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0:00:00 A Journalist's Journey
A blindfolded Lowell Bergman and his cameraman are carted through a Middle-Eastern desert city on a truck by men wielding guns. They pass many tanks, weapons, and soldiers on the street. Women and children living in poverty look on as the vehicle passes.
0:02:47 Arrival at the Sheikh's Home
The truck pulls up to a large, white house. Still blindfolded, Lowell is led inside.
0:03:08 Finally Inside
Lowell is led by more armed guards inside the house until he is brought into a dark room. As he walks, he hears men speaking a foreign language all around him.
0:03:20 Meeting with the Sheikh
The guards seat Lowell in a chair a few feet from Sheikh Fadlallah. Lowell is not permitted to see the sheikh and must talk to him with his blindfold still on. Lowell attempts to score an interview with the sheikh for 60 Minutes, playing on his desire to be heard by the American public in a respectable forum. Sheikh Fadlallah considers this and requests that he be able to preview the questions beforehand; Lowell flatly refuses this. Nonetheless, the sheikh agrees and slips out of the room with Lowell still talking to him. Lowell and the cameraman remove their blindfolds and survey their surroundings for the first time.
0:05:55 Mike Gets the Call
Lowell flings open the curtains and surveys a magnificent view of the city. He calls Mike Wallace to let him know that he scored the interview.
0:06:13 Missing Out on the Fun
At Brown & Williamson, a roomful of scientists in lab coats are gathered eating cake and laughing. One room over is the recently-fired Dr. Jeffrey Wigand in his office, looking extremely somber.
0:06:30 Jeffrey Packs His Things
Jeffrey loads up his briefcase and exits his office.
0:06:45 On the Elevator
Jeffrey gets on the elevator and goes to the building's lobby.
0:06:50 Leaving Brown & Williamson
Jeffrey exits the elevator, walks down the hallway past security guards, and heads towards the revolving door.
0:07:15 Heading Home
Looking understandably upset, Jeffrey drives home on a quiet, tree-lined street. He arrives home and gets out of his car.
0:07:45 Home from Work
Jeffrey enters his house and passes by a window where he sees his wife on the patio but does not acknowledge her presence.
0:07:58 Having a Drink
Jeffrey walks into the television room, greeting his daughter on the couch. They chat about her day at school as he pours himself a drink from the bar. Jeffrey suggests that she do something other than watch cartoons all afternoon, so she runs upstairs to find her sister.
0:08:39 Liane Comes Inside
Jeffrey's wife Liane enters the house to find Jeffrey drinking in the kitchen. She comments on his being home early from work.
0:08:53 Cries for Help from Upstairs
A cry for help is heard from his daughter upstairs. Jeffrey immediately takes off running, with his wife trailing behind him.
0:08:59 Debbie's Asthma Attack
Clutching an old and dusty stuffed animal, Debbie gasps for air on her bedroom floor.
0:09:02 Dad Saves the Day
Jeffrey races into the room and gives Debbie her asthma medication. Liane arrives less quickly and doesn't appear all that concerned. The medicine promptly kicks in, and Debbie is safe.
0:10:01 Dinnertime
The family eats dinner together and coordinates the girls' after-school activities for the following day. Jeffrey offers to drive his daughters to ballet class. Liane asks how he will do that if he has work tomorrow. Jeffrey avoids the question by going into the kitchen to get some more rice. Rather strangely, Liane leaves the table to look for her coffee mug in Jeffrey's car.
0:11:01 Liane Finds Out
Jeffrey joins his wife outside. She questions him about all the boxes in his car. He ignores her query and replies that he is going to the store for some soy sauce. Liane is suspicious and finally gets it out of him that he was fired today. Shocked, Liane starts to cry. She accusingly asks her husband how they will survive without his income. Jeffrey responds that he gets severance payments from the company. He then gets in his car and drives away as Liane watches from the driveway.
0:12:39 Interview with the Sheikh
With armed guards all around them, a small 60 Minutes crew prepares for Mike Wallace's interview with the sheikh. Lowell Bergman is there supervising. Mike forcefully argues with one of the guards over the placement of his chair. Lowell intervenes and the situation is settled with a compromise. Mike begins his interview with the sheikh as Lowell looks on.
0:15:10 Delivery
A UPS truck pulls up to Lowell's house with a package.
