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0:00:44 Glimpse of Danger
As Charlie and Terry watch children play ball, their vehicle is approached by soldiers asking for identification.
0:02:46 Curfew Time
Charlie asks that he be dropped off at a hotel because he does not want the driver to know where he lives. They are forced to stay at the hotel so as not to violate curfew.
0:03:50 Observations From the Balcony
Charlie watches from his hotel room an upscale party going on across the street. The guests pause to applaud the soldiers cruising by on their military vehicles.
0:06:05 Home at Last
Charlie arrives home the next morning to find his wife Beth sleeping. She is surprised to see him, as she feared he was in danger when he did not return home the previous night.
0:08:04 Beth's Plea
Beth sits nervously as Terry packs her bags and Charlie makes light of their situation. Beth begs Charlie to go home to the U.S. as gun shots ring out.
0:10:49 Bus Stop
Beth leaves Charlie and Terry at the bus stop and takes a taxi to visit friends. Terry is on her way to get a plane ticket to leave the country.
0:12:35 Taken Away By Soldiers
Upon stepping off the bus, Terry is accosted by soldiers while Charlie goes to purchase a newspaper. They take her to a building to search her bags.
0:14:47 Request for U.S. Assistance
Charlie and Terry ask to speak with the U.S. Consulate, but are told he is unavailable. They meet an American reporter named Kathy who gives them some advice on how to contact the Consulate.
0:15:56 Suspicions of Vina
Over lunch, Charlie describes to Kathy the trip he and Terry made to Vina. They question the presence of so many military officers in their hotel.
0:17:08 Back to Hotel
Charlie leaves Terry to check into a hotel alone
0:17:33 Friendly Visit
Beth visits with her pregnant friend Maria who is distraught over her husband's disappearance. She believes that Carlos was taken by the military, but Beth does her best to reassure her otherwise. (0:18:35) Beth, Frank and David discuss the whereabouts of their friends Carlos and Silvio.
0:19:56 Trying to Get Home
Beth misses her bus home. She tries to take other buses, but they are all full. (0:20:14) Beth attempts to take a taxi home, but no one is willing to pick her up.
0:20:30 Stranded on the Streets
Beth wanders around frantically seeking a ride home as sirens blare and curfew approaches. (0:20:56) Darkness descends upon the city and Beth is still unable to get home. She seeks refuge at a bridal shop, but is turned away. (0:21:56) Beth continues to wander around the dangerous streets which are now completely occupied by military men and vehicles. She finds a "safe" alley to hide in. (0:23:05) Beth is awakened by the sound of shooting. (0:23:29) Beth is awakened by the sound of church bells and daylight. She leaves her hiding place to head home. Everything seems "back to normal."
0:23:57 Home Sweet Home
Beth arrives at home to find it ransacked. A man informs her that the soldiers came during the night and were responsible for the damage. Charlie's whereabouts are unknown.
0:25:26 Charlie's Father Gets Involved
Ed Horman seeks information about his missing son from agents in the State Department, but they claim that Charlie is not missing. (0:27:11) Ed meets with a Congressman about Charlie, and he provides no help. (0:28:50) Ed heads to Chile to seek answers. He is greeted in the airport by intrusive military agents and finally U.S. Consulate Phil Putnam. (0:30:43) Beth meets Ed at their hotel.
0:31:19 Tension
While Ed unpacks, Beth makes uncomfortable small talk and discusses with him the disappearance of Charlie.
0:36:07 Meeting at the Embassy
Ed and Beth meet Captain Tower and Colonel Clay at the U.S. Embassy, who assure them that everything is being done to find Charlie. (0:39:39) The Consulate assures Ed and Beth of the efforts of the U.S.
0:40:20 Flashback to Vina
Terry and Charlie are on the beach taking pictures and having a good time. (0:40:59) Terry and Charlie cannot get back to town and must stay in a hotel for the night. (0:41:30) They are awakened by the sound of helicopters outside their window and see military vehicles on the roads.
0:42:05 Recalling Vina
Terry tells Ed and Beth about the visit to Vina. (0:42:34) In a flashback scene, Charlie and Terry meet Andrew, a navy man from the U.S. who gives them sketchy information about the U.S. government's involvement in the Coup. (0:44:36) Ed, Beth, and Terry discuss the significance of that information. (0:45:14) In a flashback scene, Ray Tower drives Charlie and Terry back to their hotel. (0:45:29) Ed, Beth, and Terry do their best to piece together the events of the past.
0:46:42 Recalling the Past
Beth and Terry describe having to spend the night at Captain Towers' home so as not to violate curfew. (0:47:25) In a flashback scene, Tower advises Beth to think about her future. (0:47:58) Beth, Terry, and Ed discuss the details of the past few weeks in their hotel room. (0:48:36) Beth and Ed have an argument because of hostility that exists towards Beth.
0:49:14 Eyewitness Testimony
Beth and Ed speak with Beth's neighbors who attempt to recall what they saw the day of Charlie's disappearance. They give conflicting descriptions of the vehicle that took him away.
0:50:24 Criticism From a Father
Ed visits their home and criticizes Beth and Charlie's lifestyle choice.
0:54:03 Another Witness
Ed and Beth go in a taxi with another witness to Charlie's abduction and re-trace the route of the military vehicle he was taken in. The route takes them to the Stadium.
0:55:12 Reporter's Involvement
Kathy the American reporter attempts to talk to Ed, but he refuses. She asks Beth to encourage him to speak to her.
