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0:00:28 Villegagnon to Calvin
From Colligny in Antarctic France. Latest News from Admiral Villegagnon. "The country is a barren desert. There are no houses or any other commodities. On the contrary, the natives are barbarous savages, different from us, without any religion, or any knowledge of honesty or virtue, or what is right and unjust. They are beasts with human faces. . . . To boot, our neighbors are Portuguese, unable to keep the country for themselves, they hardly tolerate our presence and hate us. Therefore, I must show firmness and courage, and I prepare my "family" for permanent work. God's goodness will assist us in this enterprise. . . . We have set up camp on an island two leagues from the mainland to discourage any attempt to escape and to allow our troops to fulfill their task. . . . Wives will be admitted only with their husbands. All opportunities of sin will thus be eliminated. . . . Even so, twenty-six mercenaries, tempted by their carnal lust, have conspired to kill me. I have avoided any further danger by arming five of my servants. We have arrested and imprisoned four of the principal mutineers. The others, scared, have hidden themselves. . . . On the following day, I had one of them unchained so that he could plead his cause. . . . He broke loose and threw himself into the sea and was drowned." Letter of Villegagnon to Calvin, dated 31st of March, 1557.
0:07:11 Thevet (text 1)
Text: "In Sao Vicente lived the Portuguese, enemies of the French." Abade Thevet
0:10:07 A nice present
Tupiniquin: It will be a nice present for my uncle. He hasn't tasted a Frenchman yet.
Portuguese: Let's take him to the Captain.
Tupiniquin: Your chief is our friend. The Frenchman is a friend of our enemies.
Portuguese: You're christened. You can't eat him.
Tupiniquin: My uncle is not christened.
Portuguese: He is our slave. He will have to fight at our side unti we get to Sao Vicente.
0:13:38 They all sound alike
Frenchman: I am French . . . French! French!
. . . .
Tupinamba1: Say something!
Frenchman: (not translated)
Portuguese1: Put the Lamprey into scalding water, take its guts out
Frenchman: (not translated)
Portuguese2: Lay half a slice onto a bowl, spice it with oil.
Tupinamba2: Speak more!
Frenchman: (not translated)
Tupinamba2: He is French!
Tupinamba1: I think he is Portuguese. I will kill him.
Tupinamba2: He is French!
Tupinamba1: He is mine!
. . . .
Cunhambebe: He is Portuguese. He is mine! You eat the other one. I want to show him to the women
0:16:57 Staden (text 2)
Text: "My Lord, if I must die a barbarous death, let it be at the hands of someone who knows you." Hans Staden
0:17:08 Our meal has walked to us
Tupinamba woman: There comes Cunhambebe! Our meal has walked to us.
Cunhambebe: Come and see what I have brought you to eat.
Tupinamba woman: Beautiful slave!
0:17:52 I want to die with my beard
Frenchman: I want to die with my beard.
Tupinamba woman: He doesn't weep like the other Portuguese.
. . . .
Tupinamba man: You brought good slaves. When do we start the war.
0:19:22 Anchieta (text 3)
Text: "They are like tigers, naturally cruel, friends of War and enemies of Peace." Padre Anchieta
0:19:55 He will die on the 8th moon
Cunhambebe: Our sorcerors prophesied that we would capture a strong Portuguese. There he is! He is my slave. At last I shall avenge my brother's death!
Frenchman: French!
Cunhambebe: If he were French, he wouldn't kill Tupinambas. The French have knives, hatchets, and combs which they trade for wood and pepper. He has nothing of the sort. He is Portuguese, friend of the Tupiniquins, our enemies. He will die on the 8th moon.
0:22:10 Magalhaes Gandavo (text 4)
Text: "To the European friend, they deplore the bad luck of their ancestors who have not known such a virtuous people." Pero de Magalhaes Gandavo
0:22:21 He refuses to sleep with me
Seboipebe (to the trader): How good he is, our friend, he comes from so far just to see us. How many dangers has he faced just to reach us! Since our friend left, we have suffered much. Many of us have died at the hands of our enemies. How sad are our dead today! They will not see the beautiful presents which our friend has brought us. Among the dead, Tapirucu, my husband, claims for vengeance and suffers much. Tapirucu dies by the fire of the Portuguese. The prophecy of our sorcerors has come true since Cunhambebe has brought us a strong Portuguese to avenge Tapirucu's death. Damn Portuguese! He says he is French. He refuses to sleep with me.
Trader: I am sad.
0:23:53 You dog! Swine! Murderer!
Cunhambebe(stopping the women): That's enough! (to the trader) At last you have come!
Trader: Here I am. I brought you many trunks.
Cunhambebe: I want to see.
Trader: Later! We have time.
Cunhambebe: I am angry. I want to see now.
Trader: Let me see your slave first.
Cunhambebe: Bring the Portuguese!
