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0:04:20 "The eternal spirit of youth, joying while it may – heedless of the gathering storm."
0:06:05 "Surely among his own people he is a prince."
0:10:32 "Haunted by a premonition of evil – a vague dread which Cora's reassurance fails to banish."
0:18:08 "An Indian lost in the woods? Impossible! Were he blind, he would nose the earth – and every blade of grass would tell the way."
0:20:22 "The bond of a common danger – drawing together these two, so widely separated by the mystery and birth."
1:11:03 "In the morning of my race I have seen a winged ship arrive, bearing the white men who are to become the masters of our land, and before sunset I have seen the passing of The Last of the Mohicans."