0:55:43 Another Meeting with Cosell
A meeting with Tower and Putnam frustrates Ed as they have no luck finding Charlie.
0:58:29 More Criticism From Ed
Beth and Ed argue in the elevator about Charlie's lifestyle choices. Beth does her best to defend what Charlie has chosen to do with his life.
1:00:49 Abduction of Friends
Military soldiers enter Frank and David's apartment and apprehend them. (1:01:30) Frank and David are transported to the Stadium where upon arrival, they see many others being unloaded. (1:02:26) They are led through the Stadium amidst gunfire and line up to be identified. (1:03:23) Dave recalls when he was taken and tells the story to Ed and Beth as they sit in a country club setting. (1:03:53) Flashback to their captivity—Dave recalls a conversation he has with Frank while they await their fate. (1:05:04) Back to the present—Dave tells how he never saw Frank again and fears the same for Charlie.
1:06:36 Intruder
Ed and Beth return to Ed's room to find someone "fixing" his telephone.
1:07:29 Questions From the Ambassador
Ed and Beth are called to meet with the Ambassador regarding Ed's insinuations that the American Police Assistance Program has some involvement in Charlie's disappearance. They cannot obtain permission to search morgues for Charlie's body, adding to their frustrations.
1:11:05 Combing for Answers
Ed reads through Charlies journal for any clues that may be helpful when he is greeted by a driver sent by the Consulate. They leave to go search hospitals. (1:12:30) Ed and Beth arrive at a hospital with a picture of Charlie and search the many hospital beds. (1:13:30) They search a ward. (1:13:39) They search another ward, with no luck. (1:13:49) Ed and Beth meet with a doctor and tour another wing of the hospital. (1:14:27) While walking through the hospital, Ed and Beth are drawn to the window by the chaos caused by the patients and see a body floating down the river. (1:15:03) Ed and Beth leave the hospital distressed and decide to walk home. Along the way, they discuss Charlie's life and interests.
1:16:58 Remembering Good Times
Ed, Beth, Maria, Carlos, and Silvio watch film clips of Charlie taken during a farewell party for Terry.
1:19:23 Looking for Clues
Ed looks through photos from the Colonel but does not see Charlie in any of them.
1:20:02 An Emotional Display
Ed and Beth arrive at the Stadium and speak to the crowd in hopes that Charlie is there and listening.
1:22:36 Other Sources
Ed, Beth and Kathy plead with officials for permission to visit a refugee camp. (1:23:47) Ed, Beth and Kathy speak with a man who claims to have been present when Charlie was being interrogated. (1:26:54) In the taxi ride home, they discuss the possibility that that man may have been Charlie. They witness soldiers using machine guns on people on the street.
1:28:03 Charlie's Notes
Ed, Beth and Kathy are in the hotel reading Charlie's journal for clues. (1:28:26) Flashback to when Charlie meets the Navy man they call "Bad Cop." Charlie attempts to find out more information from him. (1:29:10) Back to the present with Beth reading the journal out loud. (1:29:18) Flashback to Charlie's encounter with the Colonel in which he asks about the state of the Capital. (1:29:58) Back to present with Beth reading the journal out loud. (1:30:16) Flashback--"Bad Cop" is in the lobby as Charlie and Terry prepare to leave Vina. They discuss where they are each headed. (1:31:29) Still in flashback--Charlie and Terry go with the Colonel to Paul Baker's house. He has a Navy mission radio that Charlie and Terry use to send a message home to their families in the U.S. (1:32:01) Back to the present. (1:32:21) Flashback to a going away party at the Colonel's home that Charlie attends. (1:33:29) Back to the present with Beth reading notes.
1:34:31 Visit to the Morgue
Ed and Beth are guided through the morgue to search for Charlie. They are shocked by the numerous dead bodies everywhere. Beth discovers Frank among the unidentified. (1:37:08) Phil Putnam is angry that no one notified him of Frank's body being in the possession of the morgue and reprimands the morgue officials as Beth and Ed sit solemnly in a side room.
1:38:18 Back to the Hotel
Ed speaks with his wife Elizabeth on the phone to update her on their efforts. (1:39:23) Hotel guests attempt to leave the building because of an earthquake. (1:40:46) Ed and Beth, unable to sleep, have drinks. Ed apologizes to Beth for his ill treatment of her.
1:43:07 Hopes Shattered
Ed goes to speak with a Mr. Cook at the Ford Foundation and finds that he is unavailable. He instead speaks with another man.
1:46:14 Angry with U.S.
Ed meets Phil Putnam angrily believing his son Charlie to be dead. He is taken to meet with the ambassador and is introduced to Mr. Cross, a journalist.
1:50:38 More Questioning
Upon returning to the hotel, Ed runs into Beth who is being escorted out by an Inspector Rojas for questioning. (1:52:08) They agree to go with Inspector Rojas who questions them on basic, already established details. (1:52:41) Ed is called out to take a phone call in which Putnam confirms that Charlie is dead.
1:54:37 Heading Home
Ed and Beth pack up their valuables from the house to return to the U.S.
1:56:14 A Final Insult
Beth signs some forms in the airport and discuss with Putnam the shipping of Charlie's body back to the U.S.
1:58:30 A Solemn Departure
Beth and Ed walk through the terminal to board their plane. The voice over on the scene describes what happens when they arrive in the United States.
1:59:03 Charlie Goes Home
Charlie's body is shipped home in a wooden crate.