Trader: He says he is French? I'll tell you if he is lying.
Cunhambebe: What did you bring me this time? How many trunks?
Trader: Many, with cloth, combs, beads for your women, knives. But this time I want much pepper and wood.
Cunhambebe: You mean you have come from so far just to get wood?
Trader (to the Frenchman): Where do you come from?
Frenchman: I was serving Villegagnon in Rio de Janeiro. Please, tell these savages I am French. I was forced to leave the fortress. I was caught with some Portuguese. Tell them I am French.
Trader: He is Portuguese alright. Go and eat him
Frenchman: You dog! Swine! Murderer!
0:26:13 That's no way to treat a Christian!
Trader: I have brought you a present.
Frenchman: Filthy dog! Traitor! That's no way to treat a Christian!
Trader: Let me explain.
Frenchman: They will eat me up.
Trader: Quiet! Those savages aren't easy to cope with. Alright, they will kill you, but you have still 8 months to live. Until you die, you'll be very happy. You may even escape. Follow my advice, that woman at your side is your wife. It won't be difficult to be happy with her. Meanwhile collect pepper and wood for me. When I come back in a few months, we'll make a deal. I'll take you along. I'll give you money to start a new life.
0:27:38 Soares de Souza (text 5)
Text: "The French took with them every year thousands of quintals of Brazil wood." Gabriel Soares de Souza
0:29:51 That's a good navel
Frenchman (looking at the coin in her navel): Where did you find these beads?
Seboipebe: Tapirucu stole them from the Portuguese.
Frenchman: How many?
0:30:31 I want to stay home
Seboipebe: Won't you go look for wood?
. . . .
Seboipebe: The sun's up. My husband Tapirucu might get sore.
Frenchman: Let him rest in peace! He can't see nothing.
Seboipebe: Come, let's go look for wood.
Frenchman: No, today, I want to stay . . . home.
0:31:31 My husband!
Frenchman: Tell me about Mair, the great "caraiba," your ancestor.
Seboipebe: The one who taught us how to build a fire?
Frenchman: What else?
Seboipebe: He taught the Tupinambas how to shave, how to make weapons to beat the enemy, to plant manioc and corn, to drink "cauim." He taught us how to build houses. We lived like animals.
Frenchman: He built a house and told us every family could have the same. The house that the new god had built was stronger than our miserable huts. Not a single drop of rain fell inside. When there were straw roofs and log walls, the new god built a small village with brick and stone-walled houses, with streets and squares, barracks for the warriors, and a castle for the council of chiefs.
Cunhambebe: The Tupinambas cannot forget their enemies till their very last day. Tupiniquins enemies . . . Portuguese enemies
Seboipebe: The men were jealous of the god and decided to kill him. They forced him to jump through a fire. He fell and was burned alive. From his head came out thunders and tempests.
. . . .
Seboipebe: My husband!
. . . .
Frenchman: Then he taught us how to cultivate the land to have big crops. He worked alone with the women and the children since the men were busy hunting, fishing, and preparing for war, your old customs . . .
0:39:54 I want gunpowder
Cunhambebe: I want gunpowder.
Trader: I've brought many boxes . . . axes, beads, and combs for your wives.
Cunhambebe: I want gunpowder . . . plenty of gunpowder.
Trader: I'll get it later on . . . from father. He's on board of a ship sailing from Rio. I'm going to exchange my gifts with another one.
0:40:50 Let's make a deal
Trader: Let's make a deal. As I see, you want beads. But you're not allowed to come along this time. I've tried to rescue you, but Cunhambebe is not prepared. You'd better wait a little while.
0:41:01 Look at her belly button
Frenchman: My goods may interest you.
Trader: In exchange for what? Your flight? It's impossible.
Frenchman: I want gunpowder.
Trader: Impossible.
Frenchman: Ten barrels at worst.
Trader: Listen, no French captain, not even Sir Villegagnon will ever give gunpowder to these barbarians. It would be nonsense.
Frenchman: It's for me.
Trader: Don't you understand? You can't have a thing of your own. All you have belongs to Cunhambebe. No trade with you.
Frenchman: Is it worth that much? Look at her belly button.
Trader: Not bad.
Frenchman: The coin.
Trader: Let's bargain honestly. Don't think you can run away.
0:48:36 I'm not sad
Frenchman: Come on! Let's see the big ship. Come along. You'll see some nice things my cousin gets on board. Come on! Don't be afraid. We'll be right back. I want you to stay by my side. You are going to see things you never saw. There will be many beads for you. Nobody owns such a stuff. Only my cousin.
. . . .
Seboipebe: They'll come back. I'm not sad.
