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0:00:00 The Blues
A woman's voice is discussing the first time she heard the "blues." A garage door opens and several people walk in crying, staring at the pictures on the wall, including one of a little girl.
0:01:45 Arrival of "The Rose "
A plane touches the ground. On the plane "The Rose" is monogrammed on the side. People slowly get off the plane, and the last one off the plane is a hung-over woman. She wears sunglasses because of the brightness outside. She stumbles and falls down the last few steps and gets in a limousine.
0:04:05 Whose Side Are You On?
Concert Scene: Rose sings "Whose Side Are You On?"
0:06:00 Office Meeting
A conference scene between Rudge Campbell (Rose's manager) and Rose. She is upset because she has no life; she needs some time off to get herself together. The two have a long argument; it is almost a love/hate relationship. A large group of reporters come in and Rose preaches her philosophy of "sex, drugs, and rock n roll" to the media who do not seem shocked by the response.
0:11:32 Getting Ready for the Show
Groupies hanging out back stage, smoking weed, they all get kicked out by the stage manager. Rose comes out because she wants to cut a song and gives a band member a watch and tells him to cut her off at 35 minutes of concert time.
0:13:07 Meditation
Rose is sitting in front of a mirror with candles lit around her, with a bottle of Southern Comfort in her hand. She consumes large amounts and then begins a meditation.
0:14:35 Midnight in Memphis
Performance in New York City of "Midnight in Memphis": Takes bottle of alcohol from a fan and drinks on stage while performing in concert. Discussion of the first time she heard the "blues." Shares her opinions on love with the audience. Performs "When a Man Loves a Woman."
0:28:44 Billy Ray's
Rose compliments his music and mentions how she has recorded some of his tunes, but Billy Ray doesn't want her to. Rose is humiliated and runs out.
0:31:15 The Escape
Rose is upset because Rudge doesn't even defend her; he just stands there. Rose hits a guy with a bottle who is hitting on her and runs into a limousine crying. Rose throws money at the limo driver, and she "buys" him for the night. Rose drinks from a bottle of alcohol that she carries with her. Limo driver introduces himself as Houston Dyer.
0:35:29 No Hippies Allowed
Rose and Houston go into a diner and are asked to leave because they don't serve hippies. The other patrons call her a "sloppy whore." The two start a fight and leave the diner.
0:36:51 Long Island
Helicopter to Billy Ray's, another performer who is "dying" to meet Rose, or so she is told. Rose doesn't want to go, she is tired and hungry, but Rudge makes her anyway.
0:37:50 In the Limo
Rose feeds Houston as he drives. In the background is a radio announcement discussing the effects of napalm. Rose refers to herself as "old mamma" to Dyer and offers to buy him a drink.
0:38:58 Seeing Double?
Houston and Rose go to a bar where cross-dressers perform. One drag queen offers her drugs, but Rose refuses because she doesn't do that "shit" anymore. They make announcement that The Rose is in the audience, and a Drag Queen comes out and impersonates her.
0:46:14 In the Front of the Hotel
Houston and Rose stumble up to the hotel after a late night of partying. Dyer tips the doorman as they enter.
0:47:39 In Bed
Rose asks Houston if he finds her sexy, and he says yes. Rose tells Houston that she doesn't like this "mushy love stuff." Rose then tells him a story about when she was in high school and how she "took on" the whole football team. She says that she woke up on the fifty-yard line. Rose tells him of her desire to go back to her hometown and show them what a big star she is, to hear the hometown applause. A phone call comes; Rose is late for a recording session.
0:52:10 Where is Everyone?
Rudge waits in the dark for the arrival of Rose to the studio, as it turns out Rose is 5 hours late. Rose and Rudge have a fight. Houston tries to step in, but Rudge says he is Rose's partner and can speak to her anyway he likes. Houston does not understand. Rose yells at him too, and he leaves.
0:54:40 The Chase
Rose chases after him in the streets of New York City. Houston says that it is not going to work.
0:56:10 The Bathhouse
Rose follows Houston into a men's bathhouse and into a sauna. She waits for a word from him. Houston tells her that her "life is like a grenade range." Houston tells Rose that he is a Sergeant in the army and has gone AWOL. His fear is that that is all he knows. A policeman comes in to escort Rose out of the facility.
1:00:15 Rudge Awaits
Rudge is outside the bathhouse. He calls Dyer a hustler, but Rose doesn't care. Rose says that for once she has found a real man and she is going to hold onto him. Rose tells Houston that she wants to run away with him after she finishes touring.
