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0:00:00 Opening credits: A Hero's Welcome
Establishing the jingoistic adulation that surrounded the flight of Lindbergh

…boy in search of fame

far across the bounding main…

…Many hearts beat for him

and the whole world said a prayer

…gambling with fate and dangers unknown

…hats off to Lucky, Lucky Lindy

the eagle of the USA
0:09:52 The Hounds are on the Scent
Officer: Look what I found here. [As the officer discovers the chisel the reporters who are already at the scene trample the crime scene, One reporter grabs a ladder and climbs up to the window of the child's room where Schwarzkopf is interviewing Lindbergh regarding the kidnapping.]
Schwarzkopf: Don't say anything. This is a reporter.
0:26:55 Investigation Hurdles
[Lindbergh is in a NYPD office.]
Lindbergh: This is a copy of the latest note. Strictly confidential. It would cause complications if any of the papers got a hold of that signature. We'd never know if we were dealing with the right man again.
0:29:00 Grim Realities of Public Life
Lindbergh: It would not be too difficult for me to get the impression that there are some considerations in this case more important than the safe return of my son.
0:49:49 A Public Perspective
Onlooker: Is that where they found the baby?
Onlooker: Push back. I want to see, too.
1:11:40 The Dehumanizing
[Hauptmann is climbing on the bars of the cell.]
Guard: That man's a gorilla.
1:12:52 The Way Things Really Work
Governor of New Jersey speaking to David Wilentz, the Attorney General: "It's very important to me that this Lindbergh thing be handled right. As you know, Slim Lindbergh and I have known each other for many, many years. And as for his father-in-law, I've practically worshipped that man. I was his political disciple, you know.
1:15:26 The Fantasy Called Reporting
The Lindberghs arrive at the courthouse for the trial and while a brass band is playing in the background and peddlers hawk souvenirs, the car is surrounded by a mob looking for autographs and proclaiming their love and admiration. There is a quick switch to the men's lavatory at the courthouse. The broadcasters say they are broadcasting from the courthouse and the Union Hotel.
1:40:16 Justice: Is It Blind and Deaf?
[Hauptmann is talking to the guard in the jail.]
Hauptmann: Hey, Dave, I was just thinking being a German in this country doesn't make you guilty. Did you kill any deer this year, Dave?
Dave: This year? No.
Hauptmann: I went hunting in Pennsylvania and I killed a big one. It had a big rack on its head. I kill one every year. I'll kill one next year. ...................Maybe. [ The crowd is chanting "kill Hauptmann" outside.]
2:04:40 Another of the Hunted
[David Wilentz and Charles Lindbergh enter a restaurant for dinner. As they are seated, another man accosts them at the table.]
Barney: Colonel, if I could have just a few minutes with you ,sir.
David: Barney! Barney! The Colonel and I would like some privacy.
Barney: Maybe you remember me. I was in the nursery on the night…
Lindbergh: Through the window, like a thief.
2:10:50 Justice for Public Consumption
There is a crowd outside the courthouse chanting: Kill Hauptmann! Kill Hauptmann! Kill Hauptmann!
[Inside, the guard and Hauptmann are playing cards.]
Hauptmann: Well, anyway, some of them know I'm innocent.
2:15:00 Deja Vu
[The Lindbergh's next child, Jon, is in a car with his aunt. The press, staked out in another car, pursues, cuts them off to get pictures of the Lindbergh child. It is clear that the first reaction is terror and panic]
Photographer: Look here Jon.
[Lindbergh sees the newspaper.]
Lindbergh: These damned barbarians.
2:17:00 Scales of Balance
[The Governor is in his office with an advisor.]
Governor: I want some altruism on my record. I met with Dave Wilentz; I'm convinced he's against the death penalty. The only reason he asked for the punishment is because it's a state law. I'm convinced he [Hauptmann] was in this thing, but not alone, and I don't want to see him die until this is solved. Maybe I've gone soft in the head, but I'm issuing a call for a new trial.
Advisor: You won't get it . . . or a second term, either.
2:17:49 The American Dream is Drama
[Typical American family man listens to the radio:]
Announcer: Lucky Lindy has left us. The news was released only after his ship was well at sea. Charles A. Lindbergh, America's lone eagle, has taken his family and left our shores for England. It's a tragedy of American life that we must torture our heroes it seems. We drove him out, drove him out of the nest. Made his life a hell.
2:20:18 The Definition of Justice
[Defense counsel for Hauptmann is in the Governor Hoffman's office.]
Counsel: Governor, in the name of human decency you've got to make one more effort. Call the President.
Hoffman: I'd look like a fool
Counsel: He's already suffered cruel and inhuman punishment. He has had three reprieves. The last time they even shaved his head. He's died three times already in his soul. What good is it to kill him again? …Alive, he might even talk some day. Dead, he's just another victim of mass revenge.
Advisor: The law's the law.
Counsel: The law is what men make it.