0:50:32 A Tupinamba is valiant
Cunhambebe: What do you need all these necklaces for? And all these combs? The Frenchman promised to bring me gunpowder as well as necklaces, combs, and mirrors for you. Will you be able to kill more Portuguese and Tupiniquins with mirrors? I've killed many of them and I'll do even more with guns. Our enemy is afraid. Our brothers have been killed by Portuguese gunmen. I want a revenge of my own. A Tupinamba is valiant and never forgives his enemy, like me!
0:51:45 You are going to die like an animal!
Cunhambebe: You are going to die like an animal!
Frenchman: Wait! I can get some gunpowder. I'll make some gunpowder with the help of Tupa. I'll make it out of sand and pepper this evening when Tupa, the thunder god, will speak. And tomorrow, tomorrow you'll have the gunpowder
0:52:48 De Lery (text 6)
Text: "They believe in the immortality of the soul, in thunder and devils. It seems that this seed of religion grows and doesn't extinguish in them, despite the shadows in which they live." Jean de Lery
0:54:28 I'll make more
Cunhambebe: So little! Tupa has spoken too much. There should be more gunpowder.
Frenchman: I'll make more.
0:57:44 You have to fight beside me
Frenchman: I'll build my house near yours. My uncle is waiting for me. I'm going to visit him, but I'll be back to make some gunpowder and to live here as a friend. I'll leave on the first ship that arrives here.
Cunhambebe: First, you have to fight beside me. It's time to attack our enemies. You work the guns.
. . . .
Cunhambebe: We'll attack the Tupiniquins with all our might. I'll send for my relatives, all over around. Weapons and flour are ready. Only helpful dreams are missing. Try to dream of our enemies burnt flesh and ask the chief and your wife for advice. We shall win!
0:59:10 Thevet (text 7)
Text: "The natives believe that the soul of those who conquered their enemies will go to pleasant places." Abade Thevet
0:59:50 Revenge
Cunhambebe: Chief!
Chief: Our ancestors agree. We want to revenge the outrage of our enemies. There they are. We're going to kill and capture a large quantity of them.
Frenchman: I dreamt of my father looking for me.
Chief: Following the war?
Frenchman: Yes, after helping Cunhambebe to defeat his enemies. But I came back.
1:01:37 We shall win!
Seboipebe: We shall win!
. . . .
The sea will watch the end of the Tupiniquins. Cunhambebe will know how to beat them.
1:05:03 Nobrega (text 8)
Text: "In this country, no Governor, no Bishop, or other authority could please God, our Lord, for the evil is much impregnated in the customs. Father Nobrega -- Missionary." Padre Nobrega
1:07:22 This neck belongs to Seboipebe
Cunhambebe: My slave is ready. We'll eat him this moon. And I'll get a further name. My cousin Ipiraguacu will receive this arm. That one to Mbitata. This neck belongs to Seboipebe.
. . . .
Cunhambebe: Are you going to die as a brave or will you weep like the Portuguese?
1:09:03 But then you'll eat me?
Seboipebe: Why did you come here?
Frenchman: I came to make gunpowder for my master.
Seboipebe: It will not rain before the feast.
Frenchman: Tupa does not need the rain to speak.
Seboipebe: Are you going to weep?
Frenchman: What about you?
Seboipebe: Yes, I'll feel unhappy.
Frenchman: But then you'll eat me?
Seboipebe: Yes
Frenchman: What must I do during the feast?
Seboipebe: Show yourself a brave.
1:10:12 My little neck!
Seboipebe: You have to run, and then all of us shall run after you. Run quickly, as a warrior does. . . . You can't escape, but you'll be respected. You'll be led back. . . . and the women will paint your head. You have to dance for a while tied to a rope. . . . Cunhambebe will bring the "iverapema." You'll be allowed to throw fruits and stones on those who are going to eat you. Then Cunhambebe will say, "I'm here to kill you, because your people have killed many of ours." You must answer: "When I die, my friends will come to revenge me." Say it again!
Frenchman: My friends will come to revenge me.
Seboipebe: No, "When I die, my friends will come to revenge me."
Frenchman: When I die, my friends will come to revenge me.
Seboipebe: Then Cunhambebe will lift the "iverapema," and you must do like that, like that. But it can't help because two warriors will be holding the rope. It will beat you just upon your head.
Frenchman: And then?
Seboipebe: Women will pour hot water on your body, both your arms and legs will be cut, and everybody will eat a piece. My little neck!
(mutual laughter)
Frenchman: My little neck!
1:15:21 Leech!
Frenchman: Leech!
1:15:38 What delicious meat!
Seboipebe: My little neck! What delicious meat!
. . . .
Cunhambebe: I am here to kill you, because your people have killed many of ours, and eaten them.
Seboipebe: Talk! "When I die--
Frenchman: My friends will come to revenge me. No one of yours will remain upon this land."
1:19:27 Mem de Sa (text 9)
Text: "I fought on the sea, so that no Tupiniquin remained alive. Laid along the shore, the dead covered almost a league." Mem de Sa, Governor-General of Brazil 1557