1:02:02 The Plane
The band is on the plane heading towards their next tour date. Rudge asks Houston to come and sit with him. Rudge pours whiskey into a mug, and they sit and drink. Rudge asks if this is Houston's first time with a rock and roll band. Rudge asks Houston if he thinks Rose is drinking too much. Rose wakes up from her sleep, is drunk, and yells; she doesn't know where she is.
1:05:41 Concert in St. Louis
Sings "Keep on Rockin'."
1:06:32 Back Stage Party
Rose is introduced to the police chief, along with several other people. Houston and Rose want to go off to bed, Rudge says, no, this is business, but Houston stands up for her and takes Rose off to bed.
1:08:24 Waiting for the Plane
Rose sits painting her nails and making vitamin drinks, which she gives to Houston. They encounter some young army men; one of them, named Mal, joins them on the rest of the tour. Rudge comments that this troop gets bigger every day.
1:11:30 "Sell My Soul to Rock n' Roll"
Rose performs this song as Houston and Mal watch enthusiastically from off stage. As the song ends she runs into Houston's arms, then returns to the stage. When she comes back out, fans rush the stage, and Houston carries her off to safety.
1:15:17 The Dressing Room
Rose and Houston begin making out, but Rose notices a woman in her dressing room. They stop and Rose runs over to kiss her friend, Sara Willingham.
1:16:16 The Bathroom
Sarah washes Rose's hair. They talk about love, and Sarah begins kissing Rose. Houston walks in, and Sarah runs out. Houston and Rose fight; he hits her then leaves.
1:20:59 The Search
Rose and Mal wander from bar to bar in Memphis looking for Houston. They fail, and Rose says it must be time to go "home."
1:23:15 Arrival
Mal and Rose drive in the limo to Rose's hometown. She says that it looks older, poorer, and dirtier. She tells him about her first kiss in a vacant lot. They drive past her parents in the yard, and she hides. She asks him to stop at Leonard's groceries.
1:25:10 Leonard's
At Leonard's groceries, Rose is not recognized by Leonard and is very upset. He recognizes her after she asks for food as Mary Rose Foster. She grabs a copy of her record, signs it, and says, "maybe next time you'll know who I am."
1:26:40 Concert Set-Up
Preparation for Rose's return home concert.
1:27:21 Where is Rose?
Rudge and the stage manager wonder where Rose is. This is a concert that she needs.
1:28:28 The Selfless, Hopeless Junkie
Rudge tells Rose that if she is taking time off then she is not going to be allowed to perform in her hometown show. He tells her that without him she is a selfless, hopeless, junkie, that he made a star. He then tells her she is fired. Rose chases after him, asking him not to leave her.
1:33:49 The Return of Houston
Houston returns; he couldn't stay away from her. He asks her to go to Mexico with him when Rose tells him that Rudge fired her. They get in the limo and drive off.
1:36:45 Counting Down
Time is getting closer to the big show. The stage manager asks where Rose is, and Rudge replies that she'll be there for the show. The stage manager says that maybe Rudge will end up winning "the game" with her, but it stinks.
1:37:11 Monty's
Rose and Houston stop at a bar called Monty's. This is the place where Rose began her singing career. In the bar they encounter a member of Rose's high school football team. Rose says to ignore him. Monty asks Rose to sing; when she gets on stage she pops some pills and begins to sing. Houston and the football player get in a fight. As they leave Rose tells Houston that he ruined everything. Houston flags down a truck and leaves for good. Rose begs him not to leave her, but he has had enough. In the parking lot, Sam, an old friend gives her some of his best drugs. Rose takes them with her and leaves to go back to her show.
1:47:00 Back at the Old Field
Rose pulls back into her old high school football field. She calls Rudge to come and pick her up because she can't come by herself. While waiting she calls her parents, and they ask if she wants them at the show. Rose says there is too much traffic. She tells them that she loves them and hangs up. After talking to her parents Rose "shoots up" and awaits her ride.
1:57:19 Final Concert Scene
The fans applaud as the helicopter arrives carrying Rose. Rudge says he is going to take her to the hospital. She says she is fine and is going on. Rose walks on stage and tells the fans they are her family. She sings, "Stay with me Baby." Rudge and the other people who know her look on with a worried look. She begins to sing a song she learned as a little girl, then collapses on stage.
2:10:20 The Rose
The song "the Rose" begins playing in the background. Her family and Mal go into the garage at her house and look at the pictures she placed up there many years ago. Mal turns off the light and everyone leaves.