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Vol. 1 0:08:34 A Stranger in the Woods
Finding the Fit in Society by Kristen Merlo, with comments by Ed Tabor, Katherine Prosswimmer, and Lynn Farley
Vol. 1 0:28:44 Fanny Taylor’s Assault
The Historical Problematics of Fannie Taylor by Cayla McNally
Vol. 1 0:43:26 Assembly of the Mob
Perverting a “Perverted Rite of Passage” by Sarah Ballan
Vol. 1 0:59:21 These People Trust Me
“Is that you John Wayne? Is this me?” -- The Redemption of Mann by Patrick O’Brien
Vol. 2 0:04:11 Aunt Sarah is Shot – the Violence Continues
Aunt Sarah and the Last Free Words: Free Space and Enclosure in Singleton’s Rosewood by Edward N. Tabor
Vol. 2 0:31:29 Please Help James
“Please Save James” – Moral Negotiation of Racism in Rosewood by Katherine Prosswimmer