0:15:31 Lowell on the Phone
Lowell lounges on his bed while speaking to Mike on the phone. His wife, Sharon Tiller, enters the room. Lowell takes another phone call. The couple's two sons enter the room briefly and then leave the house, shouting upstairs that a package came.
0:16:35 The Mysterious Package
Lowell carries the package up to his room, not knowing what it is or who it's from.
0:16:46 Examining the Documents
Lowell opens the package to find it full of scientific-looking documents that appear to be about fire safety. As Lowell and Sharon try to make sense of the papers, Lowell announces that they have come from an anonymous source. All Lowell can gather is that the papers are from Phillip Morris, based on the content and the repeated references to "P.M." in the documents.
0:17:21 Looking for Answers
A man's beeper goes off while he is eating lunch in a crowded restaurant. The man leaves to go use the phone.
0:17:35 Lowell Gets a Contact
The man, a member of the FDA, returns Lowell's phone call. Lowell asks him if he knows anyone that could translate the documents for him. The man answers, "Yes."
0:17:58 Lowell Makes the Call
From a payphone, Lowell dials the number he was given for a Dr. Jeffrey Wigand.
0:18:12 Rejected by Liane
The phone rings in the Wigand household. A daughter answers it and then hands the phone to her mother. Lowell identifies himself and asks to speak to Jeffrey. Liane refuses and hangs up on him, leaving Lowell bewildered.
0:19:13 Trying Again
Jeffrey types on his computer as the phone rings once again. This time no one picks up. The answering machine eventually comes on and a distracted Jeffrey listens as Lowell leaves a message for him. He requests that Jeffrey call him back at his home in ten minutes.
0:19:44 Cryptic Messages
Back at home, Lowell waits for Jeffrey's call. It never comes. He faxes Jeffrey, who finally responds with his own fax. It reads "I CAN'T TALK TO YOU." A few more cryptic faxes are exchanged, with Jeffrey refusing to talk to Lowell. In a last-ditch effort, Lowell leaves a final message on Jeffrey's answering machine: if he would like to talk, Lowell will be at a nearby hotel tomorrow.
0:22:29 Lowell Waits
Lowell waits in the arranged meeting area, not knowing if Jeffrey will show. Jeffrey arrives, spots Lowell, and the two quietly board the elevator together.
0:23:41 The Proposition
Lowell makes small talk with Jeffrey in the hotel suite, but Jeffrey is anxious to cut to the chase. Lowell asks for Jeffrey's help in translating the documents he has received. Skimming the documents, Jeffrey affirms that he can indeed explain them but that is as far as he will go. Unsure what that means, Lowell probes Jeffrey further. Jeffrey reveals that he can't talk about anything else involving Big Tobacco because he was just fired and made to sign a confidentiality agreement. Lowell smells a story but holds off on questioning Jeffrey any further. Jeffrey agrees to translate the papers because he needs the money. As he is leaving he tells Lowell that he used to be a corporate Vice President at Brown & Williamson. Lowell watches as Jeffrey walks away down the hall.
0:27:28 There It Is
Lowell stares out his hotel room window, focusing on a building right across the street. He realizes that it is none other than the Brown & Williamson building.
0:27:38 Back to Work
Back at CBS, the staff of 60 Minutes screens a Mike Wallace interview for an upcoming show. After it is over, everyone departs.
0:28:03 Lowell Leaves
Lowell follows his co-worker Debbie De Luca outside and tries to catch up to her, but he is stopped by a CBS colleague. They speak briefly.
0:28:29 Lowell Catches Up
Lowell catches up to Debbie on the street and asks her to get as much information as she can about the laws concerning confidentiality agreements.
0:28:46 A Bite to Eat
Mike, Lowell, and other 60 Minutes staffers walk through a restaurant to their table.
0:28:58 Jeffrey Waits
Jeffrey waits nervously in the Brown & Williamson lobby until he is sent up to meet with his former boss.
0:29:19 Veiled Threats
Jeffrey enters the office of Brown & Williamson CEO Thomas Sandefur. After the obligatory round of small talk, Sandefur gets right to the point: he wants to make absolutely sure that Jeffrey's mouth stays shut. He warns Jeffrey that bad things will happen if he breaks his confidentiality agreement. In addition, Sandefur now wants Jeffrey to sign an expanded agreement that goes even more into detail about what the ex-employee can and cannot say. Jeffrey blows up, outraged that this man would think so lowly of him. Instead of scaring Jeffrey into being quiet, this meeting has sparked his desire to speak out, no matter what the consequence. Jeffrey curses Sandefur out and then leaves.
