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Studio:Columbia Pictures
Director:Milos Forman
Screenwriter:Scott Alexander & Larry Karaszewski
Story:Based on the life of Larry Flynt
Producer:Oliver Stone, Janet Yang, and Michael Hausman
Director of Photography:Philippe Rousselot
Editor:Christopher Tellefsen
Production:Patrizia Von Brandenstein
Cast:Woody Harrelson (Larry Flynt)
 Courtney Love (Althea Leasure)
 Edward Norton (Alan Isaacman)
 Brett Harrelson (Jimmy Flynt)
 Larry Flynt (Judge Morrissey)
 Donna Hanover (Ruth Carter Stapleton)
 James Cromwell (Charles Keating)
 Richard Paul (Jerry Falwell)
Awards:Nominated, Academy Award, 1996, best director (Forman) - best actor (Woody Harrelson)
 Won, Golden Globe, 1996, best director (Forman) - best actor (Harrelson)
 Color, 130 minutes.