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Vol. 1 0:06:19 Father-Son Bonding, in the woods
Duke Purdy: Listen here. Don't want you around that colored boy no more.
Emmet Purdy: Arnett?
Duke Purdy: Don't look right, my boy trailing around after a nigger.
Vol. 1 0:14:44 New Year’s Eve, Carrier Household
Sylvester: Well, I figure a colored fellow with nowhere particular to be, that man be sellin' something … or he runnin'.
Vol. 1 0:17:05 Town of Sumner, Andrews Whistling at Scrappie
Sylvester: I'm just sayin' I don't mess with your peoples, I don't want you messin' with mines.
Vol. 1 0:17:16 New Year’s Eve, Dinner Table
Aunt Sarah: Sylvester, you can't talk to white folks like that … and not expect a rope around your neck.
Vol. 1 0:17:26 New Year’s Eve, Dinner Table
Aunt Sarah: Time's ain't never changed for no crackers, boy. Don't you forget they burned a colored man … over in Wylie last summer for winking at a white woman.
Vol. 1 0:19:07 New Year’s Eve, Carrier’s Front Porch
Scrappie: Well, Aunt Sarah think Rosewood colored folks' heaven on earth.
Aunt Sarah: Best place these old eyes ever seen… Colored folks own all the land around here. All the businesses, too, except for Mr. Johnny Wright's store, and he a halfway decent white man, if there ever were such a thing. Most of us doin' better than them folks over in Sumner. You ever seen a place like Rosewood, Mr. Mann?
Vol. 1 0:28:20 Mr. Wright’s Store, Sharing War Stories
Mr. Wright: Funny thing about the draft. I can't understand it. Pull a colored boy out of his home, send him over there [war in Europe], tell him dig trenches, kill white folks. That seem right to you?
Mr. Mann: I wouldn't know much about that, sir. I volunteered.
Vol. 1 0:57:11 Meeting at the Church, Rosewood
Bradley: Sylvester, them crackers so riled up, we don't know what they going to do. They don't know what they goin' to do. That's how a lynch mob be.
Vol. 1 0:58:39 Meeting at the Church, Rosewood
Sylvester: We ain't going nowhere. We ain't going nowhere, Bradley. Now, we own this here land. We pay taxes on it. Now, we don't bother nobody around here. We keep to ourselves. Now, colored folk just can't be running all the time. There comes a time when you got to stand up … and defend your rights.
Vol. 1 0:59:25 Mr. Mann’s Departure
Mr. Wright: This what they teach you in the Army? Pack up and run when things get hot? Thank God the Navy don't let in--
Mr. Mann: What? Go on and say it, Mr. Wright… Thank God the Navy don't let in niggers.
Mr. Wright: I was going to say cowards.
Vol. 1 0:59:46 Mr. Mann’s Departure
Mr. Wright: That's right. I got you figured, Mann. You one of them loud boys, big talk. Figure you can say anything to a white man … as long as you start out saying "With all due respect." First sign of trouble, you duckin' your head running.
Vol. 1 1:00:33 Mr. Mann’s Departure
Mr. Mann: I been in Rosewood one night … they asking me to stay. Now you pack up your truck … see who tries to stop you from leaving.
Vol. 1 1:01:27 Mr. Mann’s Departure
Mr. Mann: Them boys looking for a colored man … ain't nobody seen around here before. Now, ain't no way in the world … one man got enough bullets for all them crackers. Your own preacher ready to serve me up. But if I stay, I'm asking to be hung.
Vol. 1 1:04:51 The Judge’s Visit, Sumner
Judge: Levy County is growing. We need us a sheriff up here … who can handle these nigger problems. Is that you, Ellis? … Now we ain't talking about breaking up fights on Saturday night. You can't control your colored, we're going to replace you with someone who can.
Vol. 1 1:06:30 They Won’t Believe Me
Aunt Sarah: You ain't never seen crackers act the way I know.
Vol. 1 1:07:11 They Won’t Believe Me
Aunt Sarah: It don't matter what man was beating on Fanny Taylor. Nigger. It's just another word for guilty.
Vol. 1 1:07:40 Rosewood Train Station
Aunt Sarah: Things been looking the same as long as I can remember, Mr. Bryce.
Vol. 1 1:09:12 Rosewood Train Station
Sylvester: Now, I was born and raised in Rosewood. This here is my home. And I'll be damned if I let anybody run me off it.