0:33:36 Confused
Outside on the street, a confused Jeffrey does not know what to make of the encounter. Convinced that Lowell is somehow involved, Jeffrey calls him from the payphone. He accuses Lowell of ratting him out to Brown & Williamson. Lowell vehemently denies the accusations and is himself very confused. Jeffrey angrily hangs up the phone.
0:34:04 A Night for Golfing
It is a dark night at the driving range, and the only things visible on the green are the white specks of golf balls, dotting the grass every few feet. A ball collector drives around the course, collecting the golf balls.
0:34:17 Being Watched
At the driving range, Jeffrey takes some practice swings. He is visibly upset. Thinking he was alone, he is surprised to see another man golfing across the way from him. Returning to his game, Jeffrey takes a whack at the ball. Turning around, he finds the strange man eerily staring at him. He will not look away. When he will not stop staring, Jeffrey gets suspicious and packs up his equipment. He exits the driving range, as does the strange man.
0:36:55 Just the Beginning
Jeffrey gets into his car, and the man gets into the car right next to him. In the driver's seat, Jeffrey glances over at the man, who is still watching him with a deathly look in his eyes. Finally the man starts to drive away. Jeffrey quickly gets out of his car and runs after, yelling "Stay away!"
0:37:40 Lowell Pays a Visit
In the morning, it is pouring rain as Jeffrey loads his daughters into the car for the ride to school. Lowell shows up out of nowhere, walking up the driveway through the rain. He is there to defend himself and to try to gain back Jeffrey's trust. Lowell explains that it makes no sense that he would have had any sort of contact with Brown & Williamson, if he himself needs Jeffrey. Jeffrey does not accept Lowell's excuse, as he hops in the car and drives away. Dejected, Lowell returns to his own car. As he is about to get in, Jeffrey pulls up alongside of him and tells Lowell to get in.
0:39:31 Driving to School
Jeffrey, Lowell, and the girls drive to school in silence.
0:39:47 Breaking the Ice
Jeffrey drives the car to a field overlooking the water where they can talk in private. In an effort to coax whatever Jeffrey's secret is out of him, Lowell gets him comfortable by talking about his daughters and his previous jobs.
0:41:09 The Seven Dwarves
It is later in the day and the rain has stopped. The men are still talking. Jeffrey makes a reference to "The Seven Dwarves" and explains that he is talking about the seven CEOs of Big Tobacco who testified under oath that they did not believe cigarettes to be addictive or dangerous. It seems like Jeffrey wants to say more, but he can't. Lowell suggests that if Jeffrey possesses information that is vital to the American public, he must do what is right even if it means disobeying his orders from Brown & Williamson.
0:43:52 Figuring Out Loopholes
60 Minutes staffers watch file footage of the so-called Seven Dwarves testifying before the Supreme Court, as Lowell fills everyone in on his meetings with Jeffrey. They try to piece together exactly what it is that Jeffrey is so afraid to go public with and wonder if they can somehow find a way around his confidentiality agreement. The only solution they can think of is to have Jeffrey testify what he knows at a trial. This would make his statements public record and free for CBS to use on 60 Minutes.
0:47:58 Jeffrey Gets a New Job
In a high school cafeteria, Jeffrey speaks with a woman seated at a table. He is interviewing for a teaching position. He appears desperate.
0:48:46 Moving Day
A sad Liane walks slowly through their empty house on moving day. Jeffrey enters and tries to comfort her, telling her that their new life will be a better one.
0:50:29 A New Beginning
Liane, surrounded by piles of boxes, gets to work on unpacking the kitchen. She watches through the window as Jeffrey and the girls work outside in the garden.
0:51:14 A Noise in the Night
Jeffrey is awakened by his youngest daughter telling him she heard a noise coming from outside. Jumping up, Jeffrey runs to the basement and loads his gun. He tells his daughter to stay put and leaves to investigate.
0:52:43 The Footprint
It is very dark outside as Jeffrey investigates the property. He is scared by a raccoon and starts to think that he is overreacting. Then he finds a man's footprint in the dirt, but there is no sign of the man anywhere. Jeffrey returns to the house.
0:54:26 Jeffrey Is Spooked
Back inside the house, Jeffrey calls Lowell and wakes him up. He tells him about what just happened and worries that he is being paranoid. They agree to meet the following day. Immediately after Jeffrey hangs up the phone, it rings again. He picks up but no one is there. Jeffrey yells into the phone, "Don't call here!"
