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The Doors (1991)
This film focuses on the rise and fall of Jim Morrison and The Doors. Jim Morrison began his career seeking to find the "truth" that was in the world. It was through the use of mind-expanding drugs that Morrison seeks reality. This was not uncommon for the time, only that he continued his habits on a regular basis and eventually his drug and alcohol use leads to his death. Morrison is portrayed as a poet looking for a way to express his feelings and fascination with death, which is a constantly explored subject in the film.

This film, like The Rose, tells the story of a fall of a famous individual who was searching for something. Rose is searching for love and companionship, and Morrison searches for truth, death, and experience. A major difference between the two films is that The Doors presents an in-depth analysis of the character of Jim Morrison, whereas Rose who is fictitious, is portrayed with not nearly as much depth.

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