Vol. 2 0:00:45 The Mob Relaxes
White man: You know he's [Sylvester] got a piano? A nigger with a goddamn piano. I've been working all my life, I ain't got a piano.
Friend: You don't know how to play one.
White man: That ain't the point. Old man Cummer, up that house of his, he's got a piano. That nigger's got one, and I don't.
Vol. 2 0:04:38 Aunt Sarah Speaks to the Mob
Aunt Sarah: Boys, I know y'all. I was midwife to more than half of you … and some of your young ones. I done seen you come up from babies to now. Ain't nothing going to come of this. It don't make sense. My Sylvester ain't had nothing to do with this mess.
Vol. 2 0:13:58 This Wasn’t Supposed to Happen
James Taylor: This wasn't supposed to happen. She [Aunt Sarah] worked in my damn house, Ellis.
Sheriff Ellis: Then give her a decent Christian burial, James
Vol. 2 0:16:09 James Tells Fanny of the Deaths
James Taylor: Half of Rosewood's dead, and they ain't caught your nigger yet!
Vol. 2 0:20:50 Lynching is a Spectacle
Woman to her child: See the nigger? They got him. No. You've got to look and see. You've got to remember this. It's somethin' you've got to remember. Look.
Vol. 2 0:23:18 Alachua Stands Up
Alachua Sheriff: Turn around! You ain't bringing all this into our town.
Duke Purdy: We're looking for a colored fugitive name of Jesse Hunter.
Sheriff: Our coloreds are law-abiding folk! Bronson don't want you. Now turn around.
Vol. 2 0:27:01 Father-Son Bonding
Duke Purdy: Now you've got it boy. There's your noose. Now you make one. Just like this one … Oh that's a good one.
Vol. 2 0:29:13 Appointing Arnett
Mr. Mann: Quit crying Arnett. You ain't a little boy no more. You a man. Now, you see any tears in these eyes? I need you to be strong. You're my lieutenant, understand?
Arnett: Yes, sir.
Vol. 2 0:30:35 Mr. and Mrs. Wright Hide the Women and Children
Mr. Wright: I know you don't like having colored folks in the house, but this is a serious time.
Mrs. Wright: Is that what you think? That I don't like livin' here ‘cause of the colored folks? Is that what you think?
Mr. Wright: Well, what is it Mary?
Mrs. Wright: I am caring for the colored folks in my home! It's my home, too.
Mr. Wright: I know. Yes, it's your home.
Mrs. Wright: You all treat me like a guest in my own house.
Vol. 2 0:36:59 Duke Purdy Kills James Carrier
Duke Purdy: Oh, hush up, John. You done went and turned nigger lover on us. Ever since your wife passed away, you ain't been the same.
Vol. 2 0:38:13 John Wright versus the Mob
Duke Purdy: Just ‘cause you rich off nigger money, you think you better than all the rest of us?
Vol. 2 0:41:00 Logistics
Mr. Mann: How we know we can trust you, Mr. Wright?
Mr. Wright: Got no choice.
Vol. 2 0:42:00 Risking the Engine
Mr. Bryce: You're askin' us to risk our engine, Johnny!
Mr. Wright: Who are you Bryce brothers, a couple of rich boys playin' on your train?
Mr. Bryce: To hell with you.
Mr. Wright: You boys puffin' around the countryside … wavin' and tootin' your whistle?
Mr. Bryce: To hell with you.
Mr. Wright: These are real folks dyin', women and children ain't done nothin' wrong to no soul.
Vol. 2 0:42:26 Risk
Mr. Wright: I ain't asking you to risk your train. I'm asking you to risk your asses!
Vol. 2 0:46:37 Why Are You Cryin’?
Duke Purdy: A nigger is a nigger, boy. None of us like it. God made the world the way it is, and we just got to live in it. You get as old as I am, you become a man … you're gonna learn a lot of things. A nigger is a nigger, boy. That's the way. You understand me, Emmett?
Vol. 2 0:52:42 Lynching Mr. Mann
Sheriff Ellis: Oh he'll die, only he probably didn't have nothing to do with it. Well, truth be told, none of ‘em did.
Vol. 2 1:04:50 Father and Son
Duke Purdy: Emmett, I don't mean to be hard on you boy. I just want what's best for you. I want to learn you how to live in the world.
Emmett: I hate you! You ain't no man! I don't know what you are, Daddy.