0:57:15 Dinner for Two
Jeffrey and Lowell meet for dinner at a sushi restaurant. During their talk, Lowell stresses the importance of knowing everything about Jeffrey before he puts himself into the public spotlight. This way, if he has any skeletons in his closet, Lowell can do damage control to prevent any scandalous stories that could hurt Jeffrey's image from getting out. Lowell also tells Jeffrey how important he is. Jeffrey challenges that statement and leaves without giving Lowell a straight answer if he will talk or not.
1:01:06 Contacting Scruggs
Back at CBS, Lowell contacts Mississippi Attorney Richard Scruggs, who is currently involved in a lawsuit against Big Tobacco. Lowell wants to have Jeffrey testify in the case so his statements are on the public record. Scruggs agrees to talk with Jeffrey.
1:03:45 You've Got Mail
At the Wigand home, Liane cooks dinner as the girls do their homework. Liane hears a beeping coming from the basement, signaling that an email has arrived. She leaves the kitchen to retrieve it.
1:04:19 Death Threats
Liane goes into the basement to check email. A message pops up on the screen in blood-red and black: "WE WILL KILL YOU!" Liane breaks down crying and runs upstairs.
1:04:47 A Lone Bullet
Jeffrey pulls into the driveway and stops to get the mail. Upon opening the mailbox, he discovers a lone silver bullet sitting on top of the mail. Just then his wife and kids run towards him crying.
1:05:26 Call the FBI
The Wigands have relocated to a hotel room. Jeffrey reaches Lowell on his cell phone and tells him what just happened. Lowell immediately tells Jeffrey to call the FBI. Then, Lowell gets the news he has been waiting for. Jeffrey has had it; he wants to go on the record right away and tell his story to anyone who will listen.
1:06:47 Corrupt Agents
Back at home, Jeffrey is questioned by FBI agents. But, instead of helping him, they insinuate that he himself is responsible for all the threats. They confiscate Jeffrey's hard-drive.
1:08:16 A Neighborhood Show
As the agents drive away, Jeffrey runs down the lawn after them but falls to the ground. His wife helps him up; both are very upset. Neighbors watch from their yards.
1:09:06 Raising Some Hell
Lowell phones his contact in the FBI and threatens to raise some hell if the Wigands don't get some proper agents over there immediately.
1:09:51 Wining and Dining
In New York City, the Wigands dine with Lowell and Mike. Lowell starts to go over some last-minute details for the taping tomorrow, but he is interrupted by Liane. She apparently was unaware that Jeffrey was definitely doing the interview; she thought they were in New York merely to discuss it. Frightened of the danger that will come to her family as a result, she breaks down and leaves the restaurant. Jeffrey leaves the table soon after and sits at the hotel bar. Lowell leaves, as well, leaving a lone Mike seated at the dinner table.
1:11:49 Crying
Liane cries alone in her hotel room.
1:12:06 The Interview
At the CBS studio, it is the taping of Mike's interview with Jeffrey. Jeffrey divulges damaging information about Brown & Williamson, breaking his confidentiality agreement. When asked by Mike if he would do this all over again, Jeffrey replies that he would.
1:15:42 The New Teacher
Jeffrey teaches his first day of high school chemistry. He seems nervous but jokes around with the students.
1:16:46 Jeffrey Calls Mississippi
Jeffrey calls Richard Scruggs and arranges to fly to Mississippi to testify in the lawsuit.
1:17:21 On Edge
As Jeffrey pulls into his driveway, he sees a man walking around the perimeter of his house. He dashes out of the car and runs in the house to protect his family.
1:17:44 Sigh Of Relief
Jeffrey accosts the man inside his house, but Lowell appears and explains that the strange men are security guards hired to protect the Wigands. Jeffrey is relieved. He tells Liane that he will be flying to Mississippi tomorrow for the deposition.
1:18:55 A Quarrel
Later that evening Liane washes dishes, clearly very angry about having to share her home with the three security guards. Jeffrey comes in to wash his hands, and they argue. Liane runs out crying, leaving Jeffrey standing there staring out the window.
1:20:09 Giving Up
Jeffrey sits at his computer late at night. Liane comes downstairs to tell him that she is tired of all the drama; she no longer wants a part of it. Jeffrey pleads with her to wait and talk about this when he returns from Mississippi; she agrees half-heartedly.
