjoy looking at the dead black men, and Duke asks him why he's crying. Emmet tells him that there were dead babies in there, and Duke responds: "A nigger is a nigger, boy. None of us like it. God made the world the way it is, and we just got to live in it. You get as old as I am, you become a man … you're gonna learn a lot of things. A nigger is a nigger, boy. That's the way. You understand me, Emmett? (0:46:37).
Vol. 2 0:47:12 Engine Trouble
The train engine overheats and the Bryce brothers need to stop the train. The counter balance pin is gone, and the train has to stop. Mr. Wright is worried that he won't get to Mr. Mann on time.
Vol. 2 0:47:55 Mrs. Wright on the Defensive
Earl leads the mob to Mrs. Wright's house because they have heard that she is hiding some of the blacks. Mrs. Wright aims a rifle and demands that the men leave her alone.
Vol. 2 0:48:33 Betrayal?
Mr. Mann reaches the arranged meeting spot, and Mr. Wright and the train are nowhere to be found. Arnett and Minnie have gone missing.
Vol. 2 0:49:18 Fixing the Problem
The train needs a new counterbalance pin. Mr. Bryce takes Mr. Wright's gun to use as a counterbalance pin.
Vol. 2 0:49:49 Hiding
Arnett and Minnie hide in the woods.
Vol. 2 0:50:10 Calling it a Night
Sheriff Earl tells the mob to go home, he's calling it a night. Duke sees something in the bushes, and the mob pursues.
Vol. 2 0:50:41 Arnett and Minnie Return
Arnett and Minnie return to the group of other women and children.
Vol. 2 0:50:57 Mr. Mann is Caught
Mr. Mann is caught by the mob. James Taylor puts a noose around Mr. Mann's neck, and they hang him. The mob watches as Mr. Mann's body swings from the tree. Sheriff Ellis says, "Oh he'll die, only he probably didn't have nothing to do with it. Well, truth be told, none of ‘em did" (0:52:42). Ellis tells James that he knows that Fanny lied about the situation. A fight breaks out between Sheriff Ellis and James Taylor.
Vol. 2 0:53:26 Mr. Mann’s Escape
The mob gets caught up in the fight between Ellis and Taylor. Nobody is watching as Mr. Mann cuts the rope and escapes from his supposed death. Earl looks back to see the cut rope hanging from the tree with Mr. Mann nowhere in sight. Mr. Mann calls for Booker T., and they ride off into the woods.
Vol. 2 0:54:18 Taylor and Ellis Talk
Ellis explains that he thought that Fanny had been lying from the start. He explains that he had no choice, that he had to pursue the alleged colored man, Jesse Hunter.
Vol. 2 0:54:54 Boarding the Train
The train arrives, and Mr. Mann and Mr. Wright quickly get the women and children on board. Mr. Mann saves a straggling boy. A black man tries to board the train, but Mr. Wright tells him that he can't get on the train. Mr. Wright explains, "If they find men on this train, they'll kill everyone!" (0:57:18). Mr. Mann pushes the man off of the train. More and more black men come running out of the woods, begging to board the train. Mr. Mann shoots the oncoming mob from the train.
Vol. 2 0:59:21 Mission Accomplished
Mr. Mann and Mr. Wright salute each other on the train. The children ask Mr. Mann not to leave, but he says that Arnett and Scrappie are in charge now.
Vol. 2 1:00:56 Who’s Riding Booker T.?
Arnett spots Sylvester riding Mr. Mann's horse alongside the train. Sylvester tells Gertie to get to a cousin's house in Gainesville. Mr. Mann gets off of the train and onto Booker T. with Sylvester.
Vol. 2 1:02:31 Mr. Wright Comes Home
Mr. Wright arrives home to find his wife and sons with rifles sitting on the stairs. Mrs. Wright and the boys tell Mr. Wright about how the mob came to the house. The family embraces.
Vol. 2 1:03:31 Just Ashes
The train passes through the deserted town of Rosewood. The women and children look out of the train window at their destroyed home.
Vol. 2 1:03:50 Tuesday, Fanny is a Liar
James Taylor goes back to his house and yells at Fanny for being a liar.
Vol. 2 1:04:21 Father and Son
Emmett packs his things and leaves Duke Purdy's house. He tells his father that he hates him.
Vol. 2 1:05:24 Headed to Gainesville
Sylvester asks Mr. Mann which way he is headed. Mr. Mann tells him that they are both headed to catch that train and to be with the women and children.
Vol. 2 1:06:20 Screen Text
Text comes on to tell us more about the history of Rosewood and the survivors.