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Overlooking the Hudson River Valley
Uncas and his father are aware of the French and Huron attack awaiting to befall the British at Fort Henry.  They decide they must make the troops at Fort Edward aware of their situation.
Fort Edward
This scene introduces the viewer to several major players in the film: Cora and Alice Munro, Captain Randolph, and Heyward.  The scene portrays the innocence of the girls and quietude they experience before they are aware of what fate might deal them.  Uncas comes to the Fort and makes Colonel Webb and the girls aware of the attack that will befall Fort Henry.
Fort Henry
The British are trying to hold back the French at Fort Henry.  Colonel Munro realizes he needs help and sends for help and his daughters.
The Bedroom
Alice and Cora are discussing the trip that awaits them to Fort Henry.  There is a sense of uncertainty about what the course will lead them to.
The Depature
All the troops head off to Fort Henry.  Cora and Alice depart separately with Heyward and Magua, a native guide.
Parting of Pathways
Magua finds the hidden trail that they are to take en route to Fort Henry.  In this scene they encounter a priest, David Gamut, who asks if he may ride with them to Fort Henry.  He joins the party and adds a little bit of humor to the scene.
The Rainstorm
Magua has lost his way in a rainstorm.  The group meets Uncas, Hawkeye, and Chingachook.  There are suspicious about Magua's loyalty, and he flees, leaving the two girls, Heyward, and Gamut with Uncas.
The Cave
A hiding place only known to the Mohicans provides refuge for the travellers, from the storm as well as the Huron.  But the Huron find  Alice, Cora, David Gamut, and Heyward, and take them prisoner.
The Blockhouse
Magua takes his prisoners here in order to torture them and take one of the girls to be his squaw.  Cora says she will go with him to save his sister.  Uncas finds them and saves them, and leads the troop to Fort Henry.
The Arrival
Uncas leads the group to Fort Henry, where the girls are reunited with their father.  Colonel Munro thanks Uncas for saving his daughters, as well as his bravery.
Alone at Last
Captain Randolph is angry with Cora, because of her feelings toward Uncas.  He storms out of the room in a fit of rage.  Uncas comes in and visits Cora after Randolph leaves.
Colonel Munro and his men discuss their plan of attack.  The know that they will not be able to withstand an invasion by the French.
The Traitor
Captain Randolph goes to Montcalm's camp and makes the French aware of the British weakness.
An Agreement
Colonel Munro and Montcalm meet and discuss the attack.  Montcalm knows that he will win, and Munro says the women and children must go free.
The Beginning of the End
The Huron eye the departing women and children.  Drunk and hostile, Magua incites the Huron to attack.  The Huron invade Fort Henry and slaughter many.
The Capture
Magua catches Alice and Cora and flees to a tribe called the Delaware.  Uncas reaches them there, and Magua and Uncas both state their claims to the girls.  Indian Justice is served.
The Escape
Cora goes with Magua to the forest.  Uncas catches up to them and the finale of the film takes place.