1:21:55 Airport
Jeffrey walks through the airport accompanied by security guards. Before he boards the plane, he is served with a lawsuit. It is a gag order to prevent him from giving the deposition in Mississippi.
1:22:55 Meeting in Mississippi
Jeffrey meets with Scruggs, Mississippi State D.A. Ron Motley, and Mississippi Attorney General Michael Moore. They discuss the gag order on Jeffrey, as well as the risks involved if he testifies. Jeffrey learns that he could go to jail, which makes him less than sure that he really wants to do this.
1:26:10 Hesitating
Outside, Lowell and Jeffrey talk privately. Jeffrey expresses his doubts and then walks off by himself towards the ocean.
1:26:51 The Lawyers Arrive
Scruggs and his associates arrive at the courthouse. A swarm of reporters crowd them as they enter.
1:27:23 Still Hesitating
Jeffrey continues to ponder his options.
1:27:29 Ready to Begin
Inside the deposition room it is very crowded. They are ready to begin, but Jeffrey is still not there.
1:27:47 Decision Time
Jeffrey finally decides to go through with the deposition. He leaves for the courthouse in a car flanked by police escorts. The ride is silent.
1:30:54 Jeffrey Arrives
Jeffrey's car pulls up to the courthouse. He makes his way through the reporters and enters the building.
1:31:20 Finally Here
All falls silent as Jeffrey enters the deposition room.
1:31:58 It Begins
Jeffrey is seated for the deposition and sworn in.
1:32:23 Waiting And Wondering
Outside, Lowell wonders what is going on inside the courthouse.
1:32:31 The Secret Is Out
Back in the room, the lawyer for Big Tobacco is extremely obnoxious and repeatedly objects. Jeffrey can't even get one word out of his mouth. Ron Motley explodes at the defense lawyer, making it abundantly clear that Jeffrey will indeed testify and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Stunned, the defense lawyer makes no more objections as Jeffrey's testimony continues without interruption. In his deposition he holds nothing back, revealing information that is extremely damaging to Brown & Williamson.
1:34:46 Relaxing
It is nighttime in Mississippi. Jeffrey and Lowell laugh together as they look out at the ocean.
1:35:21 Putting It Together
Lowell reviews footage from the Wigand interview with the rest of his staff. Everyone is all smiles, as they anticipate the groundbreaking impact of the story. They learn that there is a meeting tomorrow with CBS's lawyer.
1:37:34 The Way Home
Jeffrey is driven home from the airport.
1:38:54 Home At Last
Jeffrey arrives home and exits the car.
1:39:16 Gone
Jeffrey enters the house to find his family gone. They have left him. He finds a note on the kitchen table. He is visibly upset.
1:40:22 Tortius Interference
The 60 Minutes staffers meet with Helen Caparelli, the General Counsel for CBS. She explains her concern that CBS could be held liable of "tortius interference" if they air the Wigand interview. Also, Caparelli is wary of Jeffrey's reliability. Lowell defends Jeffrey and wonders what this meeting is really all about. Lowell is angry that CBS Corporate is seemingly putting constraints on them, but Mike reassures him that it will be fine.
1:43:51 Research
Lowell calls Debbie and asks her to check some files for him.
1:44:12 Kluster Pulls Rank
The President of CBS News, Eric Kluster, meets with Lowell, Don, and Mike. Kluster orders them to make an alternate version of the Wigand/tobacco segment as a precautionary measure. Lowell refuses and a heated argument begins in which Lowell accuses CBS corporate of censoring out of fear of hurting an impending business deal. This is disturbing to Lowell, who wants 60 Minutes to be about journalistic integrity and getting the truth out to the public, not about making money for CBS. He looks to Mike for support, but Mike sides with Don and Eric.
1:48:21 Lowell Hears from Jeffrey
At home, Lowell discusses the CBS dilemma with his wife. They are interrupted by the phone ringing; it is Jeffrey.
1:49:25 Jeffrey Hears the Bad News
Lowell regretfully tells Jeffrey that his interview might not be aired. Jeffrey is crushed; he has gone through hell, and now he might have nothing to show for it. He would have lost his family for nothing. He angrily hangs up on Lowell and stares out the hotel room window at the Brown & Williamson building across the street.
1:51:20 Digging for Dirt
An investigator of some sort has uncovered that Jeffrey was married and had a child with another woman before his marriage to Liane. The investigator goes to this woman's house and interviews her.
