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0:11:27 By way of Love Valley.
Micheaux's Response: The Glorification of Women by Michael Oelbaum, with comments by Kelley Higgins and Taylor Kite
0:13:37 In the slave quarters. The two-hour interval given for dinner, out of their working day from six till six.
“Fun and Frolic” on the Cameron Plantation by Jillian Sibio, with comments by Caitlin Prozonic and Adrianna Abreu
1:19:26 A gala performance to celebrate the surrender of Lee, attended by the President and staff. The young Stonemans present. AN HISTORICAL FACSIMILE of Ford’s theatre as on that night, exact in size and detail, with the recorded incidents, after Nicolay and
The Beginning of the End: The Lincoln Assassination on Camera by Sarah Carey, with comments by Karen Haberland, Andrew Tye, and Margaret Watters
1:53:53 The riot in the Master’s Hall. The negro party in control in the State House of Representatives, 101 blacks against 23 whites, session of 1871. AN HISTORICAL FACSIMILE of the State House of Representatives of South Carolina as it was in 1870. After phot
A Head-to-Head Debate: “The Riot in the Master’s Hall” by Jillian Sloand, with comments by Jonathan Zubkoff and Jaeyong Shim
1:54:27 Historic incidents from the first legislative session under Reconstruction.
The Black Brute and his White Counterpart by Charlotte Malmborg, with comments by Erin Thorn and Lynn Farley
2:03:54 “We shall crush the white South under the heel of the black South.”
“The Tragic Era” Exposed by Ian Garsman, with comments by Tom Bianchi and Patrick O'Brien
2:09:06 Against the brother’s warning, she goes alone to the spring.
Griffith’s Modification of The Clansman by Heather Camperson, with comments by Andrew Tye, Kelley Higgins, and Tom Bianchi
2:13:05 “Wait, missie, I won’t hurt yeh.”
Villain or Victim? by Mercy Du, with comments by Lauren Mains and Sarah Ballan
2:24:53 The trial.
A Speedy and Public Trial by Carol Gergis, with comments by Jena Viviano and Caitlin Prozonic
2:45:36 Lynch, drunk with wine and power, orders his henchmen to hurry preparations for a forced marriage.
Creating a Villain, Spreading a Myth: D.W. Griffith and the Fear of Miscegenation by Mary Brune, with comments by Margaret Watters and Karen Haberland