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Volume One: The Warrior's Path
Volume Two: And Chase the Buffalo
Volume Three: The Wilderness Road
Volume Four: The Promised Land

Featured in four parts on the ABC weekly TV series "Walt Disney Presents," airing in order on 12/4/60, 12/11/60, 3/12/61, 3/19/61

Studio:Disney Productions
Director:Lewis R. Foster
Story:David Victor (Volumes One and Two), Lewis R. Foster (Volumes Three and Four), Based on the book Daniel Boone by John Bakeless, 1939.
Producer:Bill Anderson
Music:Oliver Wallace (Volumes One and Two), Buddy Baker (Volume Three), Frank J. Worth (Volume Four)
Songs:David Victor and George Bruns ("Dan'l Boone," "And Chase the Buffalo")
Cast:Dewey Martin (Daniel Boone)
 Mala Powers (Rebecca Boone)
 Richard Banke (Chief Blackfish)
 Kevin Corcoran (James Boone)
 Diane Jergens¬† (Maybelle Yancey)
 William Herrin¬† (Bud Yancey)
 Color, 48 minutes per volume.