1:51:49 The Smearing Begins
A group of newspaper journalists watches a tape of the interview with Jeffrey's first wife, which reveals issues with child-support payments and court battles. They begin to plan their smear campaign against Jeffrey.
1:52:28 Don Gets the Dossier
At CBS, an infuriated Don shows Lowell the dossier that has been compiled on Jeffrey, detailing all the dirt from his past. Don leaves, giving Lowell the dossier to see for himself.
1:54:00 Big Trouble
Lowell is fuming after reading the dossier. He immediately calls Jeffrey and demands answers. Jeffrey doesn't understand why his past has anything to do with the present, especially how any of this pertains to the case with Big Tobacco. Lowell pleads with Jeffrey for explanations about the information in the dossier, anything to help him do some damage control and save any chance they have of airing Jeffrey's interview.
1:56:37 Lowell Seeks Answers
Lowell angrily walks outside and calls his friend Charlie, who works for the Wall Street Journal. Lowell asks him if he is working on a story about Jeffrey Wigand. When Charlie says that he is, Lowell arranges a meeting between the two of them.
1:57:22 Getting More Help
Now Lowell calls two friends of his, Jack and Sandra, and asks them to do some investigating to refute the information in the dossier.
1:58:09 Business at the Bar
Lowell meets up with Charlie at a crowded bar and asks him to push back the deadline for the Wigand story. He tries to tell Charlie that it is just a smear campaign concocted by Brown & Williamson and not truly a newsworthy story. Charlie hesitates and tells Lowell that he needs proof. Lowell agrees to find some.
1:59:17 Detective Work
Jack and Sandra do their detective work, talking to individuals from Jeffrey's past to try to find useful information for Lowell.
1:59:49 The Story Leaks
A television shows a clip about the CBS/60 Minutes scandal over the cut segment.
1:59:57 Don on a Rampage
Don asks Lowell what the hell he is doing, accusing him of leaking the story. Lowell stands up to Don and is ordered to take a "vacation."
2:00:28 Lowell Packs Up
Mike comes in while Lowell is packing up his office. Mike informs him that he filmed a 3-minute segment for the evening news about the battle between 60 Minutes and CBS Corporate; he thinks that Lowell will enjoy it. Lowell isn't impressed because this doesn't do anything to get the Wigand interview aired. He tells Mike he has been asked to leave for a while.
2:01:11 Mike Goes Off on CBS Corporate
Mike and other 60 Minutes staffers watch on the overhead TV as Mike's blurb appears on the evening news. Mike is furious when only a few seconds of his statement is aired. He lashes out at both Eric Kluster and Helen Caparelli, both standing nearby.
2:02:29 Charlie Helps Lowell Out
Lowell and Charlie meet covertly that night. Lowell hands over a stack of documents that refute the information from Jeffrey's dossier. Charlie agrees to extend the deadline for a week.
2:03:26 Back to Liane
Liane washes the dishes while her daughters eat dinner. They look happy.
2:03:36 Eating Alone
Jeffrey sits by himself at a bar, eating dinner.
2:03:41 Dad's on TV!
Back in the Wigand kitchen, little Debbie points out that her dad is on the TV. It is the first sign of the smear campaign.
2:03:55 Jeffrey Sees Himself on TV
Jeffrey looks up to see his picture on the TV screen as a reporter talks about his past troubles, including shoplifting and failure to pay child support.
2:04:10 The Altered Version Airs
The scene switches between Jeffrey, Lowell, Mike, and Don as they each watch the altered version of the tobacco segment on 60 Minutes. Jeffrey's face is blurred out, and his voice is disguised. There is no way to tell that it is him.
2:05:59 The Aftermath
Lowell walks out of his house and onto the beach. He calls Mike and tells him that what just aired was a disgrace. Lowell then tries to call Jeffrey. Jeffrey sits in his hotel room and stares out the hotel room, ignoring the ringing of the phone. A worried Lowell contacts the hotel manager and asks him to go check on Jeffrey.
2:07:09 A Knock on the Door
The manager knocks on the door to Jeffrey's room. There is no answer, so he opens it a crack. Jeffrey still doesn't respond.
2:07:46 Jeffrey in a Trance
Jeffrey sits there oblivious to everything and everyone around him. He stares at a painting on the wall that slowly transforms into a view of his two daughters playing on a swing set. He looks sadly at them.
