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Missing the Political Realities
By Thomas Bianchi, with comment by Nate Macon

We Were Soldiers does an outstanding job of re-visioning the Vietnam War. It also takes into account the heroism of the American soldier, specifically Col. Hal Moore, prior to the societal distress caused by the Vietnam War. This focus, although a great representation of the American spirit, results in a direct lack of addressing the reasons why we are fighting. David Ansen explains in his movie review, "In We Were Soldiers the question of whether we should have been in Vietnam in the first place is never asked.” The issue of America’s moral responsibility to lay out justification behind the constant and ongoing bloody battle scenes is never clearly explored. Aside from a brief explanation by two random military...
Getting It Right: A Vietnam Film for Vietnam Veterans
By Nate Macon

War movies don’t often play real well with veterans. The ones that do actually hire military advisors often ignore them in favor of creating drama. Many films abandon realism and accuracy in favor of fielding a slick looking movie or indulging a stereotype. The Hurt Locker was well received by the American public and critically acclaimed, and yet many veterans of the Iraq War criticized it, and especially the lead character, for misrepresenting military discipline and respect for authority, as well as highlighting numerous flaws in terms of tactics and equipment. Time and time again we see articles written by veterans of various conflicts represented on screen that decry the film’s over-dramatization, glorification, or blatant...