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Director:D.W. Griffith
Screenwriter:D.W. Griffith & Frank E. Woods (from the novel The Clansman by Thomas Dixon)
Producer:D.W. Griffith
Cinematography:G.W. Bitzer
Editor:D.W. Griffith, Joseph Henabery, James Smith, Rose Smith, Raoul Walsh
Cast:Lillian Gish (Elsie Stoneman)
 Mae Marsh (Flora Cameron)
 Henry B. Walthall (Col. Ben Cameron)
 Miriam Cooper (Margaret Cameron)
 Mary Alden (Lydia Brown)
 Ralph Lewis (Austin Stoneman)
 George Siegmann (Silas Lynch)
 Walter Long (Gus)
 Robert Harron (Tod Stoneman)
 Wallace Reid (Jeff the blacksmith)
 Joseph Henabery (Abraham Lincoln)
 Elmer Clifton (Phil Stoneman)
 Josephine Crowell (Mrs. Cameron)
 Spottiswoode Aitken (Dr. Cameron)
 George Beranger (Wade Cameron)
 Maxfield Stanley (Duke Cameron)
 Jennie Lee (Mammy)
 Donald Crisp (Gen. Ulysses S. Grant)
 Howard Gaye (Gen. Robert E. Lee)
 187 minutes.