2:08:55 Running Out of Heroes
Lowell tells the manager (still outside the door) to yell at Jeffrey. Finally Jeffrey comes to the door and snatches the phone. He and Lowell argue over the phone, and Jeffrey accuses Lowell of ruining his life. Lowell reminds Jeffrey that he is still an important person and he matters to a lot of people.
2:11:08 What Now?
Lowell hangs up with Jeffrey and walks back into his house. He vents to his wife Sharon.
2:12:28 Still Trying
Lowell is now in a wintry place with snow all around him, but it is unclear exactly where he is. He calls Richard Scruggs from a payphone. Scruggs reiterates the need for Jeffrey's interview to be aired. It is crucial to Mississippi's case against Big Tobacco.
2:13:55 A Strange Encounter
Lowell goes into a small-town restaurant. He sits down with a man and woman. They engage in an odd conversation, in which Lowell tells them who he is and the strangers say they are geologists.
2:15:08 Lowell Bargains
Outside, Lowell makes a call to his contact in the FBI. Lowell has somehow figured out that the "geologists" were really FBI agents working on a case. Lowell promises not to ruin their cover if he is given a three-hour head start on the breaking story. The deal is made.
2:15:34 What Could Have Been
Lowell watches a tape of the unaltered version of the Wigand interview.
2:17:05 Lowell Gets His Revenge
Lowell calls his friend Jim at The New York Times and tells him he has a big story to tell but only if it will get on the front page. Jim asks him to call back in ten minutes.
2:17:52 Lowell Wakes Debbie Up
Lowell calls Debbie DeLuca in the middle of the night and asks her to make a phone call for him.
2:18:24 Lowell Talks
Lowell gets assurance from Jim that the story will be on the front page. He leaks all the sordid details about Wigand, Brown & Williamson, and CBS's involvement.
2:19:12 Hot Off the Presses
A truck delivers copies of The New York Times to city newsstands in the wee hours of the morning.
2:19:31 Mike Pays Lowell a Visit
Mike steps out of a cab clutching a copy of The New York Times and goes to Lowell's hotel room. Lowell defends his actions to Mike. The two have a heated argument. Mike leaves the paper for Lowell to read and walks out.
2:23:24 Don Sees the News
Don and a colleague read The Wall Street Journal on a plane.
2:23:47 Lowell Gets Some News
Lowell speaks to Debbie on the phone. She reads the article from The Wall Street Journal to him, in which they declare that the information in the current smear campaign against Wigand is unsubstantiated. She also tells him that Don wants to see him.
2:24:44 Heading Back
Lowell hails a cab in the city.
2:25:04 The Final Confrontation
Back at the 60 Minutes office, Don and Lowell have it out about all that has happened. Don still thinks he is right, but it's different this time...Mike now sides with Lowell. Mike tells Don that he made a big mistake.
2:26:29 Happy Again
A happy Jeffrey teaches his students.
2:26:54 Lowell at the Airport
Stranded at the airport, Lowell phones home to say he'll be a little late. His flight has been cancelled for some reason.
2:27:10 Back with His Daughters
Jeffrey cooks dinner for his daughters as 60 Minutes comes on TV.
2:27:28 Finally
Lowell watches at the airport bar as the original, unaltered version of Jeffrey's interview is aired on 60 Minutes. Families, cleaning crews, and everyone at the airport watch as one man's words change our view of Big Tobacco forever.
2:28:30 A Sigh of Relief
Jeffrey and his daughters watch his interview on TV. It is the moment he has been waiting for.
2:28:46 Sharon Sees the Show
At home watching 60 Minutes, Lowell's wife Sharon smiles as she sees that all her husband's hard work has finally paid off.
2:28:51 Mike Sits Alone
Sitting alone, Mike watches his interview with Jeffrey on TV.
2:29:15 Lowell Gets His Head Start
Lowell gets a call from his FBI contact. They have found the Unabomber. Lowell alerts his staff that they will be the ones to break the story.
2:29:42 Lowell Relaxes
Lowell and Sharon relax in their bed.
2:30:09 Praise for Lowell
At CBS for his last day, Lowell is praised by all for breaking the Unabomber story.
2:30:56 Saying Goodbye
Mike and Lowell talk. Lowell informs him that he quit.
2:32:53 The End of an Era
Lowell walks out the building's revolving doors and leaves his 60 